Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Thoughts on Juwan Parker, Recruiting

I like the commitment of Juwan Parker. He's not a flashy guy, but he's solid. Averages 20 points per game and almost 10 rebounds.

ESPN has him at just two stars. Rivals and Scout give him a three-star rating. He's not a top-fifty type of recruit, but I think he has enough up-side to help UGA's hoops squad. He could grow an inch from his 6' 4" height and with strength & conditioning, boost his leaping ability.

I looked at the available videos on YouTube. Parker seems to have good fundamentals. Not great lift, but he does have good release on his shot. Appears to be able to go to his left or to his right, but from all I saw is more apt to shoot the ball rather than take it strong to the rim.

Some followers of the basketball program think that Parker's commitment clearly gets the train rolling for Georgia recruiting. Others are disappointed. I'm in the middle.

The challenge for Coach Fox is really the nature of hoops recruiting. UGA football coach Mark Richt is set to bring in a 2013 class of somewhere around 30 guys. With that many upcoming signees, Richt can take a chance on a few guys and see what happens. In basketball, obviously, the situation is different. Most years a basketball coach can bring in three, possibly four players.

Fox has to move the program forward with little room for error. Georgia fans would like to see him bring in the big-splash recruits. However, if Fox can't get them right now, then all is not lost. The key is to make sure he brings in the right players for his system. Guys who can help the Dawgs win. Recruits with the mix of skill and academics appropriate for Georgia.

The basketball team has three seniors, being Vincent Williams, Sherrard Brantley, and John Florveus-- a point guard, shooting guard and center. To address the impending departures, Fox first secured a commitment from J.J. Frazier, a 5' 10" point guard. How would he handle his other two spots? Well, now we know half of the answer. Bring in Juwan Parker. Shooting guard, 4.0 gpa, good pick-up.

What about the center slot? Is there another John Egbunu out there? Followers of the Blog from last year know that I was high on the 6' 10" center from right in our backyard. Egbunu has a bit of Shaquille O'Neal in his game. Can't get 'em all, but since we didn't get Tony Parker for 2012 or Egbunu for 2013, I'd like to see Fox find and bring in a power player with the last 2013 scholarship.

Bottom line on 2013 recruiting? Juwan Parker and J.J. Frazier are not the five-star players that gravitate to Kentucky, but they will help Georgia get better over time. I like the Parker commitment. We're heading in a positive direction and I think the 2012 class of Brandon Morris, Charles Mann and Kenny Gaines will propel Georgia toward the top of the SEC. Wins and the resulting increase in fan support will help Fox recruit for 2013 and 2014.

Go Dawgs!