Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Complete Game

Enough of a handle that he might be able to help advance the ball against the press. I particularly liked the assists. Has the good hands you want players to have so that they can catch and finish. And perfect from the free throw line, to boot.


Matthew Humphrey to Transfer

Former Georgia recruit Matthew Humphrey has announced that he will transfer from Oregon. Fans may remember that Matthew Humphrey once considered joining his cousin Billy Humphrey at UGA.

At any rate, now that Dana Altman has replaced the fired Ernie Kent, a number of the Oregon Ducks players are looking to go elsewhere.

The problem is that there isn't that much playing time out there. Guys think that they need to get more visibility, but there are only so many minutes available at any school. Exceptions exist at smaller schools and teams that are in rebuilding modes. The fact remains, however, that players who transfer from place to place without focusing on getting their degree find out that what they thought was gold at the end of the rainbow was actually the McDonald's golden arches.

Hope that Humphrey will find the right place at which to compete and complete his education.

Marcus Thornton Video

Impressive slam that was posted last year on YouTube.

Serious Hops.

Woo-Hoo! Marcus Thornton to Dawgs!

Fantastic news!

As I posted previously, put Leslie, Thompkins, Robinson and Thornton on the floor together, and UGA will be able to offer a really fun brand of basketball.

Thornton's decision for Georgia is huge for our future recruiting prospects. He is a home-town kid, and when he plays well, all the big-time recruits in Georgia will know. We may be able to bring in kids like Dai-Jon Parker and Julian Royal for 2011.

Great get for the Dawgs, and I can't wait to see him suit up.

Thornton to Georgia

That's my take on it. It's a prediction, not a promise.

I've stayed away from writing in the Blog for a good bit. Main reason? Work schedule. But there was also the matter of recruiting. I wanted to post something more on recruiting, but I was so discouraged that I felt I might harm the process.

So now that Thornton has already made up his mind, I feel like I'm free to post whatever I want. But wonder of wonders, my opinion has changed. Where as I was pretty sure two weeks ago that we were going to miss out on Polee and Thornton, now my Spidey senses are telling me that Thornton will commit to UGA.

That means that I can keep my more critical post to myself.

If UGA can in fact suit up Leslie, Thompkins, Gerald Robinson, Thornton and Price, we will have a powerful enough line-up to compete head to head with the powers in the SEC East-- especially when the second unit can be selected from players like Dustin Ware, Chris Barnes, Donte Williams, and Ebuka Anyaorah. Fox will have a strong enough bench to be able to insert players into the line-up based on favorable match-ups.

I have made my prediction, and it is the only result that could possibly make sense. Recruits want to play now-- not maybe, possibly, dependent upon a successful appeal. Thornton won't commit to Georgia Tech or UNC. Alabama doesn't have any more tradition than UGA in basketball. They have a new coach, just like Georgia. No reason for Thornton to commit to an out-of-state school.

Texas has more recent success than Georgia, but they are farthest away. If the relatives want to be able to see young Marcus Thornton play, it looks like UGA is the only reasonable option.

I'm optimistic, and I'm calling Thornton to UGA.