Saturday, April 17, 2010

Meyer on Thornton

Jerry Meyer believes that although Florida would like to get Marcus Thornton, the former Clemson signee will end up at Georgia, Tech, or Kentucky.

If Meyer is right, once again, we're in the top three for a big recruit. Can we close the deal? Let's hope that Thornton and Coach Fox were able to connect and bond yesterday.

Other interesting news in the article on Florida. Not sure what happened to Billy Donovan's recruiting mojo, but a couple of high-level guys have gotten away, and they need help at the guard position. Of course, Patric Young will be a force on the block, so maybe they'll be in okay shape after all.

Mike Rosario could help some team. Wonder if Georgia has taken a look at him.

Article on the Gators

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kregg Lumpkin and Jarius Wynn to Hoop it Up Tomorrow Night

They'll be joining with other players from the Packers to don sneaks instead of cleats.

If I were asked to bet, my money for this game would be with the Packers.

The high school guys will hardly know what hit'em. The NFL'ers will have mature bodies, they will be stronger and faster than their younger opponents, and a lot of football players can flat out shoot the rock. Things could get ugly.

Also could get ugly if one of the football players gets hurts. Kregg has to be sure that he doesn't suffer one of those Robert Edwards-type off-season injuries that will harm his career. I wonder how a few agents are feeling about tomorrow's game.

At any rate, here's hoping that everyone has a good time and stays safe.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Drazen Zlovaric to UTC

Drazen Zlovaric has decided to transfer to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. In doing so, he will once again be close to the family that served as his host when Zlovaric moved to the U.S. from Serbia.

Sounds like a good fit for Drazen. If he builds his confidence some more, he might put up some big numbers. The physical talent is there. He just seemed unsure with the basketball. After a couple of games in which he didn't shoot well, he either was instructed not to shoot, or he was too rattled to do so with any confidence. He will likely have to play out his issues, and in a different scheme, it might just happen for him. With the transfer, he'll have a year to adjust before he suits up officially.

Good Luck, Drazen!


Fox signs Donte Williams and Sherrard Brantley

The way I see this is that Donte Williams gives us a quality back-up, and Sherrard Brantley will be able to shoot from deep. This means that we have at least in theory replaced the contributions of the guys who are graduating, Albert Jackson and Ricky McPhee, and the two signees may ultimately give us much more.

Anything we get from Cady Lalanne would have to be seen as gravy, since Drazen Zlovaric didn't contribute much this year. Demario Mayfield looked good in spots, but he didn't play enough for us to get a true read on what he might have been able to do. Gerald Robinson, the transfer who is newly eligible for this fall, will likely start and play a lot of minutes.

Any way you look at it, if we get either Polee or Thornton, we will have made a huge step forward. The SEC East won't get any easier, so we have to recruit pretty darn well just to avoid the lower half of the division. Lalanne with the two recent signees represent a good start.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fox on Fox

How ironic would this be?

I posted the other day that Jeremy Jacob left Georgia just in time to miss the turmoil associated with the firing of Dennis Felton, and landed in Oregon-- just in time to catch the turmoil associated with the firing of Ernie Kent.

Now Fox Sports is recommending that Oregon hire Mark Fox. If Oregon could get Coach Fox, then he would be the person who replaced both Felton and Kent, as if Fox were following Jeremy Jacob from place to place.

Would Oregon look as far away as Georgia to find a suitable candidate? Probably so. Since Oregon does not have an athletic director, they might just be influenced by advice from an unknown columnist (I must have missed the name of the writer-- anyone know?). Besides, they are already conducting quite the thorough national search, considering names from Brad Stevens in Indiana to Billy Gillespie in Texas.

Could the Ducks make a compelling offer? You bet. They know that they are off the basketball-beaten path. It's also very late in the year to try to bring in a coach for the fall. Small money will not get the job done. Nike-related influence is in the mix, so it stands to reason that Oregon can afford to and will in fact bid high for the guy they want.

I would think that the Fox idea is the longest of shots, the most unlikely of scenarios-- but given that Oliver Purnell just bolted for DePaul, there is precedent for seemingly happy coaches to pick up stakes and move suddenly when big money and long-term deals are involved. Besides, Mark Fox is his own precedent. He made a sudden move and went clear across the country to accept a better gig when he came to Georgia almost exactly one year ago. Who's to say that he wouldn't do it again?

What say you?

Fox on Fox

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Feel Bad for Jeremy Jacob

I have no clue on what Oregon is going to do for its head-coaching vacancy. Will they end up with someone good?

All the turmoil can't be good for Jeremy Jacob. As fans likely remember, Jacob left Georgia and played in Florida for a year. He then went to Oregon and battled his way into the starting line-up. However, Oregon under-performed in an under-performing PAC-10.

Oregon then made the difficult decision to make a coaching change. In the meanwhile, Jacob is stuck. If he transfers again, he would need to sit out another year. That's not a real option.

Next year will be Jacob's junior year, I think. Is Oregon likely to get any recruits that can make a difference in their win-loss record for next year? I doubt it. The more likely scenario is that Oregon will struggle again as they adjust to a new coach.

Jacob always impressed me as a humble student athlete. Has some real potential, but he needs the right system to show it, since he's a somewhat under-sized power forward.

Will Oregon be the best place for him to end his career? Not likely, but he'll have to make the best of it.

Doyel of CBS Sports Unimpressed with UTEP Decision

UTEP has hired Tim Floyd to be its basketball coach. It matters to UGA fans because UTEP is Dwayne Polee's newest option for college. Not that Polee will go there, but after the decision to hire Floyd, Polee decided that UTEP would be in his top three, along with Georgia and UNLV.

I will say this, after reading the attached article, I started to wonder if UTEP knew what it was getting into when it hired Floyd. Further, if I were a big-time recruit, I would have to sit down and really think about what committing to Coach Floyd might mean.

Well, it sounds like Polee has a good head on his shoulders, and he can choose the place that's best for him. Doubt that Polee knows who Gregg Doyel is, and I further doubt that Polee would care greatly about Doyel's opinion, but it's just smart to know all the facts ahead of time. Doyel makes a pretty convincing argument that UTEP isn't the place to send basketball recruits right now.

Who gets UGA's Next 'Ship?

What say you?

Polee? Thornton? Langford? Steele?

Tell us who you think gets it and why you think so.