Monday, April 13, 2015

Mark Richt Speaks of Perseverance

Good article from the Lagrange News.

Particularly enjoyed this story:

In the first week of preseason practice of his freshman year, Richt said David Pollack "was literally crying saying, 'I'm not good enough, coach, I made a mistake, I'm not an SEC player.  Coach (Rodney) Garner doesn't like me.'  Everything was wrong.  He literally was ready to quit.  We had to talk him off a cliff and convince him to hang in there."

How about that?  Three-Time All-American almost threw in the towel just before he was about to do great things.  Easy to see how bad a decision that would have been for Pollack and for the Dawg Nation.  But Richt's comments were not about Pollack, and not about something that happened 15 years ago.  His remarks were aimed squarely at my chest and yours.  Those of us who are facing our own personal mat drills today.    

Don't give up on your family.  Don't quit in your career.  You can lose the weight, write the book, achieve the goal.  Keep fighting.  Become an All-American in life.