Thursday, December 31, 2015

Bruno Fernando

6' 10" post player.  Plays with aggression.  Has pretty good skill, too.  Could be a great late pick-up, a guy like Mike Edwards.  Bruno's coach, who coached Ben Simmons last year, calls Fernando the most underrated player in the country.  Some SEC schools are in the mix already, so if UGA wants him, we'd better catch up soon.

Hard to say how many spots UGA will have for 2016.  Likewise, it's hard to say what kind of player UGA is going for with the third scholarship after the additions of Tyree Crump and Jordan Harris.

I've said before that I like Harold Baruti, Deshaun Corprew and Darius Hicks.  But if we are looking for a big, or if we somehow end up with two spots instead of one, Coach Hayes might be wise to scout Fernando and then work his recruiting magic.  I could see Fernando being a 4/5 guy, like Yante Maten.

Lot to like about Bruno Fernando.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Time for Mike Edwards

to play big.  The game against Robert Morris tonight at 7:00 p.m. should be a win for UGA.  With that said, nobody wins by just showing up.  The Dawgs will have to jump on RM quickly and not let them get their confidence going.  Robert Morris has some size and ability.

The key to the game could be the play of Mike Edwards.  It's hard to get comfortable when you first come in as an athlete.  You don't know the guys and you have to learn the plays.  Totally, totally different than high school.  But after a while, as you keep working on things in practice, the game slows down.

I enjoyed reading the Red and Black article on Edwards.  I missed it when it came out a month or so ago.  I especially appreciated the comments about Mike Edwards' high school experience and the role that John Glenn High's Coach Rod Watts had on Edwards.

Edwards wasn't initially highly recruited, as the article explains:

"The spot with the Bulldogs came after a breakout senior season in Michigan. He started his last year of high school with one college scholarship offer — Akron — and eventually gained notice across the country with his improved play.
An influence in Edwards’ late bloom was Rod Watts. Watts took over as the head basketball coach at John Glenn High School in Westland, Michigan, after Edwards’ junior season. With experience coaching players like Al Horford and Draymond Green, Watts recognized Edwards had unique talent. His task was to make him even better."
Takes some time to get on the court and play like you know you can.  Coach Jonas Hayes is high on Mike Edwards, and I have come around to the same viewpoint.  When Edwards gets the plays down and learns the nuances like setting screens properly (the refs never give the new guys the benefit of the doubt), his natural speed and athleticism will have a chance to emerge.

Like tonight.  Edwards should get some playing time in relief of either Yante Maten or Houston Kessler.  We haven't seen much from Edwards since the game against Oakland, in which Edwards scored 14 points and grabbed six rebounds (Edwards averages 3 points and 3 boards a game this season).  Well, like the Oakland game, Edwards can perform at a high level, and I'm looking forward to seeing him play more and play well.

You've been practicing enough.  It's time to play.  Let's go, Mike!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

What About This Guy?

Darius Hicks looks like a Yante Maten clone.  Elite mid-range game, good hands, nice body control.  Looks to be an inch or so shorter than Maten, but definitely more chiseled and explosive around the bucket.

Hicks was committed to Mississippi State, but has since re-opened his recruitment.  Can Coach Jonas Hayes get geared up and bring Hicks in?  Providence appears to lead, but if we show Hicks some film of how we use Maten, he might see himself fitting into what Georgia is building.

Best I can tell, UGA has four good options for its last remaining scholarship for 2016.

Deshaun Corprew.  I like Corprew and he would be a great addition, skill-wise.  6'5" wing who can drive the ball and shoot from the outside.  I saw it reported on, however, that Corprew has narrowed his list to three or four schools.  Georgia was not one of them.

Kobi Simmons.  Simmons is a 5-star point guard.  Not an elite shooter, but at 6' 5", he is a big point guard.  Simmons might be a great fit, since Charles Mann will graduate this year, and UGA signees Tyree Crump and Jordan Harris are more in the shooting guard mode.  Simmons is from Alpharetta, and might be willing to stay in-state.  The problem is that he has already eliminated Georgia from consideration once.  Seemed like he really wanted to go to Kentucky, but Kentucky accepted commitments from other guards.  Could Simmons fall back to Georgia like Turtle Jackson?

Harold Baruti.  Baruti is a good shooter and a willing defender.  He would give Georgia depth on the wing. Baruti is another recruit at that 6' 5" height.  Not as physically ready as Corprew, but might be a better fit for other reasons.

Hicks.  Hicks is the lone big guy that I would see playing well at Georgia.  I wanted Udoka Azubuike, the Shaq-like center from the Georgia Stars AAU team, but for some reason we never offered him.  Looks like Azubuike will end up at Florida State.

So, do we need a point guard, a wing, or a big?  Since we were apparently prepared to accept a commitment from John Fulkerson, the combo forward who committed to UT, it looks like Fox wants to balance the roster some with a recruit who can play the 3 or the 4 position.  Hicks might just be the guy if we can make up some ground.

Great Game Against Clemson

Charles Mann scored 18 points on 5 of 8 shooting, and 8 of 8 from the free throw line.  Fantastic game.  He did have the one offensive foul when he should have pulled up for the jumper or gone with the floater, but that's okay.  Aggressive players will have one of those per outing.  Otherwise, Mann handled the ball well and made great decisions.

Yante Maten went 3 for 3 from the field and 2 for 2 from the line.  Just 8 points in 15 minutes.  He had foul trouble going against Clemson's burly front line.

Kenny Gaines was 6 of 10 from the floor.  Was 3 of 6 from deep.  Finished with 17 points.

J.J. Frazier wasn't on.  He was 3 of 9 from the field and just 1 of 3 from the line.  He still had 5 boards and 4 assists with 0 turnovers.

DO got 11 minutes of playing time.  Seemed like more.  Ogbeide is steadily recovering from the shoulder injury. Shot 3 of 6 from the floor.  Mike Edwards had 3 points and 3 blocked shots in 24 minutes.  He'll get better as he learns what to do and gets stronger.

Clemson scored 48 points,  Just 27 percent shooting.  Georgia's defense was good.  Probably not that good.  Clemson is a bad team.  They've beaten Presbyterian, Wofford, and South Carolina Upstate, but not much of anybody else.  Clemson will struggle mightily in the ACC this year. They lack an elite ball handler and a few other pieces.

Still, Clemson is a major university, and the win should be a huge confidence builder for Mark Fox, Charles Mann and Dawg fans.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Keep Your Head Up, Chuck

Okay.  The Georgia Tech game was not Charles Mann's finest effort. He went 1 for 6 from the floor and 2 for 4 from the line.

Even still, Mann had that critical hustle play in the second half, where he split the double team, briefly lost possession, then somehow came up with the ball in the scrum, and from his knees fired a pass to a teammate (Kessler?) for a lay-in.

Mann has to adjust to how the referees are going to call the game.  As he does so, he will get more trips to the line, and his field goal percentage will go up.  As it stands, the hard work that Mann has put in is showing itself.  His form at the free throw line is much better.  He even has more arc on his outside shot.  He now has to trust his skill.  Make a couple of mid-range shots, Chuck, and the drives will become easier.

Keep playing hard.  Looking for a big game from you against Clemson.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Never, ever supposed to lose to Tech

in any sport.

Glad that order has been restored.  We still owe them a few games in basketball, though.  I think that with the recruits coming in next year and with what we have now, we should be able to win at their place.

Congrats to the whole Dawgs team.  Somewhat concerned that neither Charles Mann nor Kenny Gaines played well.  I know that Chuck has been moved around a bit and that Gaines had the knee injury, but I hope they get their mojo back.  Chuck was 1 for 6 from the floor. Maybe he needs to stretch more.  He has bulked up a good bit over the last couple of years.  I wonder whether he needs to work on flexibility.

After seeing James White play for the first time, I think Georgia fans will be thrilled that UGA ended up with Mike Edwards and not White.  White has potential, and he did score 4 points against us.  At the end of the day, however, I'm not sure how much he would have helped UGA this year if he had in fact signed with us.  Same with Tevin Mack.  Mack is averaging 5 points a game on 24% shooting.

The fact that neither White nor Mack signed meant the scholarship was open for Mike Edwards to take.  James White, having only one year of eligibility, would have had to fit in and produce right away.  Meanwhile, Edwards has four years to develop, and he has all the physical tools to have a breakout year next year.

J.J. Frazier was the story today.  Totally outplayed their guards and ended up with 35 points.  Hope it was a cramp there for him at the end.

Great win for the Dawgs.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Very Happy for Coach Mark Richt

Goes to the U.

I'm sure his psyche took a hit.  He handled it all with class, of course.  Wouldn't have expected anything different.  At the same time, no one wants to get summarily fired.

Seen another way, however, things could scarcely have gotten better than they are now for Coach Richt and his family.  The Richts are now $4 million richer.  Overnight.

Coach Richt gets to move home, to sunny Miami, live in a great neighborhood, somewhere not too far from the beach, no doubt, and he still will be coaching at a top-level university making $4 million a year.  He will have the full support of the University of Miami administration and the appreciation of the fan base.

From a personnel perspective, Richt gets to pretty much cherry-pick the assistants he wants to take with him.  He didn't have to fire anyone when UGA's results weren't up to par.  Further, he gets to recruit southern Florida where he has already mined guys like Sony Michel, and although he wouldn't go out and attempt to do so, he may end up attracting some of UGA's current recruits, or transfers from the program.  He even gets to call more of the plays if he wants.

Sometimes God brings a man down a peg to move him up.

I'm still sticking with my prediction that Richt wins a championship.  Hoped it would be with Georgia.

Things are working out great for Coach Richt.  We'll see how UGA fares in about a year.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Charleston Beat LSU


Ben Simmons went 4 for 15.  So did Tim Quarterman.  Antonio Blakeney was 0 for 9.

I thought LSU was going to be great this year.  Guess not.

They'll get better at some point during the year, then Simmons will turn pro, and this program will really be in trouble.

Watching the Kentucky Game

UK is undefeated and ranked number one, but last year's team would crush this one.  UK will struggle big-time.

They have a five-point lead over Illinois State in the second half.  UK is as usual getting all the calls up there at Rupp.  Makes the game hard to watch.  Kentucky has shot 25 free throws to just 2 by Illinois State, but Illinois State is still hanging around.

On a side note, I'm sorry for being so old-fashioned, but it's going to take a lot of time to get used to female men's basketball commentators.

Mark Richt Owes UGA No Favors

Would love to have Coach Richt around for the sake of the University.  I definitely have mixed feelings about all this.  I remain grateful to UGA for all it meant and continues to mean to me.

Further, I imagine that the University would take the position that since it is honoring the unsigned contract, Mark Richt should return the favor by agreeing to take an administrative position.

However, if I get fired and am asked to hang around and help raise funds, I consider it a slap in the face.  Although Mark Richt is not likely to let an insult or a perceived offense dictate his final decision, I think the way UGA communicated with him, combined by the experience of being coveted by other major universities will mean a great deal as Coach Richt gets a sense of how God is leading.

Ultimately, he will get plenty of great offers, and I believe that he will end up accepting one of them. Miami has had such issues from an integrity standpoint that getting alum Mark Richt to return would be a home run hire.  I expect them to offer him a huge contract.  If Jason Eason follows him there, the U could be back in short order.

I wouldn't be surprised if Coach Richt has somewhat of a Tony Dungy experience and within five years wins a championship at his new school.

If I'm Mark Fox, the Mark Richt Firing

had to be unwelcome news.

If you win 75 percent in SEC football and lose your job, then having a record of barely eclipsing 50 percent in basketball and never winning an NCAA Tournament game has to have a coach feeling unsettled.  

Fox seems to have McGarity's support for the immediate future, but should things not turn out well with Georgia basketball this year, then all bets could be off.  The SEC will be tougher next year.  I'm only so worried about guys who make 7 figures during sports, but it has to be disconcerting to fight like crazy, try to build a great team, and get told at the end of the season that your services are no longer needed.

Could absolutely happen to Fox.  McGarity isn't a home-run hitter.  He is, however, a guy who swings for the fences when he comes to bat.

Sunday, November 29, 2015


I normally don't post about football here on the Blog.  But on this one, I just have to vent.

If we win the national championship before 10 years pass, I will be greatly surprised.

Sure, we will get a new coach.  If he is qualified, he will ask for a loaded contract.  UGA and its boosters will be on the hook big-time.

But having a new coach doesn't mean that we will have a better one.  It doesn't mean that Georgia will do any better than 10 wins, or that UGA will be able to win big any time soon.  Mark Richt set the standard so high that nothing but a national championship can now suffice.

Will we get it?  Would be happy if we do, but I seriously, seriously doubt it.

UT, Part Deux, folks.

Meanwhile, we will likely lose key pieces of what was shaping up to be a fantastic recruiting class.  All Richt needed to to take UGA to the next level was a great quarterback, and we had one coming in.  If I'm Eason's Dad, do I send my son clean across the country to play for an unknown quantity?  Not a chance.

Some schools are no doubt tickled pink to have a great, great coach like Mark Richt available as a candidate.  He immediately goes to the top of the list for schools like Miami.  I bet Richt's agent's phone has been blowing up all day.

I don't know what the Lord has in store for the Richt family.  Maybe they stay in Athens in some capacity.  To me, though, Coach Richt is young enough, and has fire in the belly enough, to still coach football somewhere else.  And school's will open up their checkbook wide enough to give the Richts plenty to consider.

Can't believe UGA messed this one up.  I guess that bringing Mike Bobo back would offer some consolation, but Aaron Murray is in the pro's now.  If Bobo comes back to the roster we will likely field next year, some boosters will end up hugely disappointed.  Perhaps this will be one of those, "Be careful what you ask for" examples.

If we don't make it to the college football playoffs next year or the year after, Greg McGarity needs to go.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Basketball, Y'all!

It's that time!

Georgia plays tonight.  First game of the season.  Should be a fun game.

Will UGA come out tight?  Are the freshmen ready?

Will the Dawgs get rattled by Chattanooga's press?  Are Mann and Gaines first-team SEC worthy?

How about the injuries to J.J. Frazier and Derek Ogbeide.  Can J.J. play at all?  Can he be effective if he is forced to wear a mask?  Will the injuries throw off planned substitution patterns?

Is Mike Edwards better than advertised?  Will E'Torrion Wilridge grab the wing spot and make it his own?

Lots of questions.  Glad we'll begin to get answers tonight.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Georgia Football is Georgia Basketball

Georgia basketball used to be totally outmatched in the big games.  Didn't have the athletes to compete.  We had a player here and there, but never filled out a squad with enough makers to win it all.

Sure, we came close a couple of years.  But by and large, just about everyone knew that Kentucky (and a for a few years, Florida) would win it all, and UGA would field a team and play valiantly, but a middle of the road finish was about as best as we could do.

Meanwhile, other teams came in and plucked the best recruits from our state.

Well, UGA football has become UGA basketball.

Fans know to expect Alabama to win it all.  And Georgia has a team with some talent, but not nearly enough to threaten the elite teams in the SEC.

We look like we don't belong out there.  In basketball, it was Billy Donovan who planned and figured out a way to beat us.  In football, it's every other offensive coordinator.

Awful to watch.

And Deshaun Watson, a talented qb from our own backyard, might win the whole thing calling the plays at Clemson.

All I can hope now is that UGA Basketball will become the old UGA Football.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Game Over

We are absolutely awful.  Nothing much to say afterwards.

"We played terribly.  Turned the ball over.  Five times.  Got our butts whipped.  Couldn't tackle or contain, but the defense was on the field way too long."

We are going backwards this year.  Put in Brice Ramsey and hope that no one else gets hurt.  Probably wouldn't hurt to give Turman some reps.

Please, please beat Tech.

Not much to say about Georgia Football

Our O-Line isn't that good.  Can't get any kind of push when we need to pick up one yard.  That's a huge disappointment.  What happened to Greg Pyke and Kublanow?  Those guys were supposed to be the real deal.

Our scheme isn't that good.  Pretty much vanilla.  We're not stretching the field vertically or horizontally.

Our qb play isn't that good.  In fact, it's pretty awful.  No offense to Bauta, but I don't think I've ever seen an "oh no!" pass and reaction from a quarterback trying to drive his team for a score.  He now has three interceptions in the Florida game.  You just can't do that.  Make that four interceptions.  Haven't seen anything like this ever out of a Georgia QB.  How many did Quincy Carter have that time?

It's not just Bauta, either.  Lambert had the one great game against South Carolina, and after that, it seems like we're throwing it right at their guys.  The opposition has helped us by dropping a lot of balls that hit them in the chest.

Our runningbacks aren't that good.  That's due to injuries, of course.  Chubb is out.  Michel is gimpy.  Marshall never did come back from his knee injury.  What do we do?

Our receivers other than Macolm Mitchell, aren't getting it done.  Jay Rome has to catch that pass in the end zone.  Sure the quarterback play is awful, but the receivers have to help them.

With Aaron Murray, Todd Gurley and Nick Chubb, we looked pretty good and had a shot at winning games by just putting a bunch of points on the board, but without Chubb and with the quarterbacks we have, we can't score.

When was our last touchdown again?

I suppose that Bauta is a running quarterback, but he's not a shifty guy.  That's what we need.  Sure, I asked in a previous post to see what Bauta could do.  Now that I've seen, I suppose we go to the next man up.  To continue to play Bauta at this point does not help him nor us.

Finally, our defense ain't that great.  We have held up when the offense can't get it done.  But the fact remains, we aren't tackling guys.  Florida will probably hang 30 on us.  They have 27 now.

Florida was awful last year.  Sure, they beat us, but that was their only "quality" win as I remember.  Now how did they put it all together and win the East in one year?  Meanwhile, we're stuck in the mud.  It's not just that we're losing, we're being totally outplayed.

Eason better come in ready to play.

We'd better be ready to break the press

The SEC is rugged this year.  LSU has all the pieces.  They're my predicted top finisher, but Kentucky will be strong again.

Florida, LSU, Kentucky, and Auburn will want to play fast.  Mike White and Bruce Pearl use the press as a staple.  Johnny Jones and John Calipari will press because they have a deep guard rotation.

We have three point guards, so I hope we can successfully advance the ball against full court pressure.  I would make the starters play 5 on 6 for a while.

Last week before the season begins.  Should be an exciting year.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Dave Bliss to New York Knicks Staff

Dave Bliss is continuing his trek toward a head coaching job.

Bliss recently joined the Knicks after spending several years with the Oklahoma City Thunder.  I'm sure Bliss will spend a lot of time working with New York's big men.

Bliss was a fan favorite at UGA.  Had a slew of back problems, but kept gritting it out.  He, Sundiata Gaines and Terrance Woodbury were huge contributors for the Dawgs hoops squad.  Bliss took the feed from Corey Butler and hit the key bucket to lead the Dawgs to its tornado triumph a number of years back.

Bliss finished his college degree in three years, graduating with honors.  He also completed a degree in real estate during his stint in Athens (2005 to 2008).  Here is some of the background information on Dave from

Happy for Dave.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Absolutely Huge Win for Tech

To beat the #6 team in the country on the last play of the game?  You kiddin' me?

I'm no Tech fan, but you have to respect the job they have done with lesser talent.

Still can't believe they stone-walled us time and time again when we had the ball within the ten yard line last year.

But sure enough, they stopped Florida State cold when FSU had the ball and was threatening to score and put the game out of reach.  Tech came up with the key interception in the end zone.

Might have been Tech's best win ever.

Tech is a lot better than their record, folks.

Alabama Beats Tennessee: A Few Thoughts

Really good game.  Came down to the final play, in essence.

I hated rooting for Alabama, but it had to be done.  UGA has two SEC losses, so we wanted UT to lose so they would have three.  A three-way tie between two-loss UT, Florida and the Dawgs would have made me lose my Sonic chicken nuggets.

Besides, we not only wanted Tennessee to lose.  We actually wanted Alabama to win.  The only thing better than UGA somehow managing to win the East would be if won the East and got a rematch with Alabama and spanked them.

With all of the above said, did anyone else notice the preparation by Tennessee?  Their offensive and defensive coordinators actually had a clue as to how to beat Alabama.

On offense, the Volunteers had guys in motion, sprinting through the backfield, making Alabama defend side to side.  They didn't make it easy on the Tide's beefy defensive lineman by running straight at them.

And on defense, Tennessee crowded the line, while simultaneously taking away the deep pass.

No wonder UT was winning in the second half.  They employed strategy.

Now, Alabama still won the game.  But Alabama just out-athleted UT on the last drive.  They came up with the 50-50 balls on the sidelines.

I would have been happy with that kind of loss to Alabama.  Instead, Georgia got whipped.  Looked like we hadn't prepared at all for how to beat them.  Totally embarrassing to players, coaching staff, Dawg fans, and potential recruits.

Well, today we got our wish.  The Tide beat the Volunteers.  Things are set up almost perfectly for next Saturday.  If we win, we'll be in first place in the East and in control of our own destiny.

Hopefully, with the bye week, we have a great game plan for defeating UF.


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Watched what I could of the live practice

Enjoyed seeing Jarvis Hayes again.  Good to have the interviews, but I would have preferred to see the team do more drills.  It was much more "Media Day" than "Live Stream of Practice."  Guess we won't know about much about how the guys look until the exhibition game.

With that said, here are a few observations:

Kenny Gaines looks thicker.  Without seeing him move around, it's hard to tell if he's put on good weight, or whether he has gained weight because he hasn't been able to participate fully in conditioning drills.

Juwan Parker has a brace on his leg.  Likely means he won't play much at the beginning of the year.

Fox has Turtle Jackson learning the point.  Great to be three-deep at the point guard position, especially in light of the two recruits scheduled to come in next year, but it makes me wonder what we will do this year if Kenny and Juwan don't heal completely.  I guess that by learning the point, Jackson should be able to know where the two-guard is supposed to go, so it stands to reason that he could play the shooting guard position if needed.

E'Torrion Wilridge does indeed have a nice stroke.  Elbow is locked in tight and good follow-through.

Derek Ogbeide is a man in the post.  Once again, I am reminded of Cordy Glenn, a guy who got better and better every year on the O-line for the football Dawgs.  It's rare to get a stocky guy who also plays above the rim.  Jeremy Price and Takais Brown were two former Dawgs hoops players who had the beef, but lacked the explosiveness.  Chris Barnes of a few years ago is probably the best comparison.

Fox seems to think that Kenny Paul Geno took a significant step forward in the off-season.  KPG is such a "tweener" that I really don't expect him to get a lot of minutes.  He can jump and has a fairly reasonable shooting motion if he gets his feet set.  However, he doesn't seem big enough for the power forward position, nor quick enough for the wing.  If he scores 5 points a night, I would be surprised.  I would love to be wrong.

They are referring to Mike Edwards as being 6' 10".  Is that right?  Whether he's 6' 9" or 10", if he runs the floor like they say he can, he will be a load for other teams to handle this year.

Looking forward to the season.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Ugliest Georgia Win I Remember

But I'll take it.

Beats the alternative by far.

Hats off to the Georgia defense.

We have two weeks to get some new plays figured out.  UF is for real on defense, and I doubt they let us line up from center and run between the tackles all day.

Florida ties it up with LSU

Hopes for our season hanging on by a thread.

Trying to give Lambert some easy throws

on those wide receiver screens, but Godwin is too slight to block their guy.

They just dropped a fourth easy interception.

We can't hide Lambert forever.  Time to make a change.

Our defense is playing lights out.  It's 6 to 6.  Can we win this thing?

6 to 3 at the half

Props to the defense.

I haven't watched all the game, but our passing attack is in trouble.  How many right in their hands interceptions have they dropped?

Time for Bauta?

Yikes. We're still in this thing

3 to 3.  Not a pretty game.

But the defense is hanging tough.

If we can win this thing, and LSU beats Florida, could UGA still win the East?  Is that even possible?
Maybe the commentators have already mentioned it, or there is an article out there that goes through the scenarios.

Folks, Georgia Looks Bad

The play-calling.  The offensive line push.  It's just not there.  We just can't call a play and run into the teeth of a stacked box.  What are we doing???

Maybe the plan is to wear them down with excuses in the fifth quarter.

Expecting Mizzou to beat us at home.

Hate to say it, but that's what I'm seeing right now.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Guess Ben Watson can still play a little bit

Has caught 9 passes tonight for 113 yards and a touchdown.

Hate to see Watson do this against the Falcons, but I'm proud of him.  Class act.

Maybe Atlanta is waiting on the fourth quarter to make things exciting.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Bring in Baruti Now!

Harold Baruti is a player.  Guy is 6' 6", shoots 40 percent from behind the arc, and has impressive hops.  Defends.  Gets you 10 points, 5 boards, and a steal per game on a Mountain Mission team with other D1 recruits.  What's not to like?

Harold Baruti has only one or two D1 offers, best I can tell from the published reports.  He's a diamond in the rough like Mike Edwards.

Bring Baruti in and he can play either the 2 or the 3 position.  We need another scorer, since we're losing Kenny Gaines and Charles Mann after this year.  I know we will have Jordan Harris and Tyree Crump, but we don't have any depth at the three position behind Wilridge.

While we're at it, let's recruit Jethro Tshisumpa, too.  Not the most skilled player right now, but he's a big man who can block shots, rebound, run the floor, catch passes cleanly and dunk.  With a year behind Derek Ogbeide, Tshisumpa could really blossom.  I don't see where that scholarship would come from, but if we had one available beyond the one given to Baruti, Tshisumpa would be a good catch.

Jonas, I know we might be eyeing another stretch 4.  I really think that in a year like this one, you bring in the best player available.  That's Harold Baruti, in my opinion.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Falcons Win Again!

This time, in overtime.  Atlanta is 5 and 0.

Great victory for the team.  Glad that Deangelo Hall's team lost.

Still wonder, if we have a former professional football team offensive coordinator, why Georgia's offense looks so anemic.  So vanilla.

Loved the Read on Damien Wilkins and the Charlotte Hornets

There is nothing like being on adventure with God.  There are so many twists and turns and surprises along the way.

Wilkins Word

Please go to his Blog to read the full post.  But in short, Damien signed a contract to play in Venezuela.  His flight there was supposed to go through Miami, but they gave him a connecting flight through Charlotte, NC, instead.  While there, the flight to Venezuela is delayed, delayed and then cancelled.  Meanwhile, Michael Kidd Gilchrist, a player for the Charlotte Hornets gets injured.  The Charlotte GM contacts Damien's agent, and so Damien just happens to be in Charlotte when the NBA team based in Charlotte wants to give him a shot.  They hammer out the deal in no time flat and Damien, who wanted just one more NBA opportunity, has one laid in his lap.

Shucks, I hope Damien makes the team.  Even if he doesn't, that means God has something better for him down in Venezuela.  He might get cut, but he can't lose.  It's called being on adventure with a God who knows each one of us and wants our best.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Guess Florida will win the East

They're outplaying Mizzou right now.

It would half-way save the season to go down to Jacksonville and whup 'em.  Just frustrating to see them turn it around so quickly.  Meanwhile, UGA seems stuck in neutral.

Arkansas up 7 to 3 on Alabama

at the half.

Game is in Tuscaloosa.  Who would have figured this?  Arkansas came in with a 2 and 3 record.

True, Alabama is beating the Hogs statistically, but it's the scoreboard that counts.  Arkansas is doing just enough to stay with the Tide.  Arkansas could win this thing, although I expect Alabama to take over in the second half.  Could end up a 24 to 7, or 31 to 7 game.

Don't Like This Team Without Chubb

I'm a UGA fan, of course, and still hope we win some games.

I just don't see how we do it without Nick Chubb.

QB play is not strong enough.  Play-calling seems weak to me.  I know Richt likes a pro-style offensive scheme, but that's heavily predicated on effective QB play.  If our season comes down to how well we pitch and catch, the other guys with the mobile quarterbacks and the spread option are going to eat our lunch.

If the QB Battle was so Close

why not play the guy that can pass and run?

UT is doing that, and they're eating us up.  Not saying that Bauta is similar to Dobbs, but at least give the defense something to think about.

Now that Chubb is down, we need something more from our offense.  It's time.

By the way, what's up with our kicking game?

When you can't watch the action, your thoughts go back to questions like that one.

Punts, field goals.  Both look messed up.

My computer is hanging up again

Cue a big play.  Either UGA or UT will have one.  Gotta be.

Once Again, I Step Away

to talk with the family and miss a big play.

Come on, Dawgs.  Pull this one out.

We're losing and will likely lose this one

I don't like our offensive scheme.

Their offense makes us cover the whole field.  They have a man sprinting across, running at full speed.  We have to account for him.

They have a quarterback who can run.  We have to account for him.

Then they can do the normal hand-offs, straight dive, trap plays, etc.

It's almost with our system, plays have to be blocked perfectly because everyone knows where the ball is going.

And since we're not having any sustained drives, our defense is wearing down.  How many three and outs have we had in the last two games?

Okay, CBS, Offensive Coordinator, Earn Your Money

Tie game, and our offensive line is not winning the battle up front.  Without Nick Chubb, we need to mix things up a bit.

Computer got hung up

just when Reggie Davis scored on the punt return.  We were up 24 to 3.

By the time I closed the window and reopened it, they had made a couple of plays.  Saw them score the touchdown.  Stepped away for just a minute, and they had the ball back deep in our territory.  Incredible how quickly games turn around.

We need Michel to keep his head in the game.

We're up 24 to 17 still, but they get the ball first.  They have all the momentum, and their crowd is back in the game.

Let's win this for Chubb!

Okay, We're Winning

but I feel terrible.

Prayers for Chubb.

The Neyland Curse

If there were such a thing as the Neyland Curse, it only took one play for it to strike again.

Maybe it should be renamed "The Kneeland Curse".

Lambert looks out-matched again

Hard to win now.

100-yard game streak ends

Hate that for Chubb.

Ties Herschel's record, but doesn't break it.

Chubb would have had a huge game, too, as committed as we are to the run.

Yikes. Looks like Chubb Passed Out

Did I see that right?  I was wondering why they were walking him to the locker room after that significant an injury.  His eyes didn't look right.

Horrible Looking Injury for Chubb

The season just flashed before my eyes.

Hope we can bounce back, but it looks like whatever we do for the year, it will be without Nick.

What is it about playing here?

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Will UGA Ever Recruit a Dual-Threat Quarterback?

Watson is doing pretty well at Clemson.  Did we ever make a real run at him?

Hope Eason is the man, but I would love for us to get another D.J. Shockley.  Wasn't he the guy that won the last SEC championship we had?

Did we not have any drives against Alabama?

I can't remember any, and I think I heard one of the announcers say that.  We got the long touchdown run, but I guess that was it.  We had four turnovers, so those kill drives.  Take away the Chubb run and the two or three qb scrambles, and UGA was pretty much literally stuck in the mud.

Special teams, passing, running, defense.  We got shellacked.

Looks like Florida is for real

Shutting out #4 Ole Miss at the half.  If UF holds on, they have to be the front runner for winning the East.

How about making the defense

account for more than one runningback?

Pretty sure that if we had an option system at least part of the time, we'd do better against teams like Alabama.

Glad I didn't spend any money on this one

Bad, bad performance.

It's better to have a loss early

than late.  Maybe we can run the table and still win the SEC.  I can't see it, based on how we played today, but there's always hope, right?

Too bad today was such a big recruiting day.  Miserable afternoon, blow-out loss, fans checking out early, we didn't compete.  To make matters worse, we had basketball recruits in today, too.

Hard to lose out more convincingly and more completely than we did today.  I could see if we were competitive and they pulled it out, but this was an old-fashioned whipping.  I didn't think we would win, but I truly was not expecting worse than 2008.

I know that it's still third quarter, and it hurts to speak of this loss in the past tense, but all I am hoping for is that we get out of this one with nobody hurt.  Can't fathom a scenario in which we come back.

Ramsey Looks Horrible

Can't be the rain.  Their guy is torching us.

Put Faton in in the fourth quarter.

38 to 3?

At home?

Early in the third quarter?

We look like a junior high team.  Guys running wide open catching passes.  No one within ten yards of them.  Quarterback keeper, guy goes in untouched.

My cable went dead at the beginning of the third quarter.  Comcast did me a favor.

How many 3 and outs is that?  Let Chubb tie the record, and let everybody get dry.

Is there a mercy rule in college football?


Their line is whipping ours.  We have no pressure on their quarterback.  Meanwhile, Lambert is constantly on the run.  If he's spooked, then put in Ramsey in the second half and see what happens.

We got the early turnover and did nothing with it.  I knew we were in trouble then.

Why not game plan by doing some misdirection?  If we didn't run-block well against Southern, what makes us think we can do that against Alabama?  Maybe the days are over of just out-muscling guys up front.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Interesting Pieces

1,  News Articles

Good to see some news about the basketball Dawgs. has a video featuring Houston Kessler.  Here's the one on Kenny Gaines.

There's more out on the Web.  If you haven't checked it out already, you should visit the Dawgs' Twitter page.

2.  Roster

I'm about as curious as anyone on how Fox will develop and use his players.  Sure, Charles Mann and Kenny Gaines (if healthy) will lead the charge this season.  Yante Maten, as the only post with significant experience, will start.

But will we get anything from Osahen Iduwe this year?  How about Mike Edwards?  Derek Ogbeide?  How much will Turtle Jackson play?  Where will J.J. Frazier get his playing time?

The 3-position has been a mystery for Georgia since Brandon Morris left.  Does Wilridge have the talent to lock it down?  Will Fox go big with Edwards?  Is Juwan Parker recovered from surgery enough to give us minutes?  How about KPG?  Did he work hard enough during the off-season to contribute on the wing?

3.  Recruiting

UGA commits Tyree Crump and Jordan Harris can play.  Who else will we bring in?  I figure we need at least one big, but Fox may have different ideas.  How many spots will we have, anyway?

As I said, lots of interesting pieces.

Getting excited about basketball.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Boy, if Tech is going to play D

like this, it could be a long year for some folks.

Still can't believe they shut down UGA at the goal line multiple times last year.  Can't just line up and whip those guys like it was possible in the past.

And then for them to take over a mile away from the end zone and score a touchdown to tie it right before half-time, they have to believe that they're going to win this game.

Never Seen Auburn Look This Bad

Pretty clueless against LSU.  What's up with their QB position?

Interesting to See Brian Van Gorder on the Sidelines for Notre Dame

Hopefully, Pruitt will be able to stop the Georgia Tech option as well as Van Gorder's defense is doing.  Notre Dame is up 7-0 at the end of the first quarter.  That game is a long way off, but still, we need to win it this year.

With that said, the Tech option often gets better over the course of the game.

Good watch while I wait on the Dawgs game to start.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Georgia Working Wendell Carter Hard

Carter is an elite prospect.  Can't remember when we've had a big man with his talent around the basket.  Trey Thompkins would be the closest comparison.

Glad that Georgia is in the conversation for Carter.  Closing the deal has always been the issue, and in Carter's case, Duke seems to be out in front.

Maybe this season we can take some people by surprise, go on an extended winning streak.  Would be a big boost to recruiting.


Friday, June 26, 2015

Gay Marriage, 1. U.S., 0

Not surprised by the Supreme Court's ruling.  They had been trending in that way for a while.

God, have mercy on us.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Scout Article on Tyree Crump

Great article.  Explains how Fox targeted Crump early and got his commitment.  He sounds solid to Georgia.

"I committed so early because I had a great relationship with Coach (Fox)..."  "Coach Fox wants me to come in and be a scoring point guard."

Crump played well at the recent NBPA Camp.  There may be some who want him to pass more, but as folks say, UGA needs "makers."

Well, Dawg fans, Tyree Crump is a maker.  He and fellow commit from southwest Georgia, Jordan Harris, will score a bunch.  Should be fun to watch.


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Fathers' Day

Loved the game of basketball.

Still do.

But being a Dad is way, way more significant.

Happy Fathers' Day to all the guys who, with God's help, stay in place, stay involved, stay committed.  You are the true superstars.


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Steph Curry: Do not come to my school

Come to my house.

You'd be a good friend and an inspiration to my family.  Proud of who you are and the way you handle your business.

Wanted to preserve on the Blog your remarks on the importance of faith, passion, drive and will.

MVP Speech

Sunday, May 31, 2015

This Could Get Ugly

Late Bloomers Beware!

The NCAA is moving forward with its new eligibility standards.  Incoming freshmen will now have to have a 2.3 g.p.a. in 16 core courses.  The 16 core courses include 4 years of English and 3 years of Math, Algebra I or higher.

The current rules require a 2.0 in 13 courses.

Under the new rules, in order to compete as a freshman, 10 of the 16 core courses must be completed in the student athlete's first three years.  Core courses taken in the first three years cannot be retaken for a better grade.

Eligibility Toolkit

The new standards will eliminate some of the temptation to hurriedly get an athlete qualified after he or she shows potential on the court or gridiron.  There will be very few opportunities to boost a student's academic average after that student did not perform well early in high school.

It's good, of course, to get rid of the shenanigans employed by sometimes well-meaning, but misguided administrators.

The countervailing argument is, of course, that some athletes get serious about school so they can get an athletic scholarship.  Some kids struggle academically during puberty, but get readjusted in the 11th grade.  These legitimate late-bloomers may struggle to meet the new standards, and may end up not going to college at all.

Maybe that's the way it is, and maybe that's the way it should be, but the rules will definitely change the college athletics landscape.

According to an NCAA study, 43 percent of men's basketball players and 35 percent of men's football players would not have met the new standards had the rules been implemented for the 2009/2010 school year.

Recruiting is going to get a lot harder for those high school athletes who have the grades and physical ability to perform at a high level.  And big schools will be less able to simply out-athlete smaller ones.

Vandy will probably win the SEC in football and basketball.

This could get ugly.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Killer B's

SEC Basketball will be fun to watch next year.  LSU will be much improved.  Hopefully, Ben Simmons will be a one and done guy.  Blakeney is no slouch, either.

Workout Session

Are our guys working just as hard?

Monday, May 25, 2015

And no, I am not a Prophet

I was talking earlier today about an injury to Steph Curry, but what just happened to him is purely coincidental.

If I were that prescient, I would stop blogging and play the Lotto.

What will the NBA do if Dellavedova Hurts the MVP?

Didn't watch the game, but it usually takes a lot to get Al Horford riled up.  I guess the NBA wanted to make sure Lebron got to the finals.

All heck will break loose if Cleveland's beloved Dell-lee rolls up Steph's knee.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Coach Penney

Enjoyed seeing this E:60 story about former NBA great, Penney Hardaway.

Promise Kept

Running the Last Mile

Josh Speidel goes from coveted hoops recruit and McDonald's All-American nominee to recovering hospital patient after a terrible car accident.

Sudden reversals could happen to any of us, or any of our children.  Great to see a story of a family toughing it out together.


Family Discusses Josh's Condition

Trust God and keep fighting, Josh!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Georgia Ranked 10th out of 14 in SEC Basketball Recruiting

The author ranks Kentucky as number 1 and LSU number 2.  I'd probably agree with him that they have the top two classes, though I might reverse the order.

For numbers 3 through 6, he has Texas A&M, Florida, Mississippi State and Auburn.  Then he ranks South Carolina, Arkansas, and Vandy ahead of Georgia.  Maybe.  Maybe not.


Of course the author is biased, and Georgia's class might be overlooked because Turtle Jackson and E'Torrion Wilridge had knee injuries that impacted their play.  I'm just enjoying the discussion.  The bigger point is that the SEC has brought in real coaching talent and big-time recruits in the off-season.

Sure hope Big Mike and Derek are ready to play.  Should be a fun year.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mack to Texas

Great recruiting job by Shaka Smart.  Great effort  by Mark Fox and staff.

Let's move on.  We have better class separation without Mack, and I never was convinced that he would defend well.  Always can use a "maker", but Fox has two of those committed for 2016.  If he can hold onto Crump and Harris, UGA will have a really good line-up.

As far as 2015/2016 is concerned, without Mack I'm not sure who will play well at the three position, but we may go big with Mike Edwards out there, hope that KPG holds it down, put Charles Mann or Turtle Jackson with Kenny Gaines, or maybe sign James White and put him at the three.  At any rate, we have some athletic big guys for the first time in recent memory.  We can adjust the starting five as needed.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Jaylen Brown to Cal

Congrats to Brown.

Lots of angles on this development.

1.  Georgia didn't get him

Disappointing, but only mildly so.  Would have fit well in the triangle offense.  Don't like it when the state's top hoops recruit goes elsewhere.  But...

2.  Kentucky didn't get him either

Now that's absolutely huge for UGA.  Kinda like when the cute girl next door, the one you helped with her Algebra homework, turns you down to prom.

If she up and joins the military after graduation, that's so much better than if she goes to vo-tech and ends up dating the captain of your high school's football team.

3.  Vindicates the Student-Athlete approach

Sure, UGA would love to get a bunch of five-star hoops players.  And sure there is a bit of envy when one or two schools get the top athletes year after year.

But there's more to it.  College sports fans enjoy cheering for the legitimate amateur athlete.

An occasional guy who goes early to the pros is part of sports life.  But there is something hollow about a school that constantly churns one-year athletes.

Kentucky coach John Calipari has made it part of his MO.  He actually tells guys not to come back to school.  He says that that advice is for the student-athlete's benefit, but I, for one, don't believe him.  Not that it matters what I think, but my point is that some college freshmen, talented though they may be, aren't physically and mentally ready for the NBA.

Ready or not, if Calipari can clear his roster of players and thereby have room for the next monster haul of recruits, he'll do it.  That keeps the fan base excited and prevents other teams from getting high-level athletes.

Well, if that is his strategy, it didn't work this year.  Zimmerman committed to UNLV.  Bryant to Indiana, Swanigan to Michigan State.  Ingram to Duke.  Newman to Mississippi State.  Brown to California.

Kentucky fans have reacted with righteous indignation.  "How dare they!"

Not that anybody should feel sorry for Coach Calipari.  He still has a five-star point guard, five-star power forward, and two four-star shooting guards coming in.  And the cupboard isn't exactly bare, either, with Marcus Lee and Alex Poythress ready to play a lot more minutes.

At the same time, playing Kentucky next season will be different. UK dominated teams this year through superior length.  Lots of big guys.  Next year, not so much (although Thon Maker could pledge soon).  If Kentucky starts to lose games, Calipari may jump to the NBA himself.

4.  Went outside the SEC

If UGA didn't get Brown, the best case scenario for the Dawgs was that Brown go to a team outside the SEC.  That, he did.  Which brings up the last point:

5.  Parity in the SEC

Going to be interesting this year.  Have to like what LSU has put together.  Ben Simmons went there.

Mississippi State will have some good outings.  Malik Newman went there.

UK will still be quite good.  Briscoe went there.

Florida has some good recruits.  But with the coaching turnover, Florida's loss is Oklahoma City's gain.  Donovan went there.

The bottom line is that with Brown to California, there is no one dominant line-up in the SEC.  That's good for the SEC and great for UGA.

We were third in the SEC this season.  With our upgrade in talent, we should be right there to win the conference title this year.

True, we didn't get Jaylen Brown, but UGA basketball is in better shape than it has been in a long time.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mack to Georgia?

Heart says, yes.  My head's starting to say it, too.

I know that I recently posted that Texas was more likely than UGA to get Mack's commitment, and UT Coach Shaka Smart did have a big lead on everyone, but there are clues that indicate that UGA will win out in the end.

Guess we will find out for sure on Friday.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tevin Mack Speaks Recruiting

Says he doesn't have a top five. UGA has been talking to him. Plans on visiting UGA, South Carolina and Texas.

Watch the video linked below.  But in case the link ever is taken down, here are a few tidbits:

Mack wants to go somewhere where the coaching staff is stable, and where he gets to play right away.

He knows he can score the ball, but he wants to work on defense and rebounding, getting stronger and being more explosive in his leaping ability.

Also says that his mother is heavily involved with the decision, although his college choice is ultimately his decision.  Lots of teams talking to him, but he has five actual offers on the table.

Sounds to me like Texas is in first place (relationship with Shaka Smart), then South Carolina (hometown hero possibility), then UGA (close to home, can play right away).

If I'm Ms. Mack, I wouldn't want my son playing for Coach Martin.  He's in a bit of a hot seat situation,  Even if he weren't, Martin is an in your face screamer.  South Carolina's version of Andy Landers.  Some guys need that, but I wouldn't entrust my son to that kind of treatment.

In UGA's favor, we really don't have a wing on the roster.  Fact is, we haven't had a scoring wing in a long, long time.  Only guy that comes to mind right now is Jarvis Hayes.

For the present, Georgia can make do with hybrid 3/4 guys, like Wilridge and Geno, or we can stick out there a combo guard, like Mann and Parker (assuming Parker comes back healthy). Bottom line is that if Tevin Mack comes to Athens, he starts right away.

Mack's eyes must light up a bit when he considers UGA.  We're offensively challenged.  We need a maker.  When we have guys that can score the ball, we can get them to the League.  Don't remember anybody recent from South Carolina who has made it.

Interview with WISTV

Part Two

We're in the mix, but can we close?

Monday, April 20, 2015


I watched an interview this week of an author who writes from a small shed in the middle of a hog farm.  Fascinating.  So many good nuggets from that writer's comments.

The author and I share a few things in common.  One of which is sloppy writing.  Get it?  Sloppy writing!  Snort!  Get it?  Snort!

I digress.

My real point, before I got sidetracked, was that in addition to the books written, the author also has a blog.

Having a blog is a different writing experience.  By and large, there is no editor.  There is no cost of entry for the most part.  No publishing company demands.  No royalties.  No chapters.  No development of characters.  Just an author's desire to share with readers, most of whom are and will remain unknown.

I'm good with that.

Readers put up with my musings, my thoughts, my awful attempts at humor.  You read the posts, mostly about Georgia basketball, occasionally touching on football and other sports, and all with a healthy dose, I hope, of Life (Mark 8:36-38) included.

Sometimes you post comments.  I am glad to offer a free resource for feedback on the past, present and future of Georgia basketball.

Some of you have followed the Blog for a good while.  Others may have recently discovered it.  Glad you're with me on the journey.

The Chronicles is seven years old this month, and I wanted to reach out and say thank you, the reader.


Monday, April 13, 2015

Mike Edwards Commits to the G!

Solid pick-up for the Dawgs.

Mike Edwards grew on me over the course of the last few weeks.  I wondered whether Edwards could end up as a Frank Kaminsky-type player.  Big, rangy kid who gets better and better every year.

It's happened at UGA before.  Alec Kessler came in lightly recruited, but gained some weight and was a beast for the Dawgs, averaging 21 points and 10 rebounds per game his senior year, and being named an All-American.  And sometimes, every now and then, our good players and role players can whup their 5-stars.

Not the best comparison, but Dave Bliss was a smart kid from a cold climate who during his collegiate career helped the Dawgs recover from NCAA penalties, leading us to the SEC Tournament championship his senior year.

Mike Edwards will hustle, he'll grow and he'll get better, working with Jonas Hayes.  Will most likely end up somewhere between Dave Bliss and Alec Kessler in terms of his production, but it will be fun to watch his progress.

Welcome, Big Mike!

Mark Richt Speaks of Perseverance

Good article from the Lagrange News.

Particularly enjoyed this story:

In the first week of preseason practice of his freshman year, Richt said David Pollack "was literally crying saying, 'I'm not good enough, coach, I made a mistake, I'm not an SEC player.  Coach (Rodney) Garner doesn't like me.'  Everything was wrong.  He literally was ready to quit.  We had to talk him off a cliff and convince him to hang in there."

How about that?  Three-Time All-American almost threw in the towel just before he was about to do great things.  Easy to see how bad a decision that would have been for Pollack and for the Dawg Nation.  But Richt's comments were not about Pollack, and not about something that happened 15 years ago.  His remarks were aimed squarely at my chest and yours.  Those of us who are facing our own personal mat drills today.    

Don't give up on your family.  Don't quit in your career.  You can lose the weight, write the book, achieve the goal.  Keep fighting.  Become an All-American in life.  

Friday, April 10, 2015

Losing Lauren

Not sure what to record on the occasion of Lauren Hill passing away.  Very, very emotional story, and my words seem feeble.

Still I write.  Lauren's legacy of perseverance, guts, commitment, selflessness and faith deserves telling and re-telling.  Everything that is right about basketball, collegiate athletics and life is wrapped up in her story.

It's why I have a blog.  I wanted to write about this Lauren and other Lauren's.  I wanted to have one place to remember and chronicle stories like hers.

Hopefully having her story here will help someone.  I need encouragement and so do you.  It's much bigger than basketball.  Bigger than team sports at Mt. St. Joseph.  Bigger than cancer.  It's life.  So even if you have seen the videos about Lauren before, do yourself a favor and watch them again.

Lauren Commits to Mt. Joseph

Worried about others, Lauren goes out on top.

Never Give Up on 3!

If you watched the first video, did you catch what was on the back of Lauren's t-shirt?

"Have I not commanded you?  Be strong and courageous.  Do not be afraid.  Do not be discouraged.  For the Lord thy God shall be with you wherever you go."  Joshua 1:9.

Maybe we didn't lose her after all.  Lauren's story, fund-raising efforts, and legacy live on.  May we all face life's challenges with an equal measure of faith and courage.

Huddle up with me.  "Never Give Up!" on 3!


Saturday, April 4, 2015

Running Players Off to the Pro's? UK's Dilemma


John Calipari has three seniors on his roster.  He has three commitments for 2015/2016.

Best I can tell, none of Calipari's seniors are scholarship players.  If true, that means that in order for UK to sign its three commitments, three of the team's underclassmen have to go pro.

Not a problem most years for UK, and shouldn't be a problem this year.  I can see Willie Cauley-Stein foregoing his last year.  Karl-Anthony Towns is a talented enough freshman to go high in the draft.  Maybe Dakari Johnson would be a lottery pick.

But what happens if only three leave?  What happens if Johnson, who frankly was outshone this year by Towns, opts to stay?  What if only one of the Harrison twins chooses to leave?  Alex Poythress was injured.  Trey Lyles and Marcus Lee didn't get enough minutes in the platoon system to be guaranteed a high spot in the draft.

Point is that there are realistic scenarios in which UK would have just three spots for three commitments.  But then there is no extra space for Jaylen Brown.  No room for big man Thomas Bryant.

Ten of the top 41 high school seniors are still uncommitted.  Some are waiting to see how much room is available on the UK roster.  Calipari may have to run off some of his players to the pro's.

It's still possible that with all of the coaching moves, graduate transfer situations, late bloomers, and pro commitments (or lack thereof), spring recruitment might yield a very talented player or two for UGA.  Could we get two out of Tevin Mack, Jaylen Brown, Mike Edwards, and perhaps, Mike Thorne?

Hang on.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Fox Bottom Five in SEC Coaches

according to Clay Travis, Fox Sports commentator.


In answering a reader's question about the upgrade in talent in the SEC coaching ranks, Travis put two of the new guys in his top five coaching picks.

I.  Top Five

1.  Billy Donovan

2.  John Calipari

3.  Bruce Pearl

4.  Rick Barnes

5.  Ben Howland

Hard to challenge his top five, though I probably wouldn't put Bruce Pearl in there.  Pearl can coach, but can he stay out of trouble?  His margin for error is very thin, but he has some good recruits coming in.  Will Auburn finish the year in the SEC's top five?  I doubt it.

Billy Donovan can flat out coach.  I wonder how his team will perform this year.  Will his guys take a big leap forward?  Will Chris Walker show why he was a five-star recruit?  Donovan has Noah Dickerson coming in, but other than that, I don't remember any significant recruits.  I expect Donovan to struggle next season.  Maybe he runs off to the pro's.

John Calipari will ride his ridiculous recruiting classes until he leaves for the NBA.  Jaylen Brown will probably end up in Lexington.

I believe that if Georgia gets Mike Edwards, we will win one of the two games against UK next year.

II.  Next Four

6.  Mike Anderson

7.  Kevin Stallings

8.  Andy Kennedy

9.  Frank Martin

I think that Kevin Stallings is a good coach.  Runs the motion offense.  I still argue that the Vandy arena gives their guys an unfair home-court advantage.  Even so, Stallings gets a lot out of his talent.

Disagree that Frank Martin over at South Carolina is any better than Fox.  What has he done?  I mean, other than yell at his guys.

III.  Bottom Five

10.  Mark Fox

11.  Johnny Jones

12.  Billy Kennedy

13.  Alabama's Vacant Spot

14.  Kim Anderson

Wow.  Johnny Jones will win his fair share of games this upcoming season.  Jordan Mickey declaring for the pro's will hurt some, but the new kid Ben Simmons can flat out play.  Jones won't be considered bottom five for long.

Alabama missed on Marshall from Wichita State.  Don't know who they will get.  I expect them to take a step back next year.

Fox is probably a year away from making a significant move.  He's got the program stabilized, but the SEC is getting tougher almost overnight.  The good news is that Jordan Harris and Tyree Crump from southwest Georgia are two 2016 recruits who will make a difference, assuming they sign their LOI's and enroll.  Team those two guys with Turtle Jackson and UGA has a perimeter line-up that can go toe-to-toe with anyone.  But that's year after next.

I expect 2015/16 will be pretty good.  Our line-up top to bottom is probably the best that Fox has had.

Turtle Jackson is better than most people think.  Fox may consider starting him at the point, keeping Charles Mann at the three and going to war with Kenny Gaines at the two, and Yante Maten and Derek Ogbeide in the post.  Now if UGA gets anything from Osahen Iduwe, we might end up quite good.  In any case, a healthy J.J. Frazier and Juwan Parker form a good guard rotation, and we are a recruit or two away from being competitive in the post.

If UGA ends up next season in the top five SEC teams for a third straight year, maybe move Pearl down and put Fox in his place.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Jaylen Brown and Patrick Hamilton

According to the recent AJC article, UGA is still in the running for Jaylen Brown's commitment.

Appreciated the AJC article for two reasons.  Of course because of the Jaylen Brown update.  But also for contacting and getting the opinion of Patrick Hamilton, assistant coach at Wheeler.

Although I try to keep up with a lot of the players from former years, I didn't have any articles on the Blog about Hamilton.  As the AJC reports, Hamilton was a four-year letterman for the Dawgs, and captain of the team in 1989.  He averaged 12.7 points his senior year.

It's good to know that Brown has a person of the quality of Coach Hamilton helping to get him through the recruiting process.  Coach Hamilton is not overbearing with his desire that Brown attend UGA.  I would love to see Brown come to Georgia, but there's a good way to do things, and I think that Coach Hamilton is trying hard to strike the right balance.

We'll see.  I'm not optimistic at this point.  However, Brown may just decide that he's not ready to be out on his own just yet.  It may be good for him to spend a year at Georgia and join the kinds of athletes like Marcus Thornton, who proudly wore the G.

Revisiting the Kentucky Game

As painful as this is, yes, I'm going to go there.

Kentucky is just man-handling teams in the NCAA tournament.  The game against West Virginia was brutal.  Didn't watch it.  Didn't need to.  Knew Kentucky would win in convincing fashion.

Hard to believe that UGA gave Kentucky one of its toughest outs of the year.  Sure, there were the games against other SEC foes.  Sure, Kentucky barely outlasted a couple of teams(LSU and Missouri?), winning late or in overtime.  But neither of those teams were beating Kentucky by 9 points in the second half.

Besides, I don't care about the other teams.

Georgia should have won that game.  The game in Athens.  The game in which we were beating them soundly, and the Kentucky guys looked confused.

We needed a few things to go our way:

1.  Free throws.

Maddening to watch us go 9 of 18 in the most important game of the year.  50 percent!

2.  Balanced Scoring.

By and large, we had it.

3.  Good game by J.J. Frazier

Didn't get it.  He went 2 of 8 from the field, 1 of 5 from behind the arc.  He even missed his two free throw attempts.

4.  Great Game from Our Bigs

Was so proud to see Marcus Thornton, Nemi Djurisic and Yante Maten all shoot 50 percent or better from the floor.  Our three big men each outscored Dakari Johnson and Willie Cauley-Stein.  Nemi played out of his mind.

5.  Take away the Lob Pass

Mission accomplished.  Sure they must have had a couple, but I don't remember any.

6.  Great Coaching by Fox

We had it.  Great game plan.  We bodied their big men and made them shoot over the top.  Slowed the game down.  Made them defend our big men off the dribble.

7.  Win the Turnover Margin

They only had 3 turnovers the entire game.  We had 11.

8.  Get some Home Cooking

Think the refs hurt us more than helped us.

9.  Out-Shoot them from Deep

We went 3 of 17.  They shot 4 of 15.

10.  Be Tough on the Glass

We actually out-rebounded them, 41 to 38.

On the whole, we did what we needed to do.  

Their big man, Towns, was 8 of 12 from the floor.  He was hooking our defensive player with his elbow and shooting the jump hook.  I was practically screaming at the t.v. for Fox to call a double-down to make Towns go to his left.  Every time he bounced the ball, I would have had one of our guards running at him full speed.

In the end, we lost by 8.  We were right there, though.  If we had hit two more three-pointers, just 5 for 17, and shot 70 percent from the line, we would have won.

Woulda, coulda.  I know.  Frustrating.  They'll probably go 40 and 0 and win the whole thing, but we had them.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Georgia is Close

The high water mark for Fox basketball was when he had the athletes.  Doesn't get much better than this.

Fox could put on the floor a point guard who would protect the ball and shoot clutch free throws (Dustin Ware), a shooting guard who defended well and was reliable from deep (Ricky McPhee), a bulky guy with a big butt in the low post (Jeremy Price), a tall athlete at the high post (Trey Thompkins), and a sky-walking small forward (Travis Leslie).

UGA gobbled up rebounds with Thompkins, Price, and Leslie, and we could employ the match-up zone effectively with a long athletic guy at the top of the zone.

The problem is that all the athletes were Felton recruits.  When they left, the cupboard wasn't exactly bare, but it definitely was not well stocked.

Dawg fans have been waiting for the glory days to come back.  Meanwhile, we won the best we could.  Lost games we should have won.  Endured ugly basketball.

Well, guys.  I think Georgia is close.  Given the 2015 signing class and the 2016 commitments, we may be able to mix and match pieces and deploy some guys who will bring the excitement back.

Next year Fox can put on the floor two point guards who will give us some of the contributions that Dustin Ware made.

Charles Mann will be a senior.  With better athletes around him and reduced minutes, he won't have to force the action.  This will cut down on his turnovers and boost his assists.  Mann is a career 69 percent free throw shooter.  If he can improve those numbers to hit 75 to 80 percent, Georgia will close out some games with victories that we previously would have lost.

J.J. Frazier won't have to start, though he might.  He'll man the point whenever Chuck doesn't.  He is a clutch free throw shooter already, averaging 83 percent from the line.  He shoots it well (40 percent) from behind the arc.  He even gets more rebounds, four per game, than you would think.  Don't know how much his wrist injury impacted his shooting late in the season, but if he heals in the off-season and gives us any part of what he delivered against Mississippi State, look out.

At shooting guard will be Kenny Gaines.  Between being sick and the shoulder injury and the ankle injury (did I miss one?), it was amazing that we got as much this year out of Gaines as we did.  A healthy senior class Kenny Gaines will continue to defend well and will find that the shots and drives to the basket come easier for him.

Behind Gaines will likely be combo guard Turtle Jackson.  Jackson is perhaps not the shooter that McPhee was, but when he's on, Turtle can hit it from deep.  Even better, McPhee was primarily a catch and shoot guy, while Jackson can shoot it, take the ball to the rim and finish, or dish it to teammates.

Derek Ogbeide is a more athletic Jeremy Price.  Not as skilled offensively around the bucket, but he has all the tools.  Yante Maten is more skilled, but not as physical as Ogbeide.  Either way, Georgia has some pretty good options at low post.

As for the tall high post?  Yante Maten and E'Torrion Wilridge are our best bets there for now.  Wilridge is not as tall as Trey Thompkins and he doesn't have the range to step out and hit the three, but he will give Georgia good moments.  If Fox seals the deal with Mike Edwards, he would be the perfect candidate to fill the Thompkins role.

What UGA has been lacking is the Travis Leslie-type athlete.  They don't come around every day.  That's why we're close, rather than already there.  Can Yasir Rosemond bring in Jaylen Brown?  If so, then we're there.  If not, then 2015 will have to wait until 2016.  Jordan Harris is a skywalker and defender like Leslie, and a better shooter at the same point.

Georgia is close.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mike Edwards Visits

Jonas Hayes has a pretty good eye for talent.

Yante Maten is a guy that Coach Hayes targeted and successfully brought down to Georgia.  Maten showed this year that he is and will be a very good player for UGA.  He'll need to change his body during the off-season and gain more bounce off the floor, but look for him to make a big jump between his freshman and sophomore years.

Coach Hayes' target this year is Mike Edwards, another post prospect from Michigan.

As Blog readers know, I wasn't very high on Mike Edwards at first.  I didn't get it, and I posted as much.

Was I right and Jonas wrong?  Or was it the other way around?

After thinking about it, I'm glad that Hayes is the recruiter, and I'm the Blogger.  Looking at the videos with a more critical eye, I get it now.  I was thinking of Edwards' ceiling as being like Daniel Miller.  That would be sufficient enough to help the Dawgs.

But thinking about Edwards differently, he has enough pick and pop in his game to fill the role that Trey Thompkins did.  Tall high post, can shoot the 15 to 18-footer, and athletic enough to catch the  back door lob to the rim.

His ceiling isn't Daniel Miller,  It's Al Horford.

Mike Edwards is coming to visit this week.  Although he's an unranked guy, Edwards would be a good get for the Dawgs.  Here's wishing Coach Hayes, Fox and crew well.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Not Surprised by UVA Loss

to Michigan State.

I felt like if Georgia could get by Michigan State, we would beat UVA.

We had a pretty nice set-up to get to the Sweet Sixteen.  For us to win, however, somebody had to hit a few timely shots from outside.  Frazier, Nemi and Gaines weren't difference-makers from deep, so we watch from a distance as Michigan State celebrates.

Georgia would struggle in the tourney against teams with dominant post players.  But if we faced teams that sort of looked like us-- a collection of parts, a power forward playing center, short guards, and no superstar at the 3-position-- then Fox could slow the game down, get to the free throw line with Charles Mann and hopefully win ugly,

Almost worked.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Tony Parker Displays

what we've been missing.  

Marcus Thornton gave us a lot of good moments, but he would have been better at the 4 position than the 5.  Was frustrating to watch us miss so many shots in close against Michigan State.  A guy with a bigger base and stronger with the ball would have made all the difference in the game.  Can you imagine what Georgia would have been if Thornton and Parker were on the floor at the same time?

Tony Parker scored 28 points, grabbed 12 rebounds and led UCLA to the Sweet Sixteen.  I firmly believe that had Parker chosen UGA, we'd be going there instead of the Bruins.

Tookie Brown, Come on Down!

UGA might have a chance to successfully recruit Tookie Brown after all.

Some fans wondered why Fox did not go harder after Brown, since Brown is from Morgan County, just a short distance away from UGA's campus.  When Tookie committed to Mississippi State,  Dawgs hoops followers resigned themselves to hope that he would not be as effective at the college level as high school (over 3,000 points scored, including a recent 37-point outburst in a tournament game against #1 ranked Laney, and 25 points in the championship game against Jenkins).

Well, in perhaps a gift to UGA, Mississippi State has fired head basketball coach Rick Ray.

One of the school's commitments has already reacted by announcing that he is reopening his recruitment.  What does that mean for Tookie Brown?  We'll see over the next few days.

Bottom line:  We need to look very seriously at bringing in Tookie Brown, should he decommit.  The trend these days is that after a forced coaching change, the schools release their incoming recruits from their Letters of Intent, most of the time with no restrictions.  We did it when Harrick, and later, Felton, were fired.  It would be classy of Mississippi State to allow Tookie to sign with UGA, if he responded to the Ray firing by deciding to play closer to home.

That's basically how we got Marcus Thornton.  Clemson coach Oliver Purnell left, and we picked up Thornton on the rebound.  And where would UGA have been the last couple of years without Thornton?

Tookie Brown would be a fit for UGA.  Although it could be argued that he is an undersized point guard, and UGA already has one in J.J. Frazier, Frazier himself showed us against Mississippi State that if the player gets hot, whatever his size, feed him the ball.

We've seen how the Dawgs play when one of our guards is injured.  We just don't have a whole lot of options.  Bringing Tookie Brown in would allow Turtle Jackson to be more of a combo guard.  That would give Fox an effective five-guard rotation to work with, Charles Mann and Kenny Gaines as seniors, Frazier as a sophomore, and Brown and Jackson as freshmen.  We could even make the press a staple of our defense, rather than a last minute catch-up tool.

While we're at it, the player who announced his decommitment from MSU is none other than 4-star shooting guard D'Marcus Simonds from Gainesville, Ga.  Whatever Tookie Brown decides to do, let's be sure to let Simonds know that he is welcome as part of our 2016 class.  Either he or Jordan Harris could slide to the 3 position, giving UGA a fantastic recruiting haul next year, consisting of three long, athletic perimeter players, Simonds, Jordan Harris and Tyree Crump.

Tookie and Turtle sounds good to me.  If we can find a way to get Tookie and another big for the 2015 class, then let's do it.  If we don't have the room, then I guess we would have to go with signing a big since we're losing Thornton and Nemi.  In that case, be sure to get Simonds in the next class.

It's time to start making rapid steps up the basketball talent trajectory.  Fox, make it happen.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Down to 8 with 51 seconds

Great steal by Forte.  We need another steal or for them to miss a ton of free throws.

Is there hope?

Oh Well

We needed a stellar game from somebody and we didn't get it.  Still time on the clock, but season slipping away.

Refs gifted us with a call and Nemi missed both free throws.

Yikes. Had a chance

to take the lead.  Gaines misses two threes.  One by himself, and one where he was open enough to get a clean look.

At least we're back in this thing.  Let's draw some fouls and win it at the line late.

Down 13

We're just not playing well.  Don't know who to turn to at this point.

If we can't win, let's at least make it close.  I'm not giving up.  I just like seeing the Dawgs play good basketball, and right now, we aren't.

Missing Chippies,

turning the ball over.  Leaving their roll man wide open.  We're lucky to be within 10 points.

We need a hero.  Someone to hit a couple of outside shots.  Frazier, it's your time.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Georgia State Beat Baylor

That means we just have to win, now.

Color me Convinced on Mike Edwards

As per Anon's request, I took a second and a third look at Mike Edwards.  To put it short, I now agree with Anon.

Edwards has a high ceiling.  He moves well for a big guy, has the jump hook in his arsenal, catches the ball cleanly, and shoots it well from the elbow.  He has a little bit of the Nemi Djurisic driving ability, too.  The finish in the most recent video was impressive.

I think that Edwards has enough upside that with a good strength and conditioning program, he will adjust to SEC play.  I understand that Mike Edwards, Sr., played football for Michigan State, which makes it likely that his hoops-playing son will be able to put on 20 or 30 pounds of muscle.

UGA can be competitive with Derek Ogbeide and Yante Maten in the post.  But if one or both of those guys has an injury or gets in foul trouble, we look really thin at this point.  Glad that Coach Hayes and the Fox recruiting staff found an overlooked guy who can help.

Let's bring in Edwards.  If Brown wants to sign, too, all the better.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Georgia Could Go All the Way

About as favorable a bracket as we could have hoped for, and close enough to home.  

Virginia is good, but we match up with them better than Kentucky.  Have to get by MSU, of course, but I have a  good feeling.

Let's get healthy and lace 'em up!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Ugly Game

Wish we would have put up more of a fight against Arkansas.  UGA loses 60 to 49.

We needed something from Nemi and Yante.  I think they each hit a bucket, but that was it.  As a team we shot 32 percent from the field and around 55 percent from the line.  Just won't get it done.

Maybe it's best that we lost and didn't go up against Kentucky with a depleted squad.  With our offensive woes, UK would have whupped us by 60.

I am extremely happy, however, for

1)  Taylor Echols

Great game for him.  The highlight of his college playing career, no doubt.  National t.v., hits three threes and scores in double figures.

2)  Cameron Forte

Played a good game.  Didn't give us much in the second half, but he was all we had early in the first.  Finished 5 of 9 from the field and 3 of 5 from the line.

3)  Juwan Parker

Strongly disagree with the decision to send him back out there after his ankle injury.  He is done for the year.  No matter who we play.  No matter who else is injured.  Don't jeopardize a guy's future like that.

I am happy that he didn't injure the ankle again.

4)  UGA Squad

As bad as we played, I am happy that no one else was injured.

5)  UGA Squad

We played well enough this year to make the Big Dance.  21 and 11 is a good season.  Not what could have been, but I think we represented ourselves well.  Let's win at least one in the tourney.

Correction on Mike Edwards

Anon was kind enough to inform me that the "G" insignia (on the YouTube page I referenced) stands for John Glenn High School.  Not Georgia.

Appreciate the information.  I may go in and edit my original post, or leave it as is, so that when this current post is read, Blog readers will be able to follow the thread.

In any case, my mistake, and apologies to Edwards and his family.

Now, back to the original point.  Will Edwards be a UGA commit?  If he does, will he contribute?  Jury is still out, of course.

I would still rather have an in-state kid.  Unless a potential recruit is a can't miss, slam dunk recruit, or somehow otherwise clearly fits a need, it's smarter to develop the relationships with the AAU clubs and high school coaches right here in Georgia. And you certainly don't give Edwards the last scholarship while there is any chance that Jaylen Brown could commit.

With that plainly stated, following Anon's suggestion, I did take a second look.  Watched some other videos of Edwards.

Edwards reminds me of Daniel Miller.  Guy who played against smaller schools.  Good fundamentals.  Not a program changer, but a serviceable big man.

Maybe Fox and Jonas Hayes can bring out the potential in Edwards.  Maybe he grows another couple of inches.  Maybe Edwards and his potential have simply been overlooked by other D-1 programs.

If we sign him, I sure hope so.

Go Dawgs!


Friday, March 13, 2015

Mike Edwards?

I don't see it.

Nothing against Edwards, but why go up to Michigan for a guy when we can find a back-up center from somewhere in-state?  Georgia high school coaches have long memories.

From the looks of his (?) YouTube channel, it appears that Edwards considers himself a member of our 2015 signing class.  I guess we beat out Ball State and Northern Illinois for his services.  Of course if Edwards does end up at Georgia, I will support him and hope he turns into an absolute beast.

However, for now, the Edwards recruitment has me totally unconvinced.  Reminds me of other Fox recruiting efforts.  John Florveus.  John Cannon. Tim Dixon.  Good kids.  Guys who contributed, but weren't the high level athletes that UGA needs to challenge the elite teams.  Have my fingers crossed that Iduwe and Kessler will make a big leap next year.

This far along in the Mark Fox tenure I had hoped we were past getting a 2-star/project big man/role player late after the difference-maker goes elsewhere.

I liked the Yante Maten signing last year.  Derek Ogbeide will definitely help this year.  SMH on this one.

If Jaylen Brown turns us down, please get an in-state guy or save the ship until next year.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Wheeler Edges Pebblebrook in 6A Championship

Jaylen Brown sank two free throws to lead Wheeler to a one-point victory.  Final score:  59 to 58.

Brown finished with 22 points and 9 rebounds.  UGA signee Derek Ogbeide had 14 points, 22 boards, and 3 blocked shots.

I think Fox gets it done and Brown commits to the G.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Jordan Harris Explodes!

Fantastic game.  Harris led Seminole County yesterday to victory over Crawford County.  Final score:  76 to 71.  Seminole County wins the state Class AA championship.

Harris ended the game with 41 points, 11 rebounds, 6 steals, 4 assists and a block.  He went 15 for 23 from the field, 7 of 9 from the line, and 4 for 7 from behind the arc.

The guy can play.  Look forward to seeing him suit up in the Red and Black.

Proud of the Dawgs!

Great season.  20 wins.  Will make the NCAA Tourney.

Great game.  Beat a tough Auburn team at home.  Shot 90 percent from the free throw line.  If we made 90 percent against Kentucky, we would have beat them, if you count the second end of the one-and-ones that would have followed.  Would have won a number of the other games, too.

Great coaching.  Fox kept the team together despite all the energies.  Sure, we could have won a couple more, here and there, but on the whole, I say, good job, Coach Fox!

How about Charles Mann!  Hit 3 for 5 from the field and an amazing 9 for 9 from the free throw line.  That's what we've been hoping for from him.

Yante has come along nicely.  J.J. Frazier, Marcus Thornton and Nemi Djurisic made huge strides this year.  Kenny Paul Geno, Juwan Parker and J.J. Frazier have given incredible effort, considering their injuries.  Same for Kenny Gaines.

Let's make some noise this month!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Free Throws!


We didn't get the key call when the Dawgs were up and they clearly hacked Mann across the arms.    They went down and scored.

Marcus and Nemi were getting fouled going to the hole and the refs didn't call that either. Karl Anthony Towns used his elbows to create space and the refs let it go.  The foul-calling disparity was a key to the game,

But the larger issue was that UGA went 50 percent from the line!  A number of those misses were one-and-ones toward the end of the game when we could have pulled close and tied the game.

Proud of the team in any case.  Coach Fox coached a great game.  We needed big games from Mann and Gaines, and we didn't get it.  We shot 3 for 17 from behind the arc.  That won't cut it against Kentucky.

The team fought hard, so perhaps it will all come together in the tourney.

Disappointed, but UGA played a whale of a game.

Yante and Nemi Playing Huge

Great to see.  Our big men have 28 of our 32 points at the half.  Owning their bigs.  Willie Cauley-Stein, 2 points.  Karl Anthony Towns, 2 points.  Trey Lyles, 2 points.

Meanwhile, Nemi has 14 points on 5 of 7 shooting, Yante has 6 on 2 of 3 from the floor, and Marcus has 8 on 3 of 6 shooting.  Wish our guards would get hot!  Please, no more careless passes and dumb fouls!

UGA, you gotta win this game.

Hunker Down One More Time!

Okay, Kenny Gaines Time

UGA will pack it in to the post tonight and force UK to shoot over the top.  They will be fairly efficient.

The key, then, is whether UGA can do something on offense.  I've been waiting for Gaines to play up to his potential.  Tonight will be his night.  He gets started early with a three-pointer, then continues to fill it up.

Georgia hits free throws late.  Dawgs edge Cats.

Just what the Doctor Ordered

Derek Ogbeide had five dunks and 17 rebounds in the Class AAAAAA semi-final game against Shiloh.  Pebblebrook won the contest by 10.  Final score: 57 to 47.


Meanwhile, Jaylen Brown and Wheeler High defeated Tucker.  Brown finished with 29 points.  Great player, great attitude.

Wheeler and Pebblebrook will meet in the 6A championship game on Saturday.

Hated to see Athens Christian come up just short, 57 to 56, against Greenforest in the Class A private school semi-finals.  Turtle Jackson ended his high school career with 15 points in the contest.

Ogbeide is just what the doctor ordered for a UGA team graduating senior post players, Nemi Djurisic and Marcus Thornton.  Don't know how Derek will do against SEC talent, but he'll surely get the chance to play right away.

Provided that Turtle Jackson's knees hold up, he'll give UGA valuable minutes at the point. Seems like such a long-shot, but if Coach Rosemond can seal the deal with Jaylen Brown, discharge the patient, UGA basketball is healthy and ready to make some noise.

Posting After Wins

Received a comment from Anon that I should post more after wins.

Fair enough.

I didn't post after the Missouri game because 1) I didn't get to watch the game, (I looked for the replay on, but couldn't find it ) and 2) Busy schedule.  Same reasons for Ole Miss.  If the games are on ESPN3, I generally try to watch and add comments.

In any case, I'm glad that Anon follows UGA basketball and this Blog.  That makes two of us!

I'll do better as the season enters tourney time.  And I promise to have lots to say if UGA beats Kentucky.  Tall order, I know, but you gotta believe!


Thursday, February 19, 2015

What about Lamont West?

I say that if Jaylen Brown signs elsewhere, we give the last scholarship to Lamont West.

West is an athletic 6' 8" power forward for 26 and 3 Miller Grove.  He has put up impressive numbers this season, with 25 and 14 the other night, and 19 and 12 in the previous game.

According to Max Preps, West averages 17 ppg, shoots 66 percent from the floor and 71 percent from the line.  West was recently named 1st Team All-Region, 6AAAAA.

Although Lamont is listed at just 205 pounds now, he has the frame to add 20 or 30 more once he hits campus and starts lifting weights.  Since he's a natural post player and not a stretch 4 like Kessler, West would give us another big man in the trenches to alternate with Ogbeide and Maten.

We did alright with our last under-recruited Miller Grove big man, Donte Williams.  If his grades are up to snuff, let's get on West now.


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bikini Shots

Not to fear, folks.

Bunch of fans all upset, talking 'bout losing to Auburn and South Carolina.  Yeah, Bruce Pearl photo-bombed our bikini shots. At 16 and 9 with back to back losses to the cellar-dwellers of the SEC, we got blobs of cellulite where our toned thighs used to be.

But as Tina Turner say, What RPI got to do wid it?

Forget Selection Sunday and the beauty pageant judges!

A noted scholar said--  well, actually it's my cousin's barber, Tori, but he finished top of his class at CEI Hair School--  Anyway, he said that after seven years, cycles repeat.  And if we know our history, we are bound to repeat it.

It's been seven years.

Don't you see?  All we need to do is get all our injured players back, and, err, have a tornado sweep through town.  Win the SEC Tournament and we're like an ugly girl on a deserted island.  Pretty enough.