Saturday, April 18, 2009

Gator Grumblings

Alex Tyus is out at University of Florida. I wonder what happened there? Why is he transferring and to which school will he go?

Tyus did an incredible job at UF last year. Great hands, played above the rim. We could use him at UGA, assuming that the reason for his departure was basketball-related, and not having to do with academics or off-court problems.

In any case, fans at Florida are concerned. Donovan has had success recruiting, and he'll shape his offense around the players he has. However, if you don't have quality big men, you're not going to compete well in the SEC. Some of his second year post players will have to step up.

Caveat Collegiate

"Let the Booster Beware." Free Speech is not so free when it comes to college recruiting.

As someone who follows sports and uses technology in order to express my feelings about college basketball, issues related to the NCAA's rules on "boosters" catch my attention. So it was with the attached article from the Orlando Sentinel.

I don't necessarily disagree with the NCAA on the intentions behind its stance, but where is the line? If I write on some blog, "X recruit, Come on to UGA!" Does that violate the rules? If someone makes a similar statement on my Blog, should I expect a letter from UGA compliance?

Sean Miller's New Hire

Not sure this could have happened at UGA.

After the experience under the Harricks, I'm pretty sure that Georgia would not accept any nepotism in the men's basketball program. However one feels about Jim Harrick's tenure as the head coach at Georgia, most would probably agree that a large share of the issues that led to Coach Harrick's resignation had to do with Coach Harrick's son.

So maybe things worked out for the best with the hiring of Coach Mark Fox. Although many UGA fans wanted us to take a hard look at Sean Miller, who was the coach at Xavier, I doubt we could have out-recruited Arizona for his services. And as good an assistant coach as Archie Miller probably is, now that UGA has hired Fox, we don't need to worry about waiving our nepotism policy in order for our head man to fill out his staff.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Congrats to Jarvis

Congratulations to new father, Jarvis Hayes.

He and his wife, Illia, recently delivered Jarvis James Hayes II. A few details of the birth, including Jarvis' mad rush to the hospital, are included in the attached article from

Jarvis and the former Illia Miles, met at University of Georgia. Illia was an All-American in the 200 meters for UGA's track program.

We shall be expecting an early commit for the class of 2027. :-)

Helping Hands

Good to see the guys give back.

I like the Oklahoma Thunder's participation in initiatives to help senior citizens with home repair. I think it's a great event for everybody.

UGA's own Damien Wilkins is featured in the slide show. He's lifting a couch in the third picture.

I'm not sure how long Wilkins will be with the Thunder. They have a lot of draft picks for next year, and Damien is averaging just 5 points and 2 rebounds per game. Yet, every roster needs a "glue guy." That's the term used these days for a player that makes everyone around them better, a guy who may not get a ton of minutes, but contributes by giving their best whenever called upon by coaches or the community.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Long Shot

There are a number of players who are on the move, or potentially so. Various college programs have made coaching changes, and some guys are looking around.

Tristan Spurlock might be worth a call. It's a long shot, this late in the year. Especially so, since today opens the signing period for 2009. But every now and then, a team hits an off-balance, lucky, against all odds shot

I say, let's get on the horn, contact Spurlock, and see if we can bank in a buzzer-beater.

Trae Golden and Jalen Kendrick

I'm realistic about priorities and the schedule. So I'm not entirely surprised that Mark Fox has not gotten around to calling Trae Golden and Jalen Kendrick yet. It seems logical that the new staff is fully engaged trying to get a back-up point guard for 2009.

I'm also logical about priorities. High on the list for new coach Mark Fox has to be getting a great class for 2010. And the great news is that Trae Golden and Jalen Kendrick are waiting to be called. The Red and Black gauged the interest of two of the top in-state players for 2010. Both Golden and Kendrick are feeling positive about UGA.

Let's call them today and get our class for 2010 set.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Recruiting: Vincent Williams

Does Georgia have a shot at a back-up point guard? There is buzz regarding Vee Sanford, Rico Pickett and Vincent Williams. This post is about Williams.

I'll admit, I don't know anything about him, and just started to research what's out there on him this evening. With that said, it looks like Williams can score.

MaxPreps has a breakdown of his scoring over a few games.

And this article describes Williams as a highly skilled, though slightly built player. Georgia flew down to see him on Easter Sunday, so I would say that we have identified Williams as a high priority.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Flex Offense

New UGA coach, Mark Fox, used the "flex offense" at Nevada. I thought it would be helpful to show how the offense works, and the video below gives some of the basics.

The good part about the flex is that it uses a lot of screens for getting cutters open. The system is designed to create layups and shots from the "elbow," or the area just to either side of the free throw line. I like the fact that it works against man-to-man defenses or a zone, and the offense gets more effective deeper into the shot clock.

The biggest issue that I had with former coach, Dennis Felton, was his offensive scheme. Coach Felton used certain plays, but they weren't conducive to getting guys open going to the basket, or putting the post men in the best possible position to finish.

The flex offense will be a definite improvement. Our guys should be able to pick it up quickly, and hopefully use it to increase UGA's scoring output. We'll need it. The SEC East will be back in a big way next year.


Jeremy Jacob Could Help Oregon

Hard to figure out this Oregon team. They were really bad this past season. I saw them play just once on t.v., and though it was early in the season, I thought they had enough to win some games in their conference.

Well, it was not to be. As the attached article states, they lost 23 games. That's a bunch. But all is not lost. Jeremy Jacob played fairly well last year at Chipola Junior College. Put him in the line-up with Dunigan and Porter, and he may help them get back in the swing of things.

I'll continue to follow his career and post updates every so often.

Christ The Lord is Risen

As much as I enjoy following basketball as a hobby, 100 years from now, it will not matter one bit whether UGA basketball was successful. So, in honor of the day, and for my 500th post, I choose the following words:

Christ the Lord is Risen Today! Alleluia.
Sons of men and angels say. Alleluia.
Raise your joy and triumphs high. Alleluia.
Sing ye heavens and earth reply. Alleluia!