Tuesday, July 24, 2012

John Florveus

I mentioned last week that John Florveus looked a good bit bigger in the practice session video. Coach Fox underscored that point yesterday when he commented in a Scout.com interview that Florveus has added 18 pounds.


I chuckled about the fact that Scout needs some editing help, but I'm really happy about having some positive news from the hoops squad. Fox has reason to be more optimistic this season than last, and a big part of it ties to the development of Florveus.

Florveus already has skills that a lot of other bigs don't. He has good hands and he can run the floor. The issue last season was that Florveus didn't have the strength and post moves to gain more minutes or get more than two shot attempts per game.

I missed the georgiadogs.com video on Florveus from back in March, so I'm posting the link to it in the blog. The video has clips from last season that show what Florveus can do, and it also details his commitment to work during the off-season.


If Florveus can keep lifting weights and maintain his athleticism, he'll be much more effective in the post. As it stands he can occasionally hit a jump-hook with either hand and catch the ball cleanly to finish at the rim. He also has decent form on his shot.

Fox was quoted by the Athens Banner Herald as saying that "Florveus has been the most dominant in the paint" during the five summer practices held to date. I hope the Italy trip gives Florveus a chance to showcase his improvement. Will he have the core strength to establish position and maintain it on the block? Will Florveus have the attitude to go after every rebound and protect the basket on defense? Will he run the floor so that he can get easy baskets? If so, his "no excuses" approach to training may make a big contribution to more UGA wins in the upcoming 2012/2013 season.

Sunday, July 22, 2012