Sunday, January 11, 2015

Ten Questions for UGA Basketball (Post Double OT Loss to LSU)

1.  Can Marcus Thornton appeal for another year?

There has to be some rationale for an appeal, given his health issues and knee surgeries, right?

Sure hope so.  A UGA squad with sophomore Yante Maten, freshman Derek Ogbeide, and a returning Marcus Thornton in the post would be formidable.

Thornton might have played one of his best games against LSU.  Missed key free throws, but he was a warrior against a tough LSU front court.  Finished the night with 16 points and 16 rebounds.  Bad foul against Quarterman in the first overtime, but their guys were fouling him and he wasn't getting the calls.  He's won more games for us than he's lost.

2.  With Charles Mann on the free throw line, why pull potential offensive rebounders from the lane?

Fox knows that Mann is not a good free throw shooter.  As might be expected, Mann missed two foul shots late, and the second miss bounced off the rim and up the lane some.  Marcus Thornton or even Kenny Gaines might have been able to corral it if Fox had not pulled them away.

3.  Is it time to bring Nemi Djurisic off the bench?

He did have 15, and I know Nemi is a senior, but Georgia might hit the ground running better if Maten becomes a starter in Nemi's stead.

4.  Did Cameron Forte just earn a start at the 3 position?

Played well last night.  I said in a previous post that if Forte changes his shooting stroke, he can put up big numbers.  Good hands, crafty with the ball, good enough defense.  Liability away from the basket.  Clean that up, and Georgia has its small forward for the rest of the season.  Had 10 points on 5 of 8 shooting.  I say, start him next game.

5.  Why not press?

Arkansas does it, LSU does it.  So does Kentucky.  Gets you a few turnovers as guys get rattled.

6.  Did Fox make a serious effort to recruit Tim Quarterman?

I know I asked that question a couple of years ago, and I guess it's a moot point now, but I sure would like to know the answer.  Some fans argued back in 2013 that by signing Frazier, Fox had successfully recruited the best point guard recruit in the state.  Problem is that Fox hadn't.  Tim Quarterman was better, and UGA fans now see why.

Frazier had an off-night, and that's allowed, but the fact remains that he was 0 for 7 from the floor and finished with 2 points.  Meanwhile, Quarterman was 10 for 16, with 27 points, hitting clutch baskets, one after the other.  Quarterman will be a star in the league.  He lets the game come to him, but when LSU needs a big basket, Quarterman has become the guy.

Quarterman delivered for LSU last night.  Would have been nice to have him at UGA, but from what I could tell, Fox never seemed interested.

7.   What's up with Juwan Parker?

Is it a confidence thing?  Maybe he just needs to get in the gym and shoot.  He's not looking for his shot these days.  Defends and rebounds well, but if he's going to be our starting small forward, it would be nice to see him attempt a shot every now and then.  With his free throw stroke, one would think that that would translate into a nice mid-range game.  That's not happening.  Just wondering whether Fox told him not to shoot.

8.  Can we expect anything from Osahen Iduwe this year?

Didn't get any minutes.  Could be a communication barrier.  He's not a native English speaker, and even guys born here take a while to learn where to be in the Fox offense.  All the same, if he isn't going to play, why didn't we red-shirt him?  And I guess the bigger question is whether we can expect him to contribute at any point, this year or next.  I'm not familiar with his game, but you have to hope that Jonas Hayes is working with him to get him ready.

9.  Will Charles Mann learn a floater?

He's a 6' 5" point guard who has some muscle.  I get that.  I also get that he does not shoot free throws that well, and he turns the ball over on charges.  Can he keep his head up and use a floater or jump stop to shoot the ball?  Would love to see him add that to his arsenal.

10/  How will Georgia fare in a much tougher SEC?

We're 0 and 2 in the SEC and 9 and 5 on the season as a whole.  Hate to judge based on just a couple of games, but it's hard to see Georgia ending up in the top 5 of the SEC this year.  Our competition is tougher.

Alabama seems much improved.  They stomped Tennessee.  Missouri has talent.  LSU is better this year, even without Johnny O'Bryant.  Florida started slow, but they are improving.  South Carolina has taken a step forward.  Kentucky is a beast.  Texas A and M gave them trouble.  Arkansas has already beaten us.

There are no easy victories on the schedule.  If we're not careful, the season could get away from us.