Sunday, November 1, 2015

Georgia Football is Georgia Basketball

Georgia basketball used to be totally outmatched in the big games.  Didn't have the athletes to compete.  We had a player here and there, but never filled out a squad with enough makers to win it all.

Sure, we came close a couple of years.  But by and large, just about everyone knew that Kentucky (and a for a few years, Florida) would win it all, and UGA would field a team and play valiantly, but a middle of the road finish was about as best as we could do.

Meanwhile, other teams came in and plucked the best recruits from our state.

Well, UGA football has become UGA basketball.

Fans know to expect Alabama to win it all.  And Georgia has a team with some talent, but not nearly enough to threaten the elite teams in the SEC.

We look like we don't belong out there.  In basketball, it was Billy Donovan who planned and figured out a way to beat us.  In football, it's every other offensive coordinator.

Awful to watch.

And Deshaun Watson, a talented qb from our own backyard, might win the whole thing calling the plays at Clemson.

All I can hope now is that UGA Basketball will become the old UGA Football.