Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fred Gibson Career Contrasted

Interesting article from the NY Times.

None of us can play sports forever. Sometimes we stop at junior high, high school, church league, intramurals or even Division I college competition. Even if we get to the the pro's, there's no guarantee of a lengthy stay.

The attached article contrasts two players who in fact made it to the highest levels. But only one was able to find a fit for the long term.

Fred Gibson and Chris Canty were drafted together, Gibson going one pick before Canty. The above article notes that Fred didn't stay in the pro's and make the big money, while Canty is still playing and being paid very well.

While I may be the only one who thinks this way, one of the key elements of the article, one that might be missed, is whether you keep going in life. Are you going to let the disappointments throw you off course or will you tackle the next assignment to the best of your ability?

Both men have kept going, overcoming obstacles. One faced injuries and recovered to make a career with his football skills. The other worked really hard to make it in the League. When that didn't work out in the way he had hoped, he didn't stop moving, but instead came back to school to get his degree.

I take my hat off to Fred Gibson. Finishing the drill.