Saturday, October 17, 2015

Ugliest Georgia Win I Remember

But I'll take it.

Beats the alternative by far.

Hats off to the Georgia defense.

We have two weeks to get some new plays figured out.  UF is for real on defense, and I doubt they let us line up from center and run between the tackles all day.

Florida ties it up with LSU

Hopes for our season hanging on by a thread.

Trying to give Lambert some easy throws

on those wide receiver screens, but Godwin is too slight to block their guy.

They just dropped a fourth easy interception.

We can't hide Lambert forever.  Time to make a change.

Our defense is playing lights out.  It's 6 to 6.  Can we win this thing?

6 to 3 at the half

Props to the defense.

I haven't watched all the game, but our passing attack is in trouble.  How many right in their hands interceptions have they dropped?

Time for Bauta?

Yikes. We're still in this thing

3 to 3.  Not a pretty game.

But the defense is hanging tough.

If we can win this thing, and LSU beats Florida, could UGA still win the East?  Is that even possible?
Maybe the commentators have already mentioned it, or there is an article out there that goes through the scenarios.

Folks, Georgia Looks Bad

The play-calling.  The offensive line push.  It's just not there.  We just can't call a play and run into the teeth of a stacked box.  What are we doing???

Maybe the plan is to wear them down with excuses in the fifth quarter.

Expecting Mizzou to beat us at home.

Hate to say it, but that's what I'm seeing right now.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Guess Ben Watson can still play a little bit

Has caught 9 passes tonight for 113 yards and a touchdown.

Hate to see Watson do this against the Falcons, but I'm proud of him.  Class act.

Maybe Atlanta is waiting on the fourth quarter to make things exciting.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Bring in Baruti Now!

Harold Baruti is a player.  Guy is 6' 6", shoots 40 percent from behind the arc, and has impressive hops.  Defends.  Gets you 10 points, 5 boards, and a steal per game on a Mountain Mission team with other D1 recruits.  What's not to like?

Harold Baruti has only one or two D1 offers, best I can tell from the published reports.  He's a diamond in the rough like Mike Edwards.

Bring Baruti in and he can play either the 2 or the 3 position.  We need another scorer, since we're losing Kenny Gaines and Charles Mann after this year.  I know we will have Jordan Harris and Tyree Crump, but we don't have any depth at the three position behind Wilridge.

While we're at it, let's recruit Jethro Tshisumpa, too.  Not the most skilled player right now, but he's a big man who can block shots, rebound, run the floor, catch passes cleanly and dunk.  With a year behind Derek Ogbeide, Tshisumpa could really blossom.  I don't see where that scholarship would come from, but if we had one available beyond the one given to Baruti, Tshisumpa would be a good catch.

Jonas, I know we might be eyeing another stretch 4.  I really think that in a year like this one, you bring in the best player available.  That's Harold Baruti, in my opinion.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Falcons Win Again!

This time, in overtime.  Atlanta is 5 and 0.

Great victory for the team.  Glad that Deangelo Hall's team lost.

Still wonder, if we have a former professional football team offensive coordinator, why Georgia's offense looks so anemic.  So vanilla.

Loved the Read on Damien Wilkins and the Charlotte Hornets

There is nothing like being on adventure with God.  There are so many twists and turns and surprises along the way.

Wilkins Word

Please go to his Blog to read the full post.  But in short, Damien signed a contract to play in Venezuela.  His flight there was supposed to go through Miami, but they gave him a connecting flight through Charlotte, NC, instead.  While there, the flight to Venezuela is delayed, delayed and then cancelled.  Meanwhile, Michael Kidd Gilchrist, a player for the Charlotte Hornets gets injured.  The Charlotte GM contacts Damien's agent, and so Damien just happens to be in Charlotte when the NBA team based in Charlotte wants to give him a shot.  They hammer out the deal in no time flat and Damien, who wanted just one more NBA opportunity, has one laid in his lap.

Shucks, I hope Damien makes the team.  Even if he doesn't, that means God has something better for him down in Venezuela.  He might get cut, but he can't lose.  It's called being on adventure with a God who knows each one of us and wants our best.