Friday, October 14, 2011

Mark Fox Video

Sounds pretty positive overall.

My take is that if Donte Williams and Marcus Thornton play well, Georgia will have a chance. Williams has good fundamentals and just has to get more playing time. Picking up over twenty pounds will help. Thornton has to get his feet underneath him and recover the leaping ability he had in high school. He'll have to push himself to play hard all the time.

Certainly good news that Coach Fox thinks that John Florveus has the skill set to play SEC basketball.

Vincent Williams and Dustin Ware have increased their vertical jump. Not sure how much playing time Vincent will get. Dustin Ware needs to drive the ball and get fouled. In order for the team to play at its best, he needs to put some pressure on the defense.

Starting line-up come November 4 will probably be Ware, Robinson, Pope, Thornton and Williams. Florveus should be the first front line sub and Sherrard should be the designated shooter off the bench.