Friday, December 7, 2012

Wonder if we'll ever see a post move

like this one from our bigs?


Guess that's why I wanted Fox to recruit this guy.

Baby JP

So disappointing to hear him say that "I felt the love at Maryland so that's where I went."  I guess we didn't try to show him the love in Athens.  Did we even bring him to campus?

Leslie Tearing Up the D-League

I think it's great that Travis Leslie is doing so well in the D-League.  As readers of the Blog may remember, although he was cut by the Clippers, Travis became the 13th player picked in the D-League draft, getting a spot with the Santa Cruz Warriors. 

Although Leslie started off the year with an injury, he bounced back quickly.  Right now, Travis is averaging a double-double, with 16 points and 10 rebounds, shooting 48 percent from the floor, right at 34 percent from behind the arc, and 83 percent from the line. 

I suppose he could get on an international league roster, but I think Travis is going to get another opportunity with an NBA team, perhaps before the year is out.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dawgs Lose to Tech

We're 2 for 6.  We lose to Tech.  We scored in the low fifties yet again.  By every measure, this season is spiraling out of control. 

The most frustrating thing to me is that Coach Fox seems clueless on how to fix it.  He has some help on the bench, but he won't use his roster effectively.

He insists on starting three power forwards.  Do not start Nemi, Thornton and Donte Williams.  They're not quick enough to cover shooters, and not talented enough to give us a scoring punch early in the game.  Decide on one of them and sit the other two. 

Putting Donte Williams at center is the most obvious answer.  Meanwhile, slide KCP to the three again and start Kenny Gaines at the two.  Since neither Vincent Williams nor Charles Mann played that well, then go with size and start Mann.  More minutes for Morris!  Please!  The guy fills the stat sheet with 9 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists and a steal in 19 minutes. 

To give him more time on the floor, move Morris to the four position.  He played it in high school.  See if it works for a game or two.  It's not like we're on a roll and in danger of breaking our winning streak.

I don't call players out on the Blog.  But anyone can see that the guys who are 0 for 7 and 1 for 8 need to sit, and the guys that are 2 for 2 need to play.

We can win this

The three-ball will stop falling for them as their legs get tired. 

We need to keep attacking the rim and shoot more free throws.  Gaines and Morris are playing well.  Put them back in, Coach!

Thornton just hit a shot to reduce their lead to eight.  Ten minutes left to go.  Still plenty of time for us to tie the score and win by double digits if we hit our free throws.

We have to get some stops, though.

Not getting the rebounds.  Not closing out on their three-point shooters.  Five minutes left.  Let's fight like crazy and see if we can get back into this thing.

Okay.  Three and a half to go.  We're down 12, I think.  We'll need to get to the foul line to stop the clock and hit a couple of clutch threes.

If we lose, I think Coach has seen enough.  Brandon Morris needs a lot more time.  He is a more natural wing player than Nemi.  Let him play.  Get Gaines back in there.  He's two for two, but can't get into the game.

We call our last time-out and get a turnover for violating the shot clock.  Frustrating.

They get a lay-up.  No minutes for Gaines. 

R&B on the Tech Game

We'd better bring our "A" game. 

More minutes for Mann, Morris and Gaines, please.

Consistency Needed

Monday, December 3, 2012

Don't Know How We're Going to Do It,

but we just Have to beat Tech.

On paper, Tech should win.  They have home court advantage, a better overall record (they're 4 and 2, and we're 2 and 5), and probably better talent to boot.

The one thing that we have that could lead us to a victory is our pride.  Our football team beat them two weeks ago, our Lady Dawgs beat them the other night, and now the men's basketball team has to do its part.  A loss to Tech in hoops would be unthinkable.

At 2 and 5, we had better get the season turned around.  We're desperate and we need to play like it. 

Let's jump on them early and get the victory.

Go Dawgs.