Friday, March 13, 2015

Mike Edwards?

I don't see it.

Nothing against Edwards, but why go up to Michigan for a guy when we can find a back-up center from somewhere in-state?  Georgia high school coaches have long memories.

From the looks of his (?) YouTube channel, it appears that Edwards considers himself a member of our 2015 signing class.  I guess we beat out Ball State and Northern Illinois for his services.  Of course if Edwards does end up at Georgia, I will support him and hope he turns into an absolute beast.

However, for now, the Edwards recruitment has me totally unconvinced.  Reminds me of other Fox recruiting efforts.  John Florveus.  John Cannon. Tim Dixon.  Good kids.  Guys who contributed, but weren't the high level athletes that UGA needs to challenge the elite teams.  Have my fingers crossed that Iduwe and Kessler will make a big leap next year.

This far along in the Mark Fox tenure I had hoped we were past getting a 2-star/project big man/role player late after the difference-maker goes elsewhere.

I liked the Yante Maten signing last year.  Derek Ogbeide will definitely help this year.  SMH on this one.

If Jaylen Brown turns us down, please get an in-state guy or save the ship until next year.


Anonymous said...

Westland John Glenn High School, the G is for his high school. hopefully will be for uga in the coming weeks. this young man is far more skilled and athletic, than any of the fine young men you mentioned. uga basketball would be fortunate to have him come to athens. good things ahead for all dawg basketball followers.

Anonymous said...

the G is for Westland John Glenn High School. hopefully, it will be for uga in the coming weeks. this young man is far more skilled and athletic, than the gentlemen you mentioned. have enjoyed your blog, for years. take a second and third look at this kid. high ceiling. kind regards