Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sundiata Gaines Selected #15 in D-League Draft

The D-League held their annual draft today. Sundiata Gaines was picked at #15 by the Idaho Stampede.

The Stampede should be competitive this year. Gaines will help by bringing his all-around game. He averaged 13 points, 3 rebounds, and 2 assists last year in Italy, playing for Cantu.

Idaho is already a pretty good team. They finished second last year in the Western Division of the D-League, one game behind the first place team, the Utah Flash. In 2008, the Stampede won the D-League championship.

I would imagine that Gaines will have a little bit of an adjustment, since he will be moving from New York to Boise. However, in spite of the difference in time and population, the change in location might turn out well for Gaines.

The Stampede are affiliated with the Denver Nuggets and the Portland Trailblazers. I could see Gaines getting a real serious look from one or both of these teams, so maybe there is a path to the NBA somewhere down the road.

Congratulations, Sundiata!

Recruiting the ATL

Good article from the AJC. Dominique and Jarvis Hayes are quoted, as are Jalen Kendrick and Coach Hugh Durham.

It will take Coach Fox a while. He got Vincent Williams on board for 2009, and Gerald Robinson and Cady Lalanne for 2010.

But will the best players in the Atlanta area come to Athens?

Fox will have to see just what it takes to handle the Atlanta AAU scene. Since the NCAA is working to get new rules enacted, the relationships with AAU coaches should be cleaner. There shouldn't be as many issues with the perception of improper dealing, and all this should benefit Coach Fox as he seeks to develop ties within the basketball community.

The biggest issue is the Win and Loss record for Fox in his first year. If Fox can field a competitive and even winning team this fall and winter, then prospects will start to want to come to UGA.

Basketball Recruiting

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Clemson is Stocked

Oliver Purnell is getting it done over at Clemson. He recruits at a high level. His team is starting to play pretty well in the ACC. And now, Purnell is adding a little bit of "show" to his pre-season by swooping down from the rafters during Clemson's midnight madness.

As the attached indicates, Clemson has not done well at the end of the season. But all that could change.

Just his front line will give the rest of the ACC fits. The Booker brothers (sounds like a jazz band), Milt Jennings, Noel Johnson... And from the link from, it looks like Tanner Smith and Andre Young will help out a lot on the perimeter.

I don't know how Georgia's scrimmage against Clemson went, but if UGA played well against that bunch, there's hope for our season.

Anybody ready for basketball?


Scout Article

Howard Thompkins Named Pre-Season All-SEC

Here's the link to the article from the Athens Banner Herald.

Thompkins will need to play well for Georgia to compete in the SEC.

Mike Mercer Scores 17

Stan Heath and the USF Bulls played Florida Southern in an exhibition game.

Mike Mercer went 7 for 10 from the floor.

Hate to beat this point to death, but this season really is Mercer's last shot. He's had the proverbial two strikes with various legal issues during his time in Tampa. And he's had two serious knee injuries. He was dismissed at Georgia, transferred, dismissed at USF, and reinstated. He has graduated. As far as I know, there are no more schools to attend, no more eligibility to expend.

This will be his last chance to show his coach and anyone else watching that he has the talent, physical strength and the attitude to play basketball at a high level.

Maybe it will all come together for Mercer. I'm pulling for him.

Video of Damien Wilkins' Game-Winner

Happened in the first game of the season when the Minnesota Timberwolves played the New Jersey Nets.

I wanted to make this subsequent post so that when you click on Damien's name in hypertext below, the original post with the stats plus this one with the video will come up together.

Link to video.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kevin Ware to UT

Kevin Ware, a 5-star point guard from the Conyers area, has committed to Bruce Pearl.

According to the attached article, Ware was positively influenced to commit when the football team changed from their orange uniforms into black jerseys.

Sounds like Kiffin stole a Mark Richt strategy and Pearl ended up benefitting. Ironic, isn't it? Too bad Georgia's football team was not more successful this year with its recent uniform switch.

Ware is #21 in Rivals' top 150 players for the class of 2011.

Kevin Ware

Humphrey has Surgery

Billy Humphrey underwent arthroscopic surgery on his right knee last week. Sounds like it is the same knee that gave Humphrey trouble during his last year at UGA, when he was said to be suffering from "runner's knee."

Humphrey will be out 2 to 4 weeks. The time frame makes it unlikely that he will be in the lineup next week when New Orleans faces UGA for the teams' season opener.

Monday, November 2, 2009

North Georgia Saints Come Marching In

Should be a good game this Friday. Chance for fans to get their first look at Coach Fox and his basketball squad.

North Georgia has a couple of 6' 10" guys. Another player is 6' 7". We won't have a size advantage really, so Georgia will have to defend and work their way through the new triangle offense that Coach Fox is installing.

It would be huge for North Georgia for them to come in and gain a victory, even though it is an exhibition game. Let's hope we match their excitement (though not necessarily their singing).

Are you All The Way Turnt Up?

Jeremy Jacob Starts for Oregon

Jacob has made it into the starting lineup for the Oregon Ducks. During recent action, Jacob assisted Oregon to cruise to a victory over visiting Concordia.

Matthew Humphrey (cousin of former UGA player, Billy Humphrey) scored 10 points for Oregon. Teondre Williams, former UGA recruit, and a returning player for the Ducks, scored 12 points in 13 minutes.

Oregon seriously under-performed last year. They finished last in the PAC-10, and went 2 and 16 in the conference. Make no mistake about it, though. With players like Michael Dunigan, TaJuan Porter, Jeremy Jacob, Matthew Humphrey, and Teondre Williams, they have a lot of talent. Should be fun to keep tabs on whether they turn it around in '09/10.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Rambo for QB Petition

Said it before. I'll say it again.

There is another option besides burning Aaron Murray's redshirt. Some might consider it the option-- as in option quarterback. Instead of using Aaron Murray this late in the season, let him have the rest of this season and the off-season for getting healthy.

In the meantime, let's give some time at quarterback to a player who has already used up a redshirt year: Bacarri Rambo.

Rambo has the skill. He's got the experience. He was so good as an option qb in high school that Paul Johnson wanted him to be his quarterback.

Georgia could even take things further and line up against Tennessee Tech with a complete backfield, and see how it works. We don't have to commit wholesale to running the option, mind you. Just see if a different scheme might revive our running game. Having a running quarterback and utilizing some elements of an option, spread, or wildcat attack might help.

Could it be that part of the answer to Georgia's offensive woes has been right under Mark Richt's nose the whole time?

Time for Hoops

Hard to believe that November is here already. But sure enough, that's what my calendar says. Even turned the clock back one hour this morning to mark the end of daylight savings time.

All of this change must mean that basketball season is at hand. And so it is. Georgia will be playing an exhibition game against North Georgia this weekend, and kicking off the 09/10 campaign in earnest at the end of next week, with the season opener against Billy Humphrey and the University of New Orleans.

This year, perhaps it's not just the calendar that has UGA fans eager for basketball to start. Since the football team is an uncharacteristic 4 and 4, some may be looking toward the basketball season as an escape from the disappointment on the gridiron.

I'm curious to see how the team will respond to the new coach. Will there be a recruiting surprise or two? Can UGA do better than .500 in the SEC in basketball, and best the football team's winning percentage?

Leave a comment and let me know what you are looking forward to, or how you think the season will turn out.