Saturday, September 26, 2009

Blair Walsh Looking Good

Perfect on field goals. Think it's 7 for 7. Hasn't missed at all on PAT's. And they have even let him loose on kick-offs, allowing him to boot the ball into the endzone.

Ties the game on a short field goal tonight, and then makes the game-winner.

Not to jinx him, but keep it going!

What do the Braves Have to Do

to make the playoffs again?

I had just about counted them out, and then they started winning. Philadelphia and the Colorado Rockies lost today.

Would be cool for the Braves to make it, the Falcons continue winning, and the Dawgs to keep things interesting in the SEC.

Let me know if any of you can explain what needs to happen for the Braves to get a wild card spot or catch the Phillies.

Ugly Game

But I'll take it.

Georgia was very lucky to win that game. Rainy weather. Sloppy play.

Georgia had two critical interceptions, including a pick 6. Joe Cox was not on his game. He made a couple of throws when he had to, but after last week, I was expecting a much better performance.

Caleb King fumbled deep in our own territory. Don't know who else we have at tailback who knows the plays and will hang onto the ball.

By and large, the running game looked very lethargic. Anyone know why our offensive line isn't moving people off the ball? We got stuffed on some short yardage situations that our O-line should win.

Can't blame the Dawgs' poor performance on Martinez. The defense was given poor field position yet again, and the Dawgs manned up. Martinez was helped by the rainy weather, since Arizona State dropped some passes. Seems like Justin Houston is getting back in game shape.

If we're going to blitz, we'd better get somewhere with it. Seems like we're telegraphing too much. There's something to be said for getting in the quarterback's head by showing blitz, but you want to confuse the offense, too. Show blitz and back off. Surprise the qb by bringing someone off the corner.

A.J. Green saves us. Blocked kick, clutch catches. Touchdown reception. Should have been credited for two t.d.'s.

This is the kind of game that good teams have to get through. Play poorly, overcome the elements, and somehow find a way to win.

Hope Tebow is alright.

As much as I want to beat Florida, you don't want to see a young quarterback get hurt like that.

Want to beat them this year with Tebow.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kenny Anderson Doing Better


Charles Grant Not Home-Free Just Yet

The NFL is still pursuing its options, not giving up in its fight to suspend players for violating the prohibited substances rules.

According to the attached article, Grant will likely be able to play the entire season before the federal appeals process is finalized.

Omar Bolden Wants Revenge

Look out, A.J.! Bolden wants to shut you down this Saturday.


Arizona State Preview

Nothing new in this article, other than the fact that it gives the perspective of the opposing team in preparing for Saturday night's game.

I may have missed it if it was posted elsewhere, but was Rennie Curran quoted correctly at the end of the article?


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jermaine Phillips is Out for the Season

Phillips, who has suffered a littany of injuries over the years, has been placed on the injured reserve list by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Hate to say it, but unless Phillips can rehab and come back in great physical shape, this may be the end of his NFL career.

Touched by a Farmer

Something about the song at the end of the video really touched me. How is it that a man, Luther Walker, who had to sharecrop for many years, seems to have a simpler and deeper faith than I do?

Hard to explain, but I had to ask myself, what will my outlook be on my 100th birthday? Is my faith strong enough to last that long? Will I trust God to lead me on for however long he gives me?

Sunny Siler

Garret Siler has a real shot at making the Atlanta Hawks roster.

He's a legit 7 footer, and he's big enough to do some damage in the low post. The Hawks need someone in the rotation to spell Zaza Pachulia and Al Horford.

Siler credits his smile for helping get him the offer to attend camp.

Sleeper Hold

Tell me it's not true. Herschel Walker deciding that he wants to fight MMA, and has signed a contract to do so.

The news would be boring, even sleep-inducing, if it weren't so dumb. He may be talented and have his black belt and all. But why would a man who in his own words has multiple personality disorders, go into the ring to take additional shots to the head?

And why would Herschel be interested at the age of 47 in proving he can fight just as well as a 20-year old? What does he need to prove and why does he feel the need to sign a contract to do so?

Let it go, dude.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Did We Red-Shirt the Wrong Guy?

I wondered more than once over the last few years whether Mark Richt made the right decision. Richt said in essence that he had made a mistake by red-shirting Knowshon Moreno.

The bigger question is whether Mark Richt made a similar mistake in red-shirting Joe Cox, and making him the second-string qb instead of Matthew Stafford.

When Cox came in to save Georgia's bacon against Colorado, I remember thinking what a great touch he had throwing the pass over the middle. No doubt, Stafford gave us some great moments, but in retrospect, Cox might be the more talented quarterback.

I know it's early yet, and Cox has had just two really good games, but I'm curious about everyone else's opinion. What do you think?

Not sure Stafford's ego could have taken being second-string, but that's another question.