Saturday, December 7, 2013

What was up with the announcers during half-time?

Frat boys?

Wonder how much Dr. Pepper is paying for all these commercials?

At least show some of the other "one of a kind" Dr. Pepper drinkers.

Like the kid with the awesome skills on the tricycle.  Cue up her story.  Oh, and skip the dude with the loaf of bread pinned to his body.  That's not one of a kind, that's weird.

By the way,

since Marshall is so effective as a quarterback, and we had him slotted at cornerback, is it possible that we are mis-positioning other guys?  Mis-reading the talent of other guys on the roster?

Bit of a stretch, but I wonder what Lemay would have done in the spread offense?

Even better question:  Is a hurry-up offense, one that utilizes lots of runs from the option, the best way to utilize our skill at tailback?  Put Marshall in motion so that he can get a full head of steam and hit the edge, and either give it to him or option it to either Chubb or Gurley.  How could we be stopped?

Not saying we should go away from what we do well, but since we have physical quarterbacks in Mason and Bauta, let's throw in some more wrinkles for teams to think about.  Gary Danielson just said that more teams are going to go with the system.  I think UGA should be one.  Do what Missouri has done to mix in a little of each.

Auburn is impressive

Wish we had more elements of the spread in our offense.

Missouri was beating our guys when all they had to do was rush the quarterback and not worry about eye discipline.  But when they don't know where the ball is, by the time they figure it out, Auburn's offensive player is 8 yards downfield.

Is it a surprise to anyone that the two teams in the SEC championship run the spread?

Monday, December 2, 2013

Dawgs should win against Chattanooga

Expecting a good game for UGA.  Would like to see us continue to work on fundamentals.  I'm okay with Fox using his deep bench as long as the game is in hand.

Charles Mann and Kenny Gaines should have an advantage on the perimeter.  If Brandon and Forte drive the ball they should be able to finish at the rim. Wish Fox would experiment with both Brandon and Cam on the floor at the same time.  Just slide Morris down to the power forward position.

If Donte plays big, he might start to get his confidence back.  Marcus Thornton has been playing much better this year.  

If we get to a 3 and 4 record with a victory tonight, Coach Fox and the squad will start to feel better about their prospects for the season.  As I said previously, we have to take it a game at a time.

Curious to see how Andrew Houts will do for the Mocs.  Hoops fans may remember that his sister Ashley was a McDonald's All-American and an all-everything player for UGA.  Ashley is playing in the WNBA for the Washington Mystics.  Andrew can shoot the three, so it's important to cover him on the perimeter. 

Predicting a ten-point win for the Dawgs, 73 to 63.  Something like that.

Go Dawgs!