Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tony Parker, Player of the Year

Good to see the guy's hard work and great attitude. He was 6' 3" and nearly 300 pounds as a seventh grader. But due to his discipline, commitment and his father's support, Parker got better and better.

That gives me hope that UGA's big men can make a big step forward this spring and summer. If Parker comes to Georgia and is backed up by Florveus and Cannon, that sounds like the strongest center rotation Georgia has had in a long time.


Parker has made a point, is Player of the Year, and with his work ethic, perhaps he'll be a lottery pick one of these days. Congrats, to you sir.

Guess ESPN Does Not Think Much of Our Chances

to sign Tony Parker.

ESPN recently published a blog article on which college would be the best fit for Parker, and UGA was not even mentioned in the analysis.

The article did state at the very beginning that UGA was a finalist for Parker's recruitment. However, when ESPN writer Jason Jordan followed up and interviewed Paul Giancardi, ESPN national recruitment director, about Tony's possible choices, Giancardi was quoted as talking about Duke, Kansas, UCLA, Ohio State, and Memphis, without saying a word about Georgia.

Not good.

I still think that there's a good chance that Fox will get Parker. Of course having Ohio State in the Final Four gives them a decided advantage, but they cannot start an all-Miller Grove front line like UGA can. They are hundreds of miles away, while UGA is probably just an hour from Tony's house.

I give ESPN props for doing a good story on Parker's recruitment, that being Jason Jordan's "fly on the wall" article located here. I hope that Giancardi, however, has seriously underestimated the recruiting prowess of Coach Fox.

Let's get this done.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tony Parker Story from ESPN

Hard for Georgia to compete with the big-name schools like Duke and Kansas, but we have as good a shot as any of them. Hope Tony comes to UGA.


Great story by ESPN.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Last Game for Jeremy Jacob?

Probably so. With Jeremy Jacob's injury history and his less than stellar stats, his playing career is likely over after Oregon's loss to Washington in the NIT.

Jacob certainly got to see a lot of the country during his hoops-playing days. He played for two different high schools in Louisiana, graduated in 2006 and then in 2007 took a fifth year at a prep school in Virginia (Hargrave). Jacob then made his way to Athens, playing basketball for Coach Felton, but was sidelined by a stress fracture in his foot. Jacob ended up red-shirting the year that the Dawgs won the SEC Tournament (2007/2008).

The next year, Jacob was on the move. He transferred to Chipola College in Florida for the 2008/2009 season and played a year of juco ball. After Chipola, Jacob signed with Oregon for the 2009/2010 year. He contributed some, but in 2010, hurt his knee and had to have arthroscopic surgery.

Jacob played out his eligibility in three years of ball at Oregon, averaging 5.9 points per game for his career.

Although Jacob could perhaps play international ball, it is more likely that his travel as a basketball player has come to a halt. In any case, I wish him luck wherever his future takes him.

Monday, March 19, 2012

I Know Good Writing When I See It

and Watts Dantzler writes good. I just had to preserve the link on my Blog.

Offensive Lineman Rides Greyhound

Not politically correct, but it was funny, and I needed a laugh today.