Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dawgs Win! Finish Winthrop in OT

I'm not that excited about having to go to overtime to beat Winthrop, but I'll take it. Georgia can't afford a loss during this stretch of the season.

I wouldn't call Winthrop a "cupcake." They have some players. But they don't have the depth and physicality that Georgia will face during the SEC portion of the schedule. Wins now are critical.

Proud of Nemi. Great game. Seventeen points, nine boards. That's the kind of production we need from one of the bigs. Of course, I would like to see more scoring from in the paint, because we can't get it done relying on behind the arc shooting. But if Nemi is hot, let him shoot it and see what happens.

By the way, I'm not down on our post players. They are not ready for big production right now, but they can run the floor, and key to their future progress, they can catch the ball. A lot of big men never get to score because they can't make clean catches. By the time you fumble the ball, recover and get your feet set, it's too late.

So if Georgia's post players take their current skills and get physical enough to grab some rebounds and score off of put-backs, then that would be a huge contribution. Joakim Noah made it to the pro's doing just that, beating other players down the floor and getting easy baskets. John Cannon, Donte Williams and John Florveus should take a page from Noah, get in absolute top physical condition, and take advantage of the rotation that Fox will use now that Marcus Thornton is out with an injury.

By the time next year rolls around, Georgia could have a stable of big guys to insert into the game when needed.

As for the Winthrop contest, we got balanced scoring, clutch shots and escaped with a win. Let's build some momentum.

Dawgs Over Winthrop