Saturday, October 31, 2009

Georgia Tech Up Big on Vandy

Vandy was ahead for a little while. Now Tech has 56 points. They may take the air out of the game, just in a show of respect for Vandy, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Tech score again.

Whatever the final score turns out to be, the fact is that Tech is really good this year. Paul Johnson has an effective system.

Might be ugly when they play UGA this year.

If the cards line up right for Tech, they might even play Florida for the national championship. Disgusting thought, and several things would have to break Tech's way, but if they run the table and the others teams play poorly, they could make an argument that they ought to face Florida (assuming that Florida beats Alabama in the SEC championship).

No Surprise

Georgia lost to Florida. No surprise, there. I hate that my 38 to 12 prediction was pretty much right on the mark. Would have much rather eaten crow after a Georgia victory.

There will be lots of belly-aching on the message boards and in the media. Why not? We got whipped. Special Teams. Offense. Defense. Turnovers. Penalties. Everything.

When it was 3rd and 15 early in the game and we didn't even try to throw the football downfield, I wondered about the message we were sending Florida and our own team. Have we lost confidence in Cox?

The thought crossed my mind about whether Cox could benefit from Lasik surgery. He seems to stare down receivers as if he can't pick up other receivers quickly enough.

Black helmets did not help. Appears mostly foolish if you're worried about the impact of the heat.

Maybe we will have the "aha moment" that we need a different offensive system. Don't know what that means, but we might have to have a different offensive coordinator.

My concern is the impact that the loss will have on the team. Will Georgia rebound? Or will we have a losing season? Auburn, Kentucky and Georgia Tech can all beat us. Shucks. Perhaps Tennessee Tech can beat us, too.

We're not very good, so if we don't get our attitudes right, we might just mail it in for the rest of the year.

Bad Feelings Again

Hope I'm wrong. Just can't see Georgia winning this game. I hope we make it competitive.

My vibes are saying that Florida wins big. 38 to 12. Something like that.

Beating the #1 team in the country would be such a boost for Mark Richt, staff and team. Most years, I want Georgia to beat Florida and Georgia Tech. Anything else is gravy, almost, in my opinion.

So Georgia could still have a successful season. Even though we're 4 and 3. If we find a way to go on a little streak here, I would love it. Let's start by surprising the Gators in Florida. Blow them out instead.

Go Dawgs!

Impact of the Bye Week

Will we have a Bye Week Boost, or the Bye Week Blues? Will UGA come in rested, or rusty?

I think it will give the Dawgs an advantage. It should. Here's a good summary from UGA's official site,


Friday, October 30, 2009

Bulldawgs' Leslie in Rarefied Air

I read with interest the news that Travis Leslie had eclipsed 45 inches in the Dawgs' most recent tests of vertical jumping ability.

When the team used to do the jumping measurements, UGA used the "standard vertical," that is having the players jump from a standing position. I understand that later coaches allowed players to take a one-step approach. Some other testers allow players a run-up before jumping.

As a result of the difference in testing procedures, comparisons between players are only so precise. And I have no idea which method Coach Fox uses. Nonetheless, surpassing 45 inches is incredible, whether from a standing position, one-step, or from a trampoline.

Here are some other vertical leaping measurements:

NBA Average: 28"

World Record: 55", held by former Globetrotter, Michael Wilson

Highest Reported: 61"

David Thompson, formerly of the NBA: 48"

Dominique Wilkins: 42"

Boss Bailey: 41"

Dr. J.: 41"

Vince Carter: 45"

Dequan Jones: 39"

UNO Coach Feels Great about his Team

He's really positive about the chances for his team winning a few games that it shouldn't. He relishes the underdog role, and it sounds like he'll have a fairly deep bench.

If Billy Humphrey is healthy, he'll challenge the Dawgs. Since he had that ongoing issue with "runner's knee," the year sitting out as a transfer probably helped him out a bunch. To top it off, I'm sure he'll be very motivated to play well against his former teammates.

Should be a fun game.

New Orleans

Thursday, October 29, 2009

AJC Article on Cady Lalanne


I know that some fans are not particularly excited about Lalanne because he is a 3-star. He is at #142 in the national rankings, instead of being a "top 20" kind of recruit. The comments underneath the article reflect those sentiments.

If, however, Fox can pick up Shawn Kemp, Jr., then UGA will have two talented post players with upside for the 2010 class. We'll need players like these if Georgia is to stabilize and grow its hoops program.

Buck Belue Reminisces

Man, would love for the Dawgs to create another set of memories, beginning this weekend with a victory in Jacksonville.

Team Spirit


If Rambo is as big and as talented as he is, worthy of playing Tebow for the scout team, should we use him from time to time as a running quarterback?

Might be worth a look.


Dawgs' Bigs Working with Fox

If we can get Jeremy Price, Chris Barnes, Albert Jackson and Howard Thompkins playing up to their potential, then the Dawgs have a chance.

Skill Development

Lalanne to Dawgs

Good news!

Cady Lalanne has announced that he will sign with Coach Fox and the Dawgs.

The goal for Fox has to be to take the nucleus that he currently has and fit in the right pieces. If he can compress the schedule and make 2009 a successful year on the floor, and 2010 a superior recruiting year (Lalanne, Gerald Robinson, Shawn Kemp and Jalen Kendrick), then he will have the momentum he needs to make 2011 a great recruiting year.

Congrats to Coach Fox, staff and the team.

Damien Wilkins Fills Up the Stat Sheet

Damien Wilkins had an incredible game in his first outing with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Wilkins scored 12 points, with 10 rebounds, 2 assists and 4 steals. To top matters off, he corraled a rebound at the end of the game and banked in a jump shot to defeat the New Jersey Nets. Final score: Wolves 95, Nets 93.

Wilkins' former teammate Jarvis Hayes played only sparingly for the Nets. Hayes is still recovering from problems with his shins. He may have come back too soon, since he reportedly suffered a hamstring injury after just a couple of minutes of competition.

Cady Lalanne Video

I like the way Lalanne finishes with a dunk. He knows what to do and how he's supposed to do it. He seems to run the floor fluidly. Keeps the ball up high on rebounds for put-backs. Has ability to score in close with either hand.

Lalanne needs to build his body more and gain more explosion off the ground. I also wonder if he "has the motor." Does he run hard the entire game and go all out for rebounds?

The best part about Lalanne is his upside. All the pieces are there. Good hands. Good form on his shot. Teachable kid. He has the height that you want a recruit to have, and he has the long arms that could make him a good rebounder.

The analogy breaks down at some point, but after watching the Hawks game last night, Lalanne reminds me somewhat of Al Horford. Horford was a guy who wasn't initially ranked, then bloomed somewhat late, going to #119 on the Rivals 150. He got better and better, and Florida was able to bag him.

If Lalanne works hard and gets into the right strength and conditioning program, he'll be able to tap into his potential. Hopefully, that process will take place at UGA. Expect to hear some news about Lalanne's commitment soon.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

One Ball, One Hoop, One Dream

Hoops of Hope

"Go Hard or Go Home"

Can he bring the intensity that Georgia needs on offense and defense?

Will he be able to score the ball from deep? Will he take the ball to the basket?

Will his surgically repaired legs hold up for the season? Can he learn the offense? Does he still have good athleticism? Can he compete with SEC talent?


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cady Lalanne

Evaluation by ESPN. Lalanne sounds like he's a versatile player that could help UGA.

From the article below, he reminds me of Chris Daniels.


Will he commit to UGA? I think so.

Georgia Hoops Practicing Defense

I like it.

It's great to teach good defensive principles. At the same time, you need a 1-3-1 or a match-up zone to confuse the offense. Let's hope Coach Fox is installing some traps and an occasional full-court press, too.

Good article from


Ten Reasons Why Georgia will Beat Florida

1. Mark Richt is mad

He knows that Urban Meyer tried to show the Dawgs up last year. He will have the Dawgs ready to play-- and win with class.

2. Florida is not as Strong This Year

Florida was a better team last year. They've been shooting themselves in the foot lately, which we should not expect. At the same time, any team can lose, and this Saturday will be Florida's day for a let-down.

3. Bye Week Boost

Georgia will be rested coming into the game. All the key players that UGA expected to have in the game are healthy. Guys have gotten a mental break, t00. They'll be ready to execute.

4. Speed

Georgia has more of it. Florida seems to have less. Percy Harvin is gone. Dempsey and Rainey are still burners, but Georgia will match up pretty well.

5. Spread

Georgia has had more experience facing the spread. After last year's embarassment against Tech, Georgia is better at assignment football. Tebow has been hurt, and whether he consciously thinks about it or not, he is less likely to stick his nose in there to fight for every last yard.

6. Thermostat

Won't be hot. Game is still in Jacksonville. Who cares. Dawgs show it can be done.

7. Dawgs will make Florida One-Dimensional

Arkansas showed us how to do it. The defensive tackles have to play big. If they can get a decent push up front, Florida will have to rely on something else other than the dive play and the quarterback sneak. May have to even throw the ball.

8. Branden Smith and Brandon Boykin Play Big

Team Brandon comes to play. Boykin returns the ball to give Georgia short fields. Smith gets a couple of touches on offense and locks down Florida players in pass defense and run support. A.J. Green does his thing for a couple of touchdowns.

9. Georgia Players Have Not Forgotten

Florida tried to embarass Georgia last year. Sure, this has been a down year for UGA, but if you kick a junkyard Dawg, you'd better be ready for a fight.

Georgia comes out snarling. Goes home smiling.

10. SEC Officiating

If there's any time for them to get it right and not outright give the game to Florida, it's now. The SEC officiating crews do not want more bad press, so they'll be a little slower to throw flags on Georgia for celebration, while ignoring the same from Florida.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Ten Reasons Why Florida Will Blow Us Out

1. Tebow has something to Prove

He had a horrible game against Mississippi State, and he even skipped the post-game interviews with the media. He's angry and he's going to take it out on UGA.

2. Florida will not Play Poorly Three Games in a Row

All those fumbles against Arkansas. The interceptions against Mississippi State. A good team does not fail to execute on three consecutive weekends. Florida is better than good.

3. Bye Week Blues

UGA has had all this time off. In the meantime, Florida has been battle-tested. Our guys will come back sluggish, rather than rested, and UF will rattle off 21 points before Georgia crosses mid-field.

4. Team Speed

Georgia is getting there, but we can't quite match Florida's speed. Their backs and receivers will run past our guys.

5. The Spread

Teams with spread offenses and good running quarterbacks are beating up on the conventional pro-style offense teams. Florida and Tebow and Georgia Tech and Nesbitt just have better systems than Georgia's, and they will show it once again this year when both of our huge rivals win big over the Dawgs.

6. The Threat of the Thermostat

Let's face it. The weather is much too hot and humid in Jacksonville in late October/early November for Georgia to perform well. If the game were in December, look out!

7. Florida's Defense will Make UGA one-dimensional

Anybody remember last year's game? We had Knowshon Moreno and a running game that seemed much more proficient back then than now.

Florida loaded the line and made Georgia throw the ball. As good as Matthew Stafford was, we weren't able to execute. Florida won big.

Why would a defensive coordinator do anything other than employ the same strategy? Why would the same strategy not have the same result?

8. Brandon Spikes will be Back

Not that Florida needs him. Florida has shut down LSU. Shut down Tennessee. Spikes re-injured himself against Arkansas, and missed this past weekend's game, but somehow, some way, he will be able to play against Georgia.

9. Urban Meyer Still Has Not Forgotten

More of a distant memory, perhaps, than a fresh one, but the celebration by the Dawgs still sticks in his craw. He will bring his best coaching, best effort, best schemes out against Georgia.

10. SEC Refs

Isn't Penn Wagers officiating this weekend's game? Nuff said.

There's more scrutiny now than before, but don't expect Georgia to get the benefit of any close calls.