Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ogbeide Powers Pebblebrook

Pebblebrook beat Mater Dei, the school that won the California State Championship for the last few years.  Derek Ogbeide ended up with 19 points, 12 boards and 4 steals.

As I said before, I really like the Ogbeide signing.  He's a true post with good hands and explosive hops.  Can't remember the last time Georgia has had a player like that.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Turtle Jackson Leads Athens Christian

to victory in the championship game of the Deep South Classic (held at Brookwood High School).

Athens Christian won the game 71 to 40.  Jackson had 20 points and 11 assists for the contest, and was named tournament MVP.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Ogbeide Doubles Up

UGA signee Derek Ogbeide got two back to back double-doubles this week in competition in the MaxPreps Holiday Classic in Palm Springs, California, a tournament featuring 148 high school hoops squads.

Pebblebrook edged Damien in the first game, 69 to 67.  Ogbeide registered 10 points, 10 boards and 5 blocks.  In the second game, Pebblebrook beat Prestonwood 75 to 69.  Ogbeide had 10 points and 11 rebounds (and 3 or 4 blocks, too, if memory serves me).

Pebblebrook plays Mater Dei tonight.  

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Back in the Day

That's a lot of points and boards!

Back then as well as today, huge recruiting battle for talented big men.

30/30 average

"Spud Frazier"

Just kidding.  Don't call him that.  But the point remains.  J.J. Frazier has stepped up his game this year.  Although he doesn't have the huge ups that Spud Webb had back in his days playing for the Hawks, you wouldn't know it seeing Frazier grab 11 rebounds last game.

Glad that Frazier is playing well and that Mark Weiser wrote the article below.  Frazier leads the SEC in assist to turnover ratio, at 3.44.  He also leads the SEC in free throw percentage (93%).

J.J. shoots an impressive 41 percent from behind the arc, good enough for top ten in the SEC, so Dawgs fans can expect him to stretch the defense while he's in there.  Add to that the fact that Frazier averages right at 9 points and over 4 rebounds per game, and it's clear that Frazier provides a good spark off the bench.  Maybe Charles Mann will spend more time at the three position.  Could lead to Mann getting easier shots.  Let's see how this thing plays out.  The SEC portion of the schedule is right around the corner.


Friday, December 26, 2014

Turtle Jackson Posts Solid Numbers

in the recent Chick Fil-A Classic held in Columbia, S.C.

On Friday, December 19, UGA signee Turtle Jackson scored 21 points against Hillcrest High of Simpsonville, South Carolina.  Jackson was an efficient 5 of 8 from the floor, 1 of 2 from behind the arc, and 10 of 12 from the line.  You want your point guard to be able to shoot free throws, and Jackson is solid there.  Jackson also garnered 7 boards, to go along with 2 assists and 3 steals.

Jackson led his team to victory against Richland Northeast (Columbia, S.C.) in the following game, held Saturday, December 20.  Although Jackson did not shoot as well (7 of 19 from the floor overall), he went 4 of 7 from deep and 3 of 3 at the free throw line, scored 21 points total, and corralled 6 rebounds and dished 5 assists.

Can't remember a UGA team with three good options at point guard.  We'll be set there next year.  Would have been nice to successfully recruit Tevin Mack.  He had 43, 27 and 32 points in his three outings in the tournament.

Can we close out with a solid big man or a wing?  

Jordan Harris Delivers Holiday Buckets

UGA commit Jordan Harris led Seminole County to victory at Calhoun County Tuesday night.  Jordan hit six of seven free throws down the stretch to clinch the win in OT over previously undefeated Calhoun.


Seminole County continues play over the weekend in Thomasville's Holiday Hoopfest tournament.  Bainbridge and Tyree Crump will also be in competition.  Stay tuned.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Damien Wilkins Soldiers On

Misses his family, but is doing what he loves, playing for the Iowa Energy.

The Des Moines Register does a nice job of chronicling the experience of a couple of D-League players who are away from their families during the holidays.  As attached, Damien spent 9 seasons in the NBA, earning over $18 million, according to one source.  "Yet he'll spend this winter slogging through places such as Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and Ft. Wayne, Indiana, playing in front of 4,000 fans."

Ahh, the trade-offs in life.


Dawg fans wish Damien and his family well.

Merry Christmas to all.


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Nataly Garcia

Great story about the young lady who cheers us all.


Travis Leslie Playing in Lithuania

Leslie is playing in Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania.  He suits up for Lietuvos Rytas, a team owned by one of the prominent newspapers.

Here's the video of him flying high in last season's All-Star Game.

No defense, but still fun to follow his career.

For more info on Leslie's career (Lithuania, France, Santa Cruz, etc.), click on his name in the blue hypertext.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Harris and Crump Light Up Southwest Georgia

Georgia commit Jordan Harris scored 31 last night to help Seminole County defeat Early County. The final score was 93 to 89.

Meanwhile, after scoring an amazing 54 points in his last outing, Tyree Crump notched a relatively modest 19 in leading Bainbridge over Thomas County Central, 69 to 60.

Seminole County's only loss was to Bainbridge.

Crump and Harris are the real deal.  Crump has the handles to play point guard, but is probably better suited to play shooting guard.  He has the scorer's mentality, keeps his elbow locked tight on his shot (which leads to a fluid motion and good arc on the ball), and has a developing body, all of which should help him put up big numbers in the SEC.

Harris has more height and bounce off the floor.  His shot doesn't look as true as Crump's, but he keeps making 'em.  Harris has great body control and he can take his man off the dribble and finish at the hoop with authority.

Keep in mind that Crump and Harris are just starting their junior seasons.  Listed as 6' 2" and 6' 4 " respectively, they could each grow another couple of inches before they hit Athens in the fall of 2016.

Great get for Fox. He'll have to fight to keep them, but both seem to really want to come to UGA.

Demarcus Croaker to Transfer

Here's another transfer that Fox should have on his radar screen.

He's not a small forward like Semi Ojeleye, but Demarcus Croaker is a guy who could help the Dawgs score points.   He's only 6' 2", but he has great bounce and could play either guard position.

Croaker has an unconditional release from Texas and he wants to come back to the southeast.


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Semi Ojeleye Transferring from Duke

The Dawgs could use a small forward next year.  Wonder if Fox would make a push for him.  I don't think we're particularly holding the scholarship for Jaylen Brown.  I'd be happy with an Ojeleye transfer now, rather than having the possibility of losing out on Brown in the spring.

Ojeleye is 6' 7" tall, and was a Parade All-Ameircan/four-star recruit back in 2013 when he committed to Duke.  Powerful guy with good hops.

Semi had trouble getting onto the court at Duke.  He was efficient, but Duke's talented roster made it tough, so he's transferring immediately.  He'd be a sophomore available to play in December, just when the Dawgs would be getting into the meat of the season.

He no doubt wants to go to a good school and one in which he could get immediate playing time.  Since Forte and Geno, our small forwards, haven't locked up the position, Semi would likely start.

Worth a shot, in my opinion.


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Tyree Crump Explodes

for 54 points in a Bainbridge OT win over Worth County.  The final score was 96 to 93.

Crump has quick handles to go to the left or right, can pull up from just about anywhere in the gym, and shoots the short runner in the lane. Expect more big games from him this season.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wilridge Shows Skill

E'Torrion Wilridge scored 27 points Saturday afternoon to lead Central High to victory in the Young Men's Business League Tournament's championship game.

Wilridge was 5 of 7 from the floor and a fantastic 17 of 23 from the free throw line.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Derek Ogbeide

The guy that Ogbeide reminds me most of is not a hoops player.  It's Cordy Glenn from UGA's football team a few years back.  The first time I saw Glenn, I said, "this guy is going to be a player."

Sure enough, Glenn later starred on the offensive line for Georgia.  Cordy is now in the NFL, playing offensive tackle for the Buffalo Bills.

In the same way, I am projecting good things for Ogbeide.  He has a large frame, big hands and feet, and for a big man, good athleticism.  Catches the ball well.  Is a true post player.  Doesn't float around on the perimeter.

I liked what I saw of Ogbeide in Pebblebrook's game against Laney of Augusta.  Pebblebrook doesn't run many plays, and Ogbeide rarely gets passes.  However, in an up and down, guard-oriented game, Ogbeide had 16 points, 18 boards and 7 blocks.

I wouldn't call Ogbeide skilled.  Not in the same way that Tony Parker was skilled at the same point in high school.  However, if Ogbeide continues to grow physically and athletically, he may end up as the better NBA prospect.

Next year could be a good one for UGA basketball.  Charles Mann, J.J. Frazier, and Turtle Jackson playing point; Kenny Gaines and Juwan Parker at the shooting guard spots, Iduwe (here's hoping he bulks up and learns a few moves), Yante Maten, and Ogbeide in the post, and Kenny Paul Geno and E'Torrion Wilridge on the wing.  If we somehow bring in Jaylen Brown, that looks like a definite NCAA team to me.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Wow. Florida State is in Trouble

against Georgia Tech.

Tech has tied it up in the second half.  28-all.

Tech's ground game gets stronger and stronger in the late quarters.  Can't imagine what would happen to the playoff system if Tech finishes strong.  They'd have an argument that they should get one of the four spots.  

Crump and Harris Go Off

Georgia 2016 commits Tyree Crump and Jordan Harris went head to head last night.
Crump's Bainbridge team got the win.

Tyree scored 33.  Jordan Harris did him one better with 34.

Guys will bring a lot of excitement to UGA.  The Albany Herald did a good write-up.


Prediction: Dawgs win big over Colorado

KPG?  What you got?

I think we get production from K squared.  A little bit of Kenny Paul Geno and a big game from Kenny Gaines.

Hopefully can watch the game after church.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Oh well, on to basketball

Wait, Tech beat us at that, too.

Pretty miserable year, but then at least a down year for Mark Richt is a 9 and 3 season.

Has Mark Fox surpassed .500 since he's been here?  I think he had a 85 and 77 overall record before the season started.  We're 3 and 3 since then, so Fox is barely managing .500 in year six of his tenure.  

Don't remember what I was expecting when Fox was brought on, but it wasn't losing to Tech four times in a row, and it wasn't playing .500 ball.  We can beat the scrubs who have to travel by bus to Stegeman, but I'd like to see us beat some solid Division I teams.  

We'll have our chance soon.  We play Colorado and Kansas State in December.

Maybe we'll go on a run.  In all honesty, though, I don't see how without a real post game.  No slight meant to Thornton and Djurisic.  They try hard, and they're great representatives of the program.  Yet and still, they're forwards who have to match up with other team's centers.  Thornton had the knee surgeries and never really regained his rim-rocking physicality from high school, and Djurisic is more of a stretch four. We don't have a big skilled guy in the middle, and Kenny Gaines' sickness has exposed our lack of scoring everywhere else.

The SEC slate did us well last year, now that SEC basketball got rid of the division format.  We don't have to play Florida and Kentucky twice each year, and South Carolina, Alabama, Auburn and Texas A&M are in about as bad a shape as we are.  Other than Kentucky, I think we match up pretty well with just about everybody.  The problem is that judging by the games played so far, UGA looks like a border-line NIT team, not one that will do real damage in the NCAA Tourney.

I would be a lot more optimistic on the whole if we had bagged one of the Wheeler players for the 2015 recruiting class.  We didn't get it done.  6' 10" big man Daniel Giddens got scooped up by Ohio State and it appears that athletic small forward Jaylen Brown is headed elsewhere.

Wish we would have hired an Atlanta high school head coach to see if we could get a pipeline going in recruiting.  Maybe the incoming recruits we did will play above their ranking.  Jackson, Ogbeide and Wilridge may help next year.

 In the meantime, we'll adjust expectations downward and hope for the best.

Good thing I don't have access to the SEC Network

Only thing worse than hearing this loss on the radio would be watching it.  Good thing I didn't spend money on a ticket or even going to a sports bar to see it on t.v.


In the end, we were bound to lose one or two out of 15.  And since we lost to Tech, I'm glad that Missouri did win.  Would have been too much to have a chance at the playoffs and then have Tech spoil it for us.

Four Trips inside the ten-yard line

at home, and we can't punch it in against Tech?  They hustled to the ball and got our guys stopped.  Then our vaunted o-line can't create a seam.  Didn't this happen a long time ago?

Meanwhile, they run the ball up the gut all day long.

Totally disgusting.

Paul Johnson has a team, folks, and we may not win again for a while.  Hate to say it, but when we can't stop the dive play, we're in big trouble.  This game amounted to UGA being hopeful for opportunistic miscues.  And with a good quarterback, there will only be so many.

Tech Stole It!


They Lead!

They just run it and run it.

But we blocked the extra point!

All the Ray Drew haters owe him an apology.

They tie it!


We could lose this thing, guys.  My ticker can't take it.

We won in overtime last year, but this thing feels like their turn.  I sure hope not!

4 seconds left.

They have the ball at our 30-something.  Looks like they'll try the field goal.

Watch the fake, guys!

18 seconds left

Hunker down one more time!


How did that happen?

I'm way too old for this!

4th down from the three.  22 seconds left!

When Tech's Line Outplays Ours,

we're in a heap of trouble.  Even if their line plays us even, with the option trickery, they may one day blow us out.

Won't be today, but our 17 to 14 lead is very slim.

We may win, but this game could be the start of a very troubling trend.  They can run the ball, but we can't.  And then on defense, seeing Tech stone us on three separate possessions from within the five yard line, makes this the type of game that they might steal.

Four Fingers Held Up

Game has moved fast.

I think Paul Johnson has his qb.  It's a real series, now.  They're playing hard.

Georgia has the ball at the beginning of the fourth quarter.  Let's score a td, Dawgs.

Bobo will earn his keep now

We need to run the football to give our defense a break, but Tech has tied it up and they know we want to run it.  Bobo will have to mix in the pass to keep Tech honest.

If Georgia Wins, will Paul Johnson Shake Hands?

Maybe.  Maybe not.

I can see that dour expression.

Let's finish the drill and find out.

Jarvis Sanks is Smiling

They deserve that one.

Reminds me of the Tony Taylor (?) snatch and score.  Think we had one like that a couple of years ago, too.  Didn't we?  Who was our linebacker that ripped the ball out as Tech was about to score?  That play changed the game around.

Maybe Tech will feel so down, they'll fold the tents.  Our defense better get bowed up.

I Take That Back!

Touchdown!  Damian Swann runs it back 97 yards.  Previous play is under review.

Touchdown!  Woo-Hoo!

Looks Bad, Folks

They took the ball first in the second half and drove it down our throats.  Ball is at our two-yard line.  We can't stop the run.



1.  Yesterday afternoon, Mizzou beats Arkansas, keeping Georgia from winning the SEC East and ending all hope of UGA advancing to the first NCAA football playoffs.

2.  UGA loses last night in basketball to Minnesota, a game that on paper we probably should have taken.  Mark Fox and the hounds are playing .500 basketball yet again.

3.  Now, two UGA lost fumbles at the goal line.  Tech has their option game going, converting two fourth down plays and moving the ball 80 yards.  They even scoring on a fade route.  Tied at half.

4.  Losing to Tech at home would be unthinkable, especially during a season that they won their division and we didn't.

What's that, a "quadfecta?"  Is that even a word?  Hard to describe how bad that would be.

I think Georgia still wins by 14, but they're scaring me.  We'd better play hard during the second half.  Four sports reversals in one weekend is too much to bear.

Nick Chubb

Well, I said back in October that he would be a good one.  I actually started to write that "Nick Chubb might even make us forget about Todd Gurley," but I kept that seemingly preposterous statement to myself.

Had no idea that Gurley would be in essence disqualified for the remaining part of his career.  Hated to see him go down with the ACL, but it would be a huge mistake for him to continue to play college football at this point.

So now it really is the Nick Chubb show.  Okay, now I will make a preposterous statement.  Actually put it on the Blog instead of just keeping it to myself:  Chubb will end his career as Georgia's all-time leading rusher.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

James Eunice

I am posting this article in its entirety.

If I like an article, I normally just link it.  This time, I'm taking a different track.  The article is too important not to be preserved somewhere.

Not sure when the Athens Banner Herald gets rid of its old links, and they may even ask that I take this post down (which I will, if requested), but I didn't want to risk looking for it one day, and finding that the story is unavailable.  Such was the case when I tried to read a couple of old articles about James Eunice.  Both the Thomasville Times Enterprise and the Valdosta Daily Times had great stories about Eunice, but the links don't work any longer.

This 2011 article by Marc Weiszer gives insight into UGA, Coach Mark Richt, college athletics at its best, and life.  Great writing.  Great story.

Here it is:

Touching Tribute: Bulldogs continue to honor memory of James Eunice

Posted: Friday, September 16, 2011

For several anxious hours on Dec. 3, 2010, James Eunice checked and checked until he was finally able to log onto the University of Georgia website to view the answer he was hoping to find.
 Back Next 

He was accepted to the school for early admission.
“I want to try and walk on to the football team,” James later told his mother Tammy.
Eunice was a backup wide receiver at Valdosta High School who made his mark on special teams with the kickoff and punt return units.
Georgia was recruiting two of Eunice’s teammates who eventually signed with the Bulldogs — highly-recruited tight end Jay Rome and receiver Malcolm Mitchell.
One day, Valdosta coach Rance Gillespie called James out of class to come to his office.
Georgia coach Mark Richt was there on a visit.
James just happened to be wearing his favorite shirt that day — a Florida Gators’ T-shirt, of all things. He was still excited to meet Richt and phoned his father when he got out of school to describe the moment.
James Eunice never had the chance for that walk-on tryout at Georgia.
The 17-year-old drowned while duck hunting in January.
This past Thursday marked eight months since that tragic day.
Memories of James certainly live on for those who loved him, for the lives he touched and those that learned about him after his passing.
Word spread last winter about James’ funeral.
Rome and Mitchell spoke — Rome referred to James as “his brother from another mother”— and presented the Eunice family with a Georgia No. 23 jersey — James’ number at Valdosta High — that Richt had sent.
Eunice’s pastor read aloud a note written by Richt.
“Oh yeah, James made the team,” it said.
The entire Valdosta football team was there wearing their jerseys. The coaching staff served as pallbearers.
“I’ve been to a fair amount of funerals in my life and I’ve never seen a reaction from the crowd that that presentation got,” said his brother John, a former Valdosta City councilman now in his second year at the UGA law school. “There wasn’t a single person in there that wasn’t standing and applauding and just overcome with emotion. It was a unique moment that I know I’ll never forget.”
The gesture lifted the spirits of a community and family in mourning.
“I think about what if something were to happen to Jon or David?” Richt said recently of two of his sons. “Your heart goes out to them. If there’s something I can do to bless the family right this minute, however small, I’d like to do that, so that’s what we did.”
Take time to love someone. Today, Tomorrow, For the rest of your life. Because when that unexpected day comes that they pass on, you’ll be left wondering what you could’ve done better. How you could have made them feel more welcome, and show that you do care for them. Don’t wait until it’s too late like I did. Show the love that Jesus has for you to everyone you see. Let your heart break for what breaks His.
That’s how James Eunice began a note he posted on Facebook in April of last year that he titled “The Clock is Ticking” after the death of a schoolmate in an auto accident.
On the morning of Jan. 15 — a Saturday — James came into his parents’ bedroom before he left to go duck hunting to get some money to purchase shotgun shells.
“We told him we’d see him after lunch,” his father John said.
James, who also enjoyed turkey and deer hunting, went with his friend, Drew Pipkin, to Ocean Pond, about 30 minutes from Valdosta.
They took turns about every 20 minutes with one in the boat and the other in the water, Eunice’s father said.
James was in the boat, his father said, and went to reach for something that flew out. As he reached for it, his seat broke, which threw off his balance.
James got out of his waders and was away from the boat, but the water temperature was about 38 degrees.
“He just ran out of time,” said his father, a retired U.S. Air Force colonial. “He was a strong swimmer, but the hypothermia sets in within three to five minutes in those temperatures.”
For 17 days, search and rescue teams looked for James’ body before it was found 7 feet below the surface, according to a report in the Valdosta Daily Times.
Search teams from near Atlanta, South Georgia, Alabama and Florida attempted to find James.
“The communities and surrounding area came together,” his father said. “It was amazing to watch. People donated their lake homes across the highway for us to stay there while the search was going on. They donated them to the dive teams. ... The community just poured out to us.”
James Eunice was 17th in his Valdosta senior class, but his interests went well beyond his schoolwork.
He liked to play contemporary Christian, country and rock music on his guitar, sometimes while on Skype with his friends.
He laughed watching YouTube videos when Rome visited the Eunices about once a week to study and eat dinner. Rome loved the Mexican dip and a punch that included banana and ginger ale.
James also played outfielder for the Valdosta baseball team. His brother John remembers a 5-year-old James being the loudest person at Little League games cheering for his big brother.
“That never changed the older he got,” he said. “He wanted to be a friend for everybody. I can’t tell you the number of people that came up to me at the various things throughout high school and said James was the only person that would ever come and check to see how the day was going, check to see how I was doing. … He was everything you’d envision for a true friend and a brother to be.”
James was considering joining the ROTC program at Georgia, his brother said. His father was taught Air Force ROTC at Georgia when James was born in Athens.
He wasn’t a lock to make the football team as a walk-on, but he thought about trying to hook on as a student assistant and perhaps pursue coaching one day.
“In a lot of ways, he was just like a typical upcoming freshman in college,” his brother said. “He wasn’t sure exactly where his life path would take him, but he knew he wanted to play a role in helping other people and be an encouragement to others. His gift was dealing with people and talking with people so he wanted to have a lot of interaction with that.”
James was considering going into broadcast journalism, his father said.
Mitchell called him “a good person, always stayed in church. Prayed for the team.”
John Eunice calls his son a “devout, sold-out Christian. On his door at the mausoleum, we have ‘Faithful Follower of Christ.’ ”
James’ father and brother visited Richt’s new office in the Butts-Mehre building the week after James’ service to thank him for what he had done for their loved one. They spent about an hour with him, telling Richt more about the person that James was.
They presented Richt a T-shirt with “The Clock is Ticking” on the back, which was sold to help raise money for a scholarship fund.
“It’s helped define James and helped us keep his legacy going,” his father said.
Months later, Richt still had the T-shirt on his desk.
Richt told them he wanted to do something for the family.
A couple of weeks before the Sept. 10 South Carolina game, the Eunices received a package in the mail with tickets to sit in Richt’s box at the game and a note explaining how they would honor James at the game.
“I was kind of overcome with emotion,” said James’ brother. “It’s really kind of hard to put it into words how something like that means to us, considering that James was a great kid, but James was not a standout in football by any means.”
Georgia already had listed Eunice with his No. 23 on the Georgia roster.
“For his dream really to come true and for him to be on the roster really means a lot to all of us,” his brother said. “It means the world to us.”
Georgia players wore a black No. 23 decal on the back of their helmets with the initials “J.E.”
James’ parents, brother and sister Lindsey were guests of Richt and Georgia. The Eunices toured Butts-Mehre after the game and spoke with Richt, whose team had just lost by three points. He took pictures with them and again told him he was sorry about James.
Tammy Eunice wrote on Facebook after last weekend:
I am stunned and completely amazed at the kindness and generosity of Coach Mark Richt. …We felt he had done so much for us and honestly if that had not happened we would have understood. True to his word though, 2 weeks ago we got a package in the mail with tickets to sit in his box and a letter stating that he wanted to honor James with the number 23 on all the helmets. I was stunned! James was a young man who never practiced one time with the Bulldogs ... wasn’t being actively recruited by the Bulldogs . ..and was not promised a slot on the team. Did Coach Richt have to do this? Absolutely not. Did he do this to garner praise for himself? No way. The reason I believe he did this was again to honor the life of our boy.”
Eunice’s spirit will live on not only on the Georgia football team and those that knew him and loved him in Valdosta, but through money raised  in his name since the drowning.
About $20,000 came through private donations and the T-shirt sales for a scholarship fund, which supports graduating high school seniors from South Georgia high schools. There were six awarded this year.
Additional funds were raised — $148,000 — to purchase 24 dry suits, a dive boat, a motor, trailer and sonar and other equipment for the Lowndes County Sheriff’s dive team.
It was donated on June 16, James’ birthday.
“We understand God has a bigger purpose in all this,” his father said. “So we’re moving forward. That’s what James was all about. James invested in people, so we’re looking to invest in those same young men and women and tell James’ story every chance we get.”

Saturday, October 11, 2014

It's the Nick Chubb Show

and I expect big things.

Won't break as many tackles as Gurley, but he hits the hole hard and may have an advantage in speed.

I think Georgia will be okay.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

What can you say? Spurrier has our number

Bobo out-thought himself on that qb keeper.  We missed two critical field goals.  Used to happen like that against Florida.

Congrats to South Carolina.  Their line whipped ours.  We still have goals for the season, but we're not nearly as good as we thought.

Nothing from our defensive line

No mention of Jordan Jenkins or Leonard Floyd.  They ran it down our throats.

I've always liked a beefy defensive line, so our off-season effort for our d-line to lose weight might have been the wrong recipe in the SEC.  We'll need a stop to win this game, and it doesn't look like we can get it.  Will they fumble a wet ball?  We need some kind of big play.  Special teams?

Hutson has stepped up

Not the prettiest passing, but he hasn't made any huge mistakes and he's being effective.

I think the rain helps the kind of smash-mouth football we want to play.  I'm thinking we win by seven.  We haven't played that well, but we're just inside the fourth quarter at their place and we're just down by three.  But for the missed field goal, we would be tied.

We need a three and out, or at least a stout defensive stand.


Maybe the game should have been rained out.  Looks like our defense is still in the training room getting their ankles wrapped.

Spurrier is a great coach.  I dislike him, but you have to give credit where credit is due.

Spurrier has them prepared.  Their qb looks very sharp.  Hate to say it, but through one half our guy looks average.

Good thing they don't have Clowney, Lattimore, Shaw or Jeffries.

We can come back.  They played almost perfectly and even won the special teams battle.

I knew Spurrier would have something up his sleeve

but I didn't expect it to be lightning.

Tech Pulls it out Yet Again

Just scored the go-ahead touchdown.  Best I can tell, there are 23 seconds left.

Tech kicks the PAT.  42 to 38.  Southern has all its time-outs, but Tech got lucky with the turnover.


Southern up, 38 to 35, driving for another score, then they fumble the ball.

Tech has it now.  They might re-take the lead, though they haven't done anything much the entire second half.

Georgia Southern is Driving

This could be huge.

Touchdown!  Georgia Southern, 36, Georgia Tech, 35.

Georgia Southern vs. Tech

I know it's 35 to 17 and Tech has a commanding lead, but I still think Southern can come back and win.

 Call me crazy, but Southern may somehow run its ball-control offense and get going in the 4th quarter.

Ha!  Georgia Southern just scored.  It's 35 to 24 now, and it's still the third quarter.  If I'm Paul Johnson, I'm shaking in my boots right now.

Wow.  Georgia Southern got the ball back and now have it at the Tech 32.  If Southern scores, this might be the blow that takes away Tech's confidence.

Can't type fast enough.  It's now 35 to 30.  Tech is driving, though.  Wish this game were on t.v.

Southern stopped them.  Tech has them pinned down after a good punt.  Southern is 95 yards away from the go-ahead touchdown.

Southern is better than Wofford.  They might just pull this one out.  Fourth quarter.  Wouldn't surprise me to see Southern win by two touchdowns.

UGA Hit the Lotto with Chubb

Just wanted to say that Nick Chubb has the potential to be one of the best UGA running backs ever.

Sure, Chubb will be in Todd Gurley's shadow for a while.  In Nick's own words, "It's still the Todd Gurley show."  But if Gurley is the star, then as far as the UGA offense is concerned, Chubb might get his fair share of nominations for Best Supporting Actor.

Don't know how much Nick will be used in the South Carolina game, but he showed against Clemson that he is way more than a good back who played at a small high school.  He's a big-time athlete, guy with break-away speed and a physicality that is truly rare.  Helmet-less, shoe-less, Chubb keeps going.

Here's hoping he stays healthy.  If so, Dawg fans are in for a treat as Chubb's career unfolds.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Takais Brown Charged with Murder

Oh well.

Sad to see a guy fall this far, this fast.  Brown, 28, and his brother, 24, and another man have been charged with a murder that occurred August 8.

Brown has been accused with first degree murder, armed robbery and first degree home invasion.  He's innocent until proven guilty, of course, and not all the facts are known, but the charges are very, very serious.

Takais had plenty of basketball talent.  He was a stand-out in high school basketball at Flint Central High, graduating in 2004.  He went JUCO at Southeastern Illinois College for two years, where he notched 19 points and 9 rebounds per game, and was named a third team All-American.

Brown was recruited to Georgia in 2006, and after serving a two-game academic suspension, led the Dawgs in scoring, averaging 14 points and 6 rebounds.  He was again suspended, this time for class attendance issues in 2007, then dismissed just before his senior season (October of 2007) by Coach Felton for a violation of team rules.

Takais played internationally in Puerto Rico, then moved to Finland in 2008, averaging 18 points and 6 boards.  He next played in Slovenia (part of the former Yugoslavia) in 2009, where he averaged 15 points and 9 rebounds.  He thereafter was recruited to Argentina to play, but didn't pass the physical because of a knee problem.  He was drafted in 2010 by the Reno Big Horns of the D-League.

Talent was never the issue for the 6' 8", 252-lb Brown.

It was all the other stuff.

Unfortunately, it looks like the other stuff will have him behind bars for many years to come.


Ajax Recaps Playing Career

Good article from the Surf Kentucky web site on 26-year old Albert Jackson.

Turns out that Jackson is playing in China now, and has been playing there for four years.  Jackson told the Madisonville, Kentucky Lions Club group that he started playing in China right out of college back in 2010, when he had $50 to his name.

After not making the sixth-grade basketball team, the well-traveled Jackson has now played professionally in China, Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, Holland, Kuwait and Ecuador. He plans to keep playing until he reaches the age of 30.


As Chronicles readers likely remember, Jackson played center for the UGA basketball squad, laboring through various injuries, an off-court problem or two, and the coaching change from Felton to Fox.  The 6' 10" lefty came up big to help lead the Dawgs to its amazing SEC "Tornado Tournament" win.

For more information on Jackson, his games and statistics while playing internationally, senior night in Athens, and other aspects of his playing career, click on his name in the blue hypertext below.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

May the Best Man Win at Small Forward

I decided to edit my post about the dismissal of Brandon Morris, and keep it fairly short, meanwhile adding to my post about the line-up for the fall.

So, now that Morris will no longer be around to hold down the starting position at small forward, UGA's options going into the 2014/2015 season appear to be:

Yante Maten, 6' 8" freshman.
Kenny Paul Geno, 6' 6" sophomore.
Juwan Parker, 6' 4" sophomore.
Nemi Djurisic, 6' 8" senior.
Cameron Forte, 6' 7" junior.

Maten has talent and appears to be very versatile, having played some point guard in high school.  His issues are learning the offense and getting in shape.  I had Maten replacing Donte Williams at the power forward position, helping out Marcus Thornton, who is an under-sized post.

Kenny Paul Geno, a late recruiting pick-up last season after Kentavious Caldwell-Pope opted for the NBA, played some last year against Mississippi State and actually looked pretty good, scoring six points.  Otherwise, Geno averaged a point and a rebound per game over the course of the year.  Is he ready to start at the small forward position?  I don't think so, but he'll get his share of minutes.

Juwan Parker can play.  The problem is that he is our one option behind Kenny Gaines at the two-guard.  I say, keep bringing Parker off the bench.

Nemi has played a lot.  When he's hot, he's fun to watch. When he's not, not so much. I wouldn't regard him as an elite defender or ball-handler, which is what you want from a small forward.  I like Nemi providing a spark as sixth man.

Forte has good hands and is crafty around the basket.  He led Georgia in field goal percentage, almost shooting 60 percent from the floor (.591).  The only team members who came close to that percentage were Donte Williams and John Cannon, both of whom moved on.  Forte's biggest issue is that he can't shoot (Sounds harsh, but anyone who shoots 30 percent from the free throw line for a D-1 team, can't shoot, okay?).  Fox was quoted once as saying that Forte "has an ugly game, but good instincts."

Result?  Who's our best man for the job?

If Forte's game goes from ugly to decent-looking, he is the best option.  He doesn't need to be a three-point ace, but he simply must get to the point where he can convert from as far out as 15 feet, and at least shoot better than 60 percent from the line.  Forte, who looks more like 6' 5" than his listed 6' 7", is a decent rebounder, averaging  2 boards per game in 9 minutes.  He is not an explosive leaper, and probably won't ever be, but I would hope that he can increase his vertical a few inches over the summer.

If Forte doesn't improve, then Parker probably gets the start.  A lot of teams use three-guard sets, and Parker is probably the best match-up for those situations.  Fox hopefully is scouring the AAU circuit looking for a late-blooming two-guard, with size.  I'd rather save the ship than save the 'ship at this point.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Morris Dismissed

Morris dismissed.  No surprise here.

What would be surprising is if Brandon's suspension last year wasn't due to some drug-related issue.  I think if there had been a drug matter last year, then that would explain why Mark Fox acted so quickly, dismissing Morris a day or so after the arrest.

Guys are presumed innocent until proven guilty.  However, if you had an issue before, then don't be surprised if the presumption, for athletic scholarship purposes, evaporates if you get into trouble again.

None of us have all the details, so I probably won't speculate further about the situation.  I will say that the Morris arrest and subsequent dismissal are disappointing.  I had hoped that Brandon would really come into his own this year.

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Sounds like a bad movie.  Looks like one, too.

Last week we got the report that Turtle Jackson had committed.  Had me excited.  I should have known bad news was coming.  I felt something in my bones.  I thought it might have been the rheumatism.  Nope.  Worse. UGA basketball.

Sure enough our collective hopes are jarred once again.  This time, it's the arrest of Brandon Morris.  The AJC reports that he was arrested for felony possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

We can harp on "overzealous Athens Clarke County police" if we want, but you can't absolve players just because they're players.  Guys have to take responsibility.

Consider the record over the last few years:

2007:  Takais Brown, Mike Mercer and Albert Jackson were suspended for class attendance issues.
2008:  Billy Humphrey suspended for underage drinking.
2008:  Billy Humphrey dismissed
2010:  Albert Jackson arrested for hit and run of parked car.
2012:  Donte Williams arrested for possession at Lenox Square Mall.
2014:  J.J. Frazier arrested for driving without a license.

I could go on.  I chose three incidents from the Fox tenure, and three from Felton's.  I chose three Athens law enforcement arrests, two from the Atlanta area, and one student discipline matter.

I know that UGA football also has bizarre arrests and problems, but the margin for error with basketball's thirteen-scholarship limit is so small.  The impact is much greater when a basketball player gets in trouble.

I could talk about untimely injuries and all sorts of admission matters that impact hoops recruitment (like the Charles Mitchell situation), but you get the point.  Every year, it's something.

That's how life goes when you're snakebit.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Turtle Jackson: Ten Reasons Why I'm Psyched

Couldn't be happier for UGA basketball and Coach Fox.  Well, I could.  Can we flip Daniel Giddens?

One at a time, one at a time.

Glad to be posting again.  Life gets busy sometimes.  Anyway, back to the subject at hand.  UGA recently received a commitment from William "Turtle" Jackson.  That is huge news for at least ten reasons:

1)  Dude can play.

Nice arc on his jump shot.  Note that he has the ability that other great point guards have, in that he goes either right or left, full speed, and always keeps his head up so he can make the right pass.  Dishes with either the right or left hand.  Is not bothered by "bump and run" style defense.  Finishes through contact.  Willing rebounder and defender.  Not an explosive leaper yet, but he might develop plenty of lift as he continues to work on his game.

2)  High Character

Turtle Jackson is a good kid.  He'll represent UGA well.  As we have seen with football, a good player with bad habits ends up at _____________ (you put in the name of the school.  A couple come to mind for me).

3)  Position of Need

We brought in two big men for 2014.  Yante Maten and Osahen "Fred" Iduwe will hopefully hold down the front court in future years.  So unless something changes drastically, we won't add any guards this year.  I had hoped that Cameron Johnson of Clarke Central might somehow find a spot, but he got signed by College of Charleston.

At any rate, by the fall of 2015, Charles Mann will be entering his senior year.  We have J.J. Frazier, a scrappy, but undersized point guard who by then will be a junior, but we need a big point guard.  Turtle Jackson fits the bill perfectly.

4)  Legacy Signee

If I'm not mistaken, Turtle Jackson's Dad played at UGA.  We ought to be able to sign a kid like Jackson, and we will.

5)  Local Product

He'll be a fan favorite right off the bat.  Will we see more local fans out at the games?

6)  Desire

Turtle Jackson wants to play for Georgia.  He has committed to us, and though he could open up his recruitment again, I seriously doubt it.  We want guys who want to come to, or as in Jackson's case, want to stay in, Athens.

7)  Room to Grow

Jackson is 6' 4" or thereabouts right now.  Who's to say that he won't grow another inch or even two over the next year and a half?  He has had a knee injury, but by the time fall 2015 rolls around, he should be good to go.  Throw in a good preseason weight-training and conditioning program, and he'll be ready to help UGA post some victories up on the schedule.

8)  Early Commit

I have wanted just this kind of result for a while.  It seems the other programs get commitments early from talented players.  Meanwhile, UGA hangs on but ultimately misses out on guys (I am reminded on Tony Parker) and ends up trying to find potential signees late in the process.  Definitely not a formula for recruiting success.  Jackson is on board during the summer before his senior year.  That's huge.

9)  Makes others Better

You see that phrase tossed around a bit, but what I mean by it is that a player works hard, is unselfish and is a positive influence in the locker room, all the while having the skill set to help get wins on the court.  Jackson is all that.

10)  Momentum

Great shooters want somebody who has the ability and willingness to get them the ball.  Great big men want to play with someone who can feed the post.  Great recruits want to go someplace where other great recruits are going.

Sometimes all you need is an ice-breaker, a guy who will commit early and then work the phones and social media to help the staff bring in the next key recruit.  All the better if he is a point guard.  All the better if he is William Jackson.

Let's bring in Jaylen Brown, Giddens, and a shooter.  UGA basketball finally has recruiting Mo' on our side.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Fun While It Lasted

I thought Fox was going to be able to do something in the SEC.  We were 4 and 1 and within shouting distance of first place if someone could beat Florida a couple of times.

Now after losing three straight, we're 4 and 4 in the SEC, and we look totally out of sorts.

The disturbing stat is that Fox is in danger of having a losing record for the season.  We're not only 4 and 4 in the league, we're also 10 and 10 overall on the season.  We can't have another losing season.  Three out of four was bad, but if Fox goes four out of five losing seasons, the boosters will be in an uproar.  Fox has a 50 percent win record.  We fired Felton for taking a team on NCAA probation and managing just 48 percent.

We should have beaten a short-handed Vanderbilt team.  We played a little better, but no excuse for not winning at Auburn.  They have a couple of good guards, but they're not a good team.

I thought we were good.  We're not.  Fun while it lasted.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

This is getting funny

We can't get calls going to the rim, we're making stupid unforced turnovers and Kentucky is pounding it inside.

Hard to watch.  We look like a high school team.

If we keep milking the clock

stop making turnovers, we can play ugly and make it a foul-shooting contest.

Best game ever for Brandon Morris.  Let's ride him and see what happens.  Down 12 at half-time is not bad.
They won't hit all the 3-pointers in the second half.

Today we're going to play a little game

Here's a Roster of Basketball Talent

Which one has the most 5-stars?

This one's easy.

Well. so much for showing up

How many turnovers is that?

Embarrassing, but we don't have the horses.

Hard to show up when your shooting guards aren't dressed out.

Gaines not playing

Dawgs can't win, in my opinion.

What other guards do we have, other than a gimpy Juwan Parker?

Ughh.  No JP either, just heard.

Dawgs at Rupp

So hard to win there.  They always seem to get all the calls.  The crowd gets into it and then the turnovers start to multiply.

I don't think Georgia will win, but I do want us to show up.  For Georgia to have a shot at winning, Marcus Thornton has to play big and we need Kenny Gaines to get hot.  Can Morris be an x-factor?  We'll see.

Game on in 5 minutes.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Did we Recruit Davonte Fitzgerald?

Dude is a player.  Looks really good against Kentucky, and he's from Tucker High in Atlanta.  He's a 6' 7" wing who can score and he's a freshman.  Named SEC Freshman of the Week last week.

Don't like the idea of Texas AM out-recruiting us in our backyard.  Imagine if Fitzgerald backed up Brandon Morris.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Now That was a Game!

Dawgs win in overtime, beating the Arkansas Razorbacks 66 to 61.

Georgia is now 3 and 1 in the SEC, tied for second place.  Who thought we'd be in this position at this point in the season?

Okay.  I know we got some home-cooking.  There were some calls that went our way.  But that's part of home-court advantage.  Besides, the team that hustles the most normally gets the calls.  And boy, did we hustle!

55 rebounds?  I've been following Georgia basketball a long time, and I can't recall the Dawgs ever corralling that many.  22-board rebound differential?  24 offensive rebounds?  We cleaned the glass so good you could eat off it!

Impressed with Kenny Gaines, Brandon Morris and Marcus Thornton.

Thornton is recovering from his knee injuries (he's had three knee surgeries since coming to UGA.).  That much is clear.  What is unclear is how much of his leaping ability and confidence he will get back.  He's looking really good so far this year.  Marcus ended the day with 11 points and 13 rebounds against Arkansas.  Since when have we had a double-double guy?  

Morris didn't shoot the ball well-- nobody on the team did-- but Brandon showcased what he can do.  Solid defense, rebounds, ball-handling and clutch plays.  He got 8 points and 6 boards for the day.

Kenny Gaines had his best game, in my opinion.  5 for 12 shooting, leading the team with 15 points and 4 boards.  Absolutely huge 3-pointer in over-time.  Monster dunk on a fast break, too.  

Remember that Gaines rarely played last year.  I practically begged Fox to put Gaines and KCP in the game at the same time. Fox wouldn't do it.  That was last year.  The good news for 2014 is that Gaines will get better.  

Props to Coach Fox.  I don't like some of his decisions, but you can see the coaching.  Guys know the plays, and that only comes through hours and hours of repetition.  Would like to see some traps, presses or zone defenses, but the man-to-man has looked solid.  

Recruiting just has to get better.  Maybe it will.  I don't see how, but I didn't see how we could be in second place in the SEC, either.  

Great win for the Dawgs.  Should be a good game Wednesday against South Carolina.  Go Dawgs!