Sunday, January 8, 2017

Isaiah Miller is a Bad Dude

Wasn't expecting Newton County to beat Zion Williamson's Spartanburg Day squad.   Of course, Zion doesn't have much help, and at the end of the day he got his (31 points and 14 boards), but Newton County still got the W.

Isaiah Miller led Newton with 24 points.  Hudl has some of the highlights of that game toward the end of the video below.

The video brings up a question:  Just one D-1 offer?  And Newton County is #1 in the state?  Hard to believe that everybody is just missing on this kid.  Has to be something else.  I'm sure some would say that Miller is undersized, but he sure doesn't play like it.  Besides, Miller has big feet.  Could grow another couple of inches.

Unfair to speculate further.  However, on a purely basketball basis, I'd rather have Miller than Derrick Walker.  Nothing against Walker, but UGA's backcourt is a more pressing need for next year.

Would take both in a heartbeat if Yante leaves, or if someone transfers.

Newton County is just an hour away.  Coach Hayes, if UNC-Greensboro is offering, why not UGA?

Very impressive.