Friday, August 14, 2009

Hardest Hitter?

For the SEC, it might be Rennie Curran.

Sporting News

My own opinion is that Curran is not necessarily the hardest hitter. He doesn't have a bunch of spine-rattling "kill shots" like some guys. But Curran does get a superlative from me in a baseball-related category: "Best Closer."

Curran simply gets upfield, avoids blocks and tackles the ball carrier better than anyone else I can think of.

What do you think? Who is Curran's main competition in the SEC for linebacker-related superlatives?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Let Me Upgrade Ya

Ben Watson is in a battle to keep his job with the New England Patriots.

Management has brought in a couple of players at Watson's position, and Ben is facing a challenge. His production has dropped off over the last couple of years. Now, the main reason for fewer catches is that the Patriots aren't throwing the ball his way. Nonetheless, it's plain to see that the team is thinking of some sort of change.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Zac Robinson is a Talent

Georgia better be ready.

Zac Robinson is an accurate passer and a guy who runs a spread offense. He weighs 220 pounds and has gained close to 1500 yards on the ground the last two seasons.

Given that OSU runs the option, and Georgia had terrible games last year against two teams that run the spread (Florida) and the option (Georgia Tech), the game on the road against OSU has to be the toughest opener Georgia has played in the last 20 years.


UConn might have the Inside Track on Lamb

Jeremy Lamb is a 6' 4" shooting guard going into his senior year at Norcross. As the attached article states, he has garnered a lot more attention recently, and over 30 schools, including Georgia, are pushing to get in the recruiting mix

UConn on Lamb

Mike Mercer Graduates

Congratulations to him for sticking with it down at USF.

As I wrote before, I doubt he will be able to keep playing basketball with the team, but it's a positive step for him, no matter what happens.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Tardits Opens Golf Clubhouse

Richard Tardits was born July 30, 1965, in Biarritz, France.

In 1984, Tardits came to Augusta, Georgia, to spend some time in high school with friends of the family. He thoroughly enjoyed the international experience, and made the decision to attend an American college, the University of Georgia.

Tardits was informed by his father that he would need a scholarship to remain abroad. Learning that if you played sports well enough, the University would pay for your tuition and room and board, Tardits donned his rugby shorts and knee-high socks and showed up at UGA football practice.

On his first time on the practice field, Coach Dooley lined Tardits up at tight end and told him to block. Tardits promptly tackled the nearest defender. "So we figured we better put him on defense pretty quick," said Dooley.

Dooley thought that the walk-on would never pick up the game of football. However, Tardits had played two years for the French junior rugby team, a sport that is like football, without the pads, and goes 80 minutes without huddles. He was athletic, was used to contact, and had a 4.5 in the 40-yard dash.

Coach Dooley knew he had something when after picking up just some of the rules of the game, Tardits began wreaking havoc as a defensive end for the scout team. It seemed that the first-team offensive tackles could not block him. Tardits seemed to always get to the quarterback, and his teammates began calling him, "Le Sack."

Opposing teams couldn't block Tardits either. Despite only starting one full season, Richard Tardits set a UGA record with 29 quarterback sacks, a mark that would last for 16 years.

Le Sack

Tardits was selected by the Phoenix Cardinals in the NFL draft, and played, mostly on special teams for the New England Patriots. Due to chronic ankle injuries, Tardits played just 3 years in the NFL. However, his athletic career would not be over. He tried out for the French bobsled team of the Winter Olympics, and in 1993, went back to rugby and excelled for the U.S. team.

Somewhere along the line, Tardits picked up the game of golf. When he left the U.S. and returned to France, he learned of the chance to own a golf course in the town of Pouzac. Tardits, who was an international business major and named Academic All-SEC in 1987 and 1988, recognized a great opportunity. He immediately jumped in.

Tardits recently opened up a new clubhouse for the course. His course will debut a hotel complex with 50 rooms, a swimming pool and tennis courts, and an area with 66 apartments in 2010.

Tardits is second from the left in the photo from La Depeche.


"I Got Shoes, You Got Shoes"

So goes a line of a spiritual that some choruses sing.

But for some children, the words would be more hope than reality. They go day after day with nothing on their feet.

A year ago, I posted information on one coach's efforts to address the situation. Well, according to ESPN, he hasn't stopped.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Papa and Bebe

Senegal and Brazil have some players.

Nike Global Challenge

Wonder if UGA can attract Papa, Bebe, or any other international player with size and talent?

Filled Out in Triplicate

I know I post primarily about basketball and football, and most of the time if the story has to do with recruiting, I'm writing on a guy with a great 40-yard dash or with a 40-inch vertical leap.

This time, however, I thought I'd add to the Blog the ABH story on Georgia's academic recruiting coup. UGA is bringing in three young scholars, who happen to be triplets, all of whom want to major in Pharmacy.

Future Pharmacists