Thursday, March 26, 2009

Demario Mayfield, Player of the Year

Congratulations to Demario Mayfield, for being named AAA Player of the Year, by the Georgia Sports Writers Association.

He made the first team, All-State, for the same classification, joining superstar, Derrick Favors.

The team will need lots of help next year. With the loss of Troy Brewer and Zac Swansey, and the possibility that Ebuka Anyaorah and his surgically repaired leg will need some time to round into playing shape, Mayfield will have the chance to show the new coach that he deserves to be on the floor for the UGA 2009/2010 squad.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Poll Results: Anthony Grant will be UGA's Coach

Based on the opinions of the readers of our Blog, I'm calling the UGA coaching search for Anthony Grant. A full 83 percent of our responders believe Grant is the guy.

When the poll began, VCU was still playing in the Tournament, and Grant was just an unofficial candidate. However, as soon as VCU lost, reports came out that Grant was the front runner for the job at University of Alabama.

The Tide's decisiveness may have created a fire underneath our athletic department. Rumors over the last day or so suggest that our head coaching position was offered to Coach Grant.

I seriously doubt that any of the readers of this Blog are part of the athletic department. We had no early inside information. But we may have some accurate guessers. We'll see.

If Grant does get the top job, he brings a lot to the table. He understands the SEC, having been an assistant coach at Florida. He reportedly was the main recruiter at UF and the principal architect of the roster for UF's championship teams of a few years back.

And although he coaches at a smaller school, he has had his share of success. His teams at Virginia Commonwealth have been in the NCAA Tournament, beating Duke one year, and coming up just 1 point short of beating UCLA this past season.

Maybe he'll be a younger version of Tubby Smith. If he signs with Georgia, let's make the buyout provisions very steep, and if he is successful, let's hold onto him against aggressive suitors.

South Beats North in GACA All-Star Game

UGA signee, Demario Mayfield scored 12 points and hit 3 three-pointers.

The most intriguing part of the article is the reference to another UGA signee. From what I understood, all recruitment stopped when Dennis Felton was let go.

If not, who signed him?

My bet is that the article is wrong. Who knows? Georgia may have been very interested in Brundidge, but since there is no head coach to give out the scholarship, and it is outside of the signing period, the reports that Brundidge is a signee, is unlikely to be true. Fans will have to wait before knowing anything more about Georgia's freshman class of 2009.