Saturday, December 19, 2009

Wofford Beats South Carolina, SEC Teams Fall

Those guys at Wofford can play. They lost by 3 to Pittsburgh, and now they have beaten both Georgia and South Carolina.

If I'm a recruit in the Palmetto State, and I felt like I wasn't getting enough attention from the high majors, I'd definitely consider going to Wofford.

They're 0 and 2 in their own conference, but have bragging rights against the SEC. Amazing.

In the meantime, the Richmond Spiders beat the Florida Gators. It's not usual for Donovan's squads to be upset at home. Tyus is still a tough match-up in the post, but the Gators' guards don't seem to be that good.

Alabama is down almost 20 points to Kansas State at half-time. Senario Hillman just hasn't produced as I thought he would. Anthony Grant's offense looked stagnant the last time I watched them.

Tennessee got blitzed by USC. A bad loss by UT. If Tennessee's press isn't working, they can get out of sorts. Chris Lofton bailed them out a lot a couple of years ago. They don't have a real clutch shooter on the squad now.

Maybe the Conference will be Kentucky and everybody else.

Dawgs Win!!

In a shocker, UGA defeats Illinois at the Gwinnett Center. The game went down to the wire, and the Dawgs were able to pull it out at the end.

Don't have ESPNU, so I couldn't see the game. However, I hope there is some replay during the week. For those readers that watched the game, feel free to leave a comment with your impressions of the game.

By the way, although I'd like to take credit for predicting the outcome, my guess about the victory and the final score was a mix of homerism and luck. I won't be playing the lotto anytime soon.

Great job by Trey Thompkins in going to the line and sinking the pressure free throws. Travis Leslie played a great game, too. Huge block toward the end of the fourth quarter.

Congratulations to Mark Fox, the seniors, and the entire squad!

Dawgs Face Illinois

We're playing at home (kind of sort of, since its in Gwinnett), and that may be enough to give us the edge.

I'm going to go with my gut and predict the upset. Dawgs beat Illinois 65 to 63.

Dawgs Getting the Hang of the Triangle Offense

Very encouraging article in the AJC about Georgia's efforts to pick up the triangle offense.

I will say that I much prefer the triangle offense to the motion system. Both offenses can work, but Georgia never had the recruits to adequately run a motion offense. The triangle, with its set reads and cuts, plays more appropriately to our strengths. Dustin Ware and Travis Leslie and Vincent Williams are not going to take good defenders off the dribble and finish at the rim. They may, however, make a good cut and receive a nice feed from the wing, leading to an easy scoring opportunity.

Can we beat Kentucky or Tennessee with the triangle? Maybe. Let's learn the offense and lace 'em up.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Bobby Knight vs. John Calipari

Knight believes Calipari should be barred from coaching.

Following the rules is a tough act when you want to recruit at the highest levels. But the rules are there for a reason. Coaches have staff, compliance directors and others, who are paid to know the rules and keep zealous coaches well within the requirements of the NCAA.

Kiffin and Calipari are guys who push the limits. Felton was not and Fox is not. UT football and UK basketball will end up as winners.

What will the future hold for UGA basketball? Will Georgia ever bag the top recruits? If not, will we win any time soon?

Anthony Tolliver Called Up. Gaines Next?

Anthony Tolliver, who with Sundiata Gaines made up the high-scoring duo from the Idaho Stampede, was recently called up to the NBA by the Portland Trailblazers.

What impact does Tolliver's move have on Sundiata Gaines?

Even though the two don't play the same position, from simply a scoring standpoint, the Stampede will need to do something. I imagine that they will probably put Gaines in the starting line-up from here on out.

And since the call-up of Tolliver shows that the NBA is looking to the D-League for contributors, you have to ask whether Sundiata Gaines will get his shot at the big time.

Like Portland, Minnesota and New Jersey are injury-decimated teams that might get some sort of allowance from the NBA to add a player. It doesn't do the League any good to have two teams at the very bottom of the rung, with no chance to win. Gaines would add solid defense and perhaps even some scoring punch to one of these squads, if the NBA works it all out.

Good luck, Sundiata!

Bacarri Rambo is Back

Those concussions are nothing to play with. I think the question is legitimately asked whether Rambo should continue to play.

At any rate, the story on the AJC is informative enough that I wanted to link it, so that we have it on the Blog.

A separate question is whether the AJC is lifting information from Rivals without attribution. I don't have a Rivals subscription, so I can't check for myself, but the title of the AJC article sounds like the snippet Rivals had on their site yesterday.

Billy Humphrey has crazy game

UNO played Troy and Billy Humphrey went off. The guy scored 31 points. Went 9 of 15 from the floor, 6 of 8 from behind the arc, and 7 of 7 from the line. And that was just on the offensive end. He also had 3 steals and 3 blocked shots.

Throw those stats in with his 4 rebounds and 4 assists, and you have one of the most remarkable stat lines I've seen in a long time.

Sounds like his "runner's knee" condition was all cleared up by the surgery he had at the beginning of the season. If he continues to shoot like he has in recent games, he might be able to play beyond college in some capacity.

I know that he would have graduated last year had he stayed, but it still is too bad he wasn't able to put it all together at UGA.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Mercer Drives to the Hoop

Mike Mercer scored 12 points in action against Central Florida. He not only helped Stan Heath win a close game, he also got some pub' in the local press for his efforts.

Good to see Mercer back out there on the floor.

And one?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Denson Scores Big

Chris Denson has been putting up some incredible numbers lately.

In his most recent game against Hardaway, Denson scored 41 points in a losing effort.

Hardaway edges Shaw

Is Denson the '10 shooting guard Georgia needs?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Double-Doubles for Double Langfords

Josh Langford and Lee High played Langford's old school, Johnson High, over the weekend.

Both Josh and his cousin, Devin Langford, registered double-doubles.

Lee over Johnson

Sunday, December 13, 2009


It's great to have recognition for a year's worth of hard work.

The superlatives list has some names of guys that don't get a lot of press, but these players nonetheless make key contributions to the team.


Vince Dooley Hangs Out in Valdosta

Coach Dooley was gracious with his time yesterday as he spent a few hours in Valdosta, Ga.

Sounds like a great event. If there are any readers in Valdosta, and any who went to Loco's yesterday, post a comment to give the rest of us some of your impressions.

How 'bout them Dawgs!