Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Coach Richt is Excellent

He gets it. I love to win. Loved it when I was involved in athletics and love it now when I win vicariously through the young bucks out there on the gridiron and the court.

Yet, winning isn't everything. Trophies, at the end of the day, are just shaped and shiny rocks. What is really meaningful is life. Guys who play hard, do their best, and graduate and make us all proud. Now, if we can win the national championship in the process, then all the better.

I remember people complaining about Tony Dungy, how he couldn't win the Super Bowl. He didn't win it in Tampa, but he set the stage. And when he got to Indiana, he put it all together. Turns out he was a pretty good coach after all.

Mark Richt is a lot like Dungy. Hope the guys who harp on the lack of a national championship don't get what they want and chase Richt out of town. Think of all the programs across the college football landscape which made a coaching change and ended up much worse. Meanwhile, Richt would probably go to a new school and win like crazy.

Who knows? Richt may win it all this year, at Georgia. In the meantime, he is doing things with excellence. Whether he wins or loses the biggest game, Georgia is very fortunate to have Mark Richt as coach of the Dawgs.

Faith and Football