Thursday, September 18, 2008

Coach Felton to Speak

As earlier reported, Coach Felton will be a speaker at the Steak and Stake fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Clubs. The event will take place tonight.

The fundraiser will be held at South Georgia Technical College. The evening begins at 6:00 p.m. with an auction. The dinner will take place at 7:00.

The proceeds from the fundraiser will benefit the Boys and Girls Clubs of Americus and Plains, Georgia. President and Mrs. Jimmy Carter will host the event.

Miscellaneous Information/Response to Comments

I haven't posted over the last couple of days due to work commitments. I will be posting on and off for the next week or so.

Anyway, I'm back to blogging today and I started with updates on Billy Humphrey, Jeremy Jacob and Mike Mercer. Since I don't want the initial page to get too cluttered, I have started showing just 1 or 2 posts per day, and archiving the rest. If you want to find a post, be sure to check the blog archive section.

Response to Comments:

I like posting my responses to comments here so that my responses will be easier to find (for me and for anyone else who is interested).

Qs3 pointed out that he thought UGA had only one more scholarship open for 2009 after the Daniel Miller commitment. He is correct.

Qs3 was obviously reacting to the fact that I'd suggested that UGA accept 4 commitments for 2009. I hadn't overlooked the fact that there are only 3 openings, and that 2 are already taken. At times, coaches accept more commitments than they have open slots. Happens all the time in football, though not as much in basketball. Billy Donovan, basketball coach at UF, did it this past year. The numbers generally work out, and in unusual situations, such as the possibility of signing both Terrance Shannon and Derrick Favors, such a strategy has to be considered, or even recommended.

Mike Mercer still with USF after Incident

It appears that Mike Mercer's discipline, after being arrested for public consumption of alcohol, will be handled internally, and that Mercer will remain with the USF basketball team.

Mercer has been playing this summer with the Tampa Bay Pro Am, a summer league operated by Haywood Workman, formerly of the Indiana Pacers.

According to one source, USF has had to self-report violations for having un-approved players participating in the League. Mercer did have approval, but others on his team did not. Terrell Woody, an individual later hired by USF to assist with the basketball team, was a coach of one of the teams participating in the Pro Am.

In somewhat related news, USF is facing scrutiny with regard to Woody's hiring and the recruitment of elite big man, Gus Gilchrist.

Package Deal?

Jeremy Jacob to Visit Arkansas is reporting that Jeremy Jacob will take a recruiting visit to Arkansas this weekend.

After leaving Georgia, it was thought that Jacob would end up attending LSU. There were reports that LSU's new coach was focusing some of his recruiting efforts at getting the best talent from Louisiana, and a Jacob commitment seemed to be in the cards.

Later, it was reported that Coach Mike Davis of UAB was attempting to bring Jacob in as part of UAB's haul of JUCO players from Florida's Chipola Junior College. Since UAB has signed Casey Mitchell and now, Jon Kreft, from Chipola, it seemed likely that Jacob would join the group.

The Arkansas visit is a new twist. It is possible that Georgia fans will get to see Jacob play in an SEC basketball contest, but not as a member of UGA's team.

Billy Humphrey to University of New Orleans

Billy Humphrey, former player for University of Georgia, has announced that he is enrolled at the University of New Orleans. Humphrey will sit out the 2008/2009 season, and be eligible to play in 2009/2010.

The University of New Orleans Privateers has been a team in transition for much of the last three years. UNO, part of the Sun Belt Conference, was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. A total of 8 sports were cut as UNO tried to recover from the storm.

The basketball team was able to adjust by moving to Tyler, Texas. When the team returned to New Orleans, their home court, Lakefront Arena, was unuseable. The Privateers ended up playing in a 1,200 seat facility.

UNO went through 3 coaches in the past 3 years. However, the team has been buoyed by the announcement of a $1 million gift from Gabe Corchiani, former player and still the career assists leader for the team. The donation, which will be spread out over 5 years, will go in part to renovate Lakefront Arena.

UNO went 19 and 13 last year. Current coach, Joe Pasternak, a New Orleans native, faces the challenge of starting the 2008/2009 season after having lost his top scorer to graduation. Humphrey will be counted on next year to restore some of that scoring punch.

We wish Humphrey the best as he finalizes his senior season.