Saturday, November 28, 2009

Kentucky Shouldn't get Too Confident

Most prognosticators have all but given the SEC basketball crown to Kentucky, anointing them as the winners without too much consideration of the rest of the SEC East.

While the SEC West is almost embarassingly bad, the SEC East is humming right along. Florida just beat #2-ranked Michigan State. Tennessee needs shooters, but they will be tough all year long. South Carolina has Devan Downey. Vanderbilt is healthy, and they have a lot of good shooters to surround Ogilvy.

In the meantime, Kentucky looks beatable. They have a lot of individual talent, but the question remains whether they will be able to defend at a high level. Will UK successfully blend their talents together to win the SEC this year?

What do you think?

Friday, November 27, 2009

Georgia wins by 3

I'll take it.

Final score: 67 to 64.

We're 3 and 2 on the season. The SEC East is always tough, so we'll need to win as many of the non-conference games as we can.

We'll work some of the kinks out. Can Dustin Ware or Ebuka Anyaorah provide us with another outside shooter? The answer to that question is pretty much the key to the season.

Jacksonville State

We should win this game, but it shouldn't be so hard. It's 31 to 22. We need a few steals or something to discourage them.

Jacksonville up by 8 at the half

They're leading 29 to 21.

I thought we were going to be stuck at 18 for the first half. Ricky McPhee hit a 3-pointer to push us to 21.

Shouldn't we be scoring more against Jacksonville State? I don't understand why our offense is so ineffective. I hope the guys learn the triangle offense soon.

Tech vs. Georgia

Can't see us winning this one. Probably end up 41 to 21, Tech's favor.

Would love to see our offensive line be man enough and push them up and down the field. Control the clock. Benefit from a couple of errant pitches and a few bad throws by Tech.

They just look better, though. Their offense has more looks. More options, if I dare use that word.

I can't stand losing to Tech. Come on, Dawgs. Find a way.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Lemon Aid

Sometimes life gives you a second chance, a third, and beyond. The break that we need often comes through a supportive individual that is willing to help, even taking professional risks to help us move ahead.

So it is and has been with Michael Lemon. He has found a real opportunity playing at North Carolina State.

I hope that Lemon and his little brother find the peace that they need to make the most of the physical abilities and support in their lives.


Heart of the Hayes

Inspiring story on Jarvis Hayes and his commitment to helping out in Atlanta.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Shannon Scott to Ohio State

Matta is one great recruiter. Not sure how he got on the radar screen of Shannon Scott, but he keeps on piling up elite recruits.

I'd like UGA to successfully recruit Shannon Scott's teammates, Julian Royal and Dai-Jon Parker. I don't think that Scott's decision to pull the trigger for Ohio State hurts our chances one way or the other.

Litterial Green Helps McPhee

Do we need to hire Green as a shooting coach?

Great contribution from one of UGA's big-time shooters.

Good recap, as well, of the Georgia-UNC Asheville game.

Green and McPhee

Kelvin Gaines to Cincy

I thought Georgia had a shot at signing Gaines, the 6' 10" center from Florida, but it wasn't to be.

One of these days, UGA's recruiting will take off. In the meantime, I hope we sign a decent small forward or big shooting guard.

Arkansas Loses to Morgan State

Can't imagine that the Razorback fans are too happy right now.

Morgan State is a good team, but the idea of Arkansas falling to one of these small schools is sure to be a hard pill to swallow for the Arkansas fan base.

Everytime I read something new about Arkansas basketball, it sounds like I am going through the archives of Coach Felton's tenure at Georgia. Coach Pelphrey is trying to instill discipline in his team, he has suspended some and dismissed some others.

By the time he properly calibrates his recruiting strategy, another coach will be brought in to run the team. Hope that's not true. But if the Felton example is any indication, Pelphrey will be gone by the end of next year.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

UGA and UNC-Asheville Game

Replay of the game is available via ESPN 360.

Litterial Green does a very credible job as a commentator. Congrats, Litterial!

Dawgs beat UNC-Asheville

Travis Leslie is a player. The guy is so athletic and crafty around the basket. If he ever gets his free-throw-line-extended game going, he will really be a force in the SEC.

Trey Thompkins looked great handling the ball. Free throws and 3-pointers looked incredibly smooth.

Albert Jackson had a few nice plays off of offensive rebounds.

Surprise of the game? Ricky McPhee. Had a career high night as a Bulldog. He can shoot the ball. He is not a tall 2-guard, so he will struggle having to defend the other team's best scorer. Likewise, if McPhee is guarded by a really good defender, it will be tough for him to get going.

Even still, McPhee doesn't need much time or space to get his 3-point shots up and toward the basket. It was good to see his confidence restored.

My overall impression is that I like what Fox is doing. Against UNC-Asheville, you can really see the concepts being implemented. Some full-court pressure or 3-quarter court pressure. Players cutting to the basket.

Georgia will lose some games we shouldn't, and win some games that we shouldn't. We're 2 and 2. Hopefully the team will improve every game and we can start to build a winner.

Jarvis Hayes Video

Hayes is shown helping out the less fortunate in the attached video. His foundation continues to do good work in Atlanta, while he is playing for the New Jersey Nets.


Jeremy Jacob and Oregon Ducks Lose

Oregon lost to Montana, a team from the Big Sky Conference. Had to be a set-back for the Ducks.

Jeremy Jacob, formerly of UGA, was largely ineffective. He went 2 of 9 from the field. Jacob has been used recently as the center for Oregon, due to the fact that Michael Dunigan has been injured.

I'll keep following Oregon and report back on how Jacob, Georgia native Teondre Williams, Billy Humphrey's cousin Matthew Humphrey, and others are doing.

I Feel Like Bustin' Loose, Bustin' Loose

The article's title reminded me of the old "go-go" style song. Good to see Chris Barnes get some recognition from the ABH.

Barnes has a lot of ability, and he's working hard to turn his toughness and athleticism into solid contributions on the court. If he can hit his free throws and make some short jump-shots, he could be a double-double kind of guy.


Monday, November 23, 2009

Humphrey Named Student Athlete of the Week

for the University of New Orleans Privateers.

The guy can definitely shoot the basketball. He seems completely recovered from his knee injuries.


Note: This post follows up the one from last week, and should be of particular interest to Bernie.