Friday, November 18, 2011

Chris Conley and Hard Work

Chris Conley has played his way from potential red-shirt to budding star. For a freshman, the guy has had a terrific year. If we get by Kentucky, we'll definitely need Conley and the other receivers to have a big game in the Georgia Dome.

Go Dawgs.


Tebow Gets It Done

Used to want the Dawgs to win against Florida so much...

Tebow always seemed to find a way to beat us. We won that one year, can't remember which, but Tebow and UF came back the next year to beat us. Hit pinpoint passes, ran through our defense.


Now the guy is thankfully in the NFL, and I am a big supporter. Love to see a guy play football, speak intelligently afterwards, give credit to his offensive line and even opposing defenders, and give Jesus the glory.

Part of the reason that I root for Tebow is that so many seem to be rooting against him. I listened to Chris Carter and some of the other analysts in the aftermath of the Detroit game. An opposing player for the Lions mocked Tebow's way of giving honor to God. I wanted the analysts to blast the player for his lack of class, but instead they seemed to figuratively pile on Tebow. And the truth is that Tebow's throws have been off at times, and his mechanics are not those of the prototypical NFL QB. But analysts and fans have to remember-- Tebow is for all practical purposes a rookie quarterback. Played a little bit last year, however, this is his first year knowing that he has the responsibility for making Denver go.

Guy had the deck stacked against him. Came in with his team in last place. Nobody expected much. The Broncos lost their key running backs, including Georgia's Knowshon Moreno. Big-time underdog. With all the injuries, the stark reality was that if Denver was going to win, Tebow would have to make it happen.

Fast-forward to last night. Tebow had to perform against a very solid defense. I checked Yahoo and saw that the score was 10 to 10. I searched and searched for the game, but I don't think it was on any channel I could get. I thought that Tebow might find a way to win it. Sure enough. Somehow he led his team to an amazing fourth quarter finish and last-minute victory.

What to expect for the future? Anybody's guess, really. He may get injured, or the team might go on a losing streak. In any case, I wouldn't bet against him. Seen him win too many times.

And frankly, I want him to keep on winning. His eligibility at Florida is up and I am on the bandwagon.

God's Love

Do you really understand how much God loves you?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

UGA-Auburn YouTube Video

I normally stick to hoops, but this was one fantastic job of recapping the recent UGA smack-down of Auburn in football.

Go Dawgs

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Demario Mayfield Gets Press

Think we'll regret not having Mayfield on the squad. Same thing for Daniel Miller. I understand that Coach Fox wanted to recruit his own guys, but Mayfield may turn out to be a pro-potential star athlete as a senior.


Monday, November 14, 2011

Dawgs Beat Bowling Green

We got outrebounded by a huge margin. A better team would have blown us out.

However, there were still a number of positives about the game. We won, and we are now 2 and 0 on the season. We shot well from the free throw line when we needed to.

Marcus Thornton needs some help on his shot. It's too much of a two-handed cast. I think he went 1 for 6 from the foul line. The key is that he was aggressive, and that will only help him get his conditioning and explosiveness back. May take until mid-season, or maybe even next year, but at some point he may be able to put up Trey Thompkins-like numbers.

Very pleased with John Florveus. He runs the floor well and has great hands for a big man. Put some weight on him and he might become the Dawgs' version of Vandy's Festus Ezeli.

Vincent Williams looks like he's more committed to pushing the ball. He has to be ready to help this year.

Caldwell-Pope looked pretty good, too. If he locks his elbow in tight and follows through correctly, he will be a fantastic shooter.

Let's win the CBE tournament and beat Tech. That will be a great start to the season.