Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sundiata Gaines Better than Jeremy Lin?

Well, in the fourth quarter, you'd have to say, yes.

Gaines does it all for the Nets in the final frame. He shoots a high percentage, steals the ball from opposing teams, passes it to his teammates for buckets, and even scores well from behind the arc.

Surprising Stats

Friday, February 17, 2012

Could Georgia Land Tony Parker?

You have to figure it's a long shot. But then again, Tony Parker could be the man at UGA. He could play alongside his high school teammate Brandon Morris, and Parker's family could see him play every home game.

Georgia was not mentioned in one of his recent pronouncements, but that's not the end of the story.

We missed out, obviously, by not getting Shaq Goodwin. If Destinie Gibbs is as good as Parker says she is, Andy Landers missed, too.

It would be a fantastic move for Coach Fox to sell Tony Parker on the triangle offense, explain how Parker would be used, and for both guys to hit it off in a big way. We'll see what happens in the next few weeks.

Willie Anderson Honored

Willie Anderson was named as one of the Allstate SEC Basketball Legends class of 2012. As part of the Basketball Legends process, the SEC names one player from each team and highlights their contributions during the SEC basketball tournament, which this year will be played March 8 to 11 in New Orleans.

The SEC press release gives a short paragraph on each legend.

GEORGIA – Willie Anderson, Guard, 1985-88

Willie Anderson arrived at Georgia in 1984 as a skinny, 6-foot-7 kid with no true position to play. Head coach Hugh Durham eventually tried him at point guard, where he blossomed into every opponent’s worst nightmare. Twice Anderson made the All-SEC first team (1987 and 1988) leading the 1987 team to an improbable NCAA Tournament berth. Despite hardly playing as a freshman, he finished his career with 1,350 points, which currently ranks 16th on Georgia’s list of all-time scorers. Anderson brought the international spotlight to Georgia when he made the 1988 U.S. Olympic basketball team. He later went on to score nearly 7,000 points during an NBA career that spanned 11 seasons.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oh well

I stand corrected. We're not good enough to beat the last place team in the SEC.

Sure enough, USC came out with their trapping defense and we started to turn the ball over right at the very end. KCP had a good look at a three to win the game, but he missed.

We won two games, defeating Arkansas and Mississippi State, and a few posters even thought we might get to the NCAA's because we were on a roll. We won't and we weren't.

We're just not very good. I hope we can win some more games, but we've got a lot of work to do. Disappointing.

Dawgs to Face Gamecocks, KCP to Return

South Carolina is weak where the Dawgs are weak. They don't have much scoring and from what I remember, don't have skilled post players. That gives the Dawgs a chance to pick up a road win.


Glad to see that KCP will be around for at least another year.

We ought to be able to beat the last place team in the SEC, so I'm picking Georgia on this one.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Leslie and Thompkins Discuss Life in the NBA

Good article from Seth Emerson.


Leslie and Thompkins have done well for themselves financially and are supporting each other. Both are committed to watching their money, not going crazy with spending their salaries, which is a very positive sign.

Glad they got a chance to make it to the pro's and that they didn't get injured while playing for the Dawgs. Would have liked to see what Georgia would have done with those two guys, but you go to battle with the players you have.

Hopefully, Georgia can get the ship righted. The South Carolina game will be tough. The Gamecocks may not have won too many games, but Darrin Horn is a good coach and he'll have his guys ready to trap all around the floor. We'll have to limit turnovers and win the rebounding battle to emerge with the W.

J.J. Frazier

Well, I have to admit I was a bit disheartened to learn that Georgia's first early commitment in forever for the sport of basketball was a short point guard from a lower level division. I was hoping that we'd get a Tony Parker-type big man who could signal a new day coming for UGA recruitment.

But after looking at some of the footage from J.J. Frazier, I feel a bit better. Frazier is a quick guy who can advance the ball using either hand, shoot the three and take it to the hoop.


Every team in the SEC needs a press-breaker. Maybe the Frazier commitment is a signal of a different kind, that UGA will push the ball at every opportunity. Perhaps we'll be a pressing team and have lots of highlights with Morris, Mann, KCP and Gaines. That in itself will lead to better recruitment.

I'm still not excited, but I am not down on J.J. Frazier. He could grow a few more inches and really be a fantastic player for Georgia.

Athlon Sports Ranks UGA's Football Recruiting

at #9 in the country. Congrats to Coach Richt and the entire staff and team.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jeremy Lin

I've heard it said that Jeremy Lin is the "Taiwanese Tim Tebow." I had to chuckle. It was only later that I saw the Yahoo article below.

I was impressed to read Lin's New Year's resolution-- to love God more on December 31, 2012 than he did on January 1. Did I even make a resolution this year?

Jeremy Lin

At any rate, I'm proud of Lin. Guy is a baller. Plays hard, plays smart, and is taking the league by storm. He is the first American-born player of Chinese descent, a humble guy and someone who is not overly taken with his own success. It's a great story for the NBA that needed something magical to happen in this lockout-shortened season.

The article below chronicles how Lin was overlooked in college recruiting. He's been a big-time underdog, not super-athletic, but just a solid player who can put up points and set up his teammates. Great.


We'll see if he can avoid injury and continue to lead New York as he adjusts to working with Stoudemire and Anthony.

I'm pulling for him.

Drazen Zlovaric Gets Career High

Scored 22 in a losing effort. He looks like he has put on some weight, which probably helps him in the post. I remember being surprised at the good game he had against Kentucky.

UTC isn't very good, but Drazen has upped his game.

Recap and Pic

Missed the Mississippi State Game

Family matters.

My priorities are in the right place, but I'm still frustrated, since it was the best win of the year. Tried to watch the replay on ESPN3, and for some reason when I clicked on the Georgia game, it was showing the South Carolina game instead.

If anyone wants to send in a comment or a recap, please do so.