Thursday, February 2, 2012

KCP Receives Media Attention

Columbus news says that he "lives up to the hype."

He has the size and the attitude to make an impact, that's for sure. We definitely need some more pieces, but it will be fun to watch KCP's development over the next year or so.


Help is on the way

Brandon Morris has a lot of Stacey Augmon in his game.

Don't think Morris is ready any time soon to be a lights-out shooter, but he'll help with his athleticism.


Any low posts scorers out there?

Set Your Feet!

The Dawgs need to work some more at shooting fundamentals.

I've said before that Brantley and Ware are missing shots because their feet aren't set. Way too wide at the base. If they put their feet closer together with their right foot forward and follow through they'll have more success. Just my two points worth.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dawgs Lose to Auburn

Final score: 59 to 51.

Awful display for the Dawgs. Scored 15 points in the first half. Been watching a lot of Georgia basketball over the years. Don't remember any game that bad.

We shot 22% from the field. KCP, 1 for 8; Marcus Thornton, 0 for 3; Nemi, 0 for 4; Vincent Williams, 0 for 3; Dustin Ware, 2 for 13 (all three-pointers). Total futility. No way to make the performance pretty.

Box Score

To play that pitifully after a bye week... To lose to Auburn. My one hope is that Donte Williams and John Florveus go into the weight room next year and emerge looking like Takais Brown.

We are in sole possession of last place. This year will get worse.

Kenny Gaines Goes Off

Had an explosive 37 points, 12 boards, 5 steals and 3 blocks against Southwest Atlanta Christian.


Gaines is as athletic a 2 guard as UGA has had in a while. Georgia should be better on the perimeter next year, with Charles Mann and Kenny Gaines playing at the 1 and 2 spots and KCP at the three.

The question is whether one of our posts will step up to complement Donte Williams. If Florveus or Cannon really improve their skill levels and add 20 pounds of muscle in the off-season, then Georgia might be okay. It would be nice to add Tony Parker or Charles Mitchell underneath, but if they are unavailable, then I think we should sign Tevin Glass, who reminds me a bit of Terrance Woodbury.

The goal here should be to get as deep and talented a roster as possible. Those guys we don't get, we miss out on. We have to live to fight another day. Georgia would go two-deep on the wing, with Glass and Brandon Morris, two-deep at shooting guard with KCP and Gaines, and then Vincent Williams and Charles Mann would handle the point.

Walter Hill Honored

Walter Hill, former recruit for UGA basketball and one-time player for Mark Richt's UGA football squad, has been named the NAIA National Division I Player of the Week.

Hill is averaging 20 points and 8 boards for the Shorter #1-ranked basketball team.


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Demario Mayfield gets Double-Double

Charlotte played Xavier a lot tougher than we did. Mayfield got 13 points and 10 boards. Xavier pulled out the win, though, on two late free throws.

Double-Double for Day-Day

Nique, Kentavious and Elevator Remember

their first dunk.

Great article and I wanted to be sure to link it for those who enjoy reading sports history.

Looking back on when I (first learned how to dunk a basketball!)

Note: Is KCP the best nick-name we can come up with?

Charles Mitchell Scores Big

Guy had 30 and 12 against Milton. Great production for Wheeler High's senior center.

Milton ended up winning the game, going on a scoring binge while Mitchell rested during the third quarter.

Hope we can get Mitchell. If not, then let's get the best player available. Isn't it Tevin Glass?

Wheeler vs. Milton