Saturday, October 3, 2009

Very Strange Game

Well, I said I had a bad feeling about this game, and the feeling never left me. Georgia looked flat, dazed, out of sorts. Lose to LSU 20 to 13.

LSU was ranked #4, so the Georgia squad has nothing to feel ashamed about. But the team really doesn't have much to feel good about, either.

For one thing, the Dawgs had nothing going on offense for the entire first half. Nothing new from Mike Bobo. Three and outs for the team on multiple occasions. Cox missed a sure touchdown pass to AJ Green.

Georgia's ineptitude on offense meant that we therefore gave the ball to LSU in prime field position. Drew Butler kept up his booming punts, but the LSU special teams players were able to repeatedly return the ball for 10 yards plus.

The much criticized Willie Martinez and the Georgia defense got pushed around on two long drives, yet they held LSU to 6 points. Blair Walsh missed his first field goal of the year. Terrible timing.

Second half begins and Georgia sacks the LSU quarterback on three straight plays. The Dawgs go up by 7. All the while, though, Joe Cox is having his worst game. Missing wide open guys. Throwing behind receivers. Manages to get his completion percentage up in the second half, but he never looked good.

Two minutes, 47 seconds to go, Georgia gets the ball and drives down the field. AJ makes another incredible catch. And then the call of the game. Excessive celebration on the Dawgs. Penalty of 15 yards. LSU gets the kick and before you know it they are down at Georgia's 30.

LSU runs for a touchdown, and Joe Cox throws an interception. Game over.

If there was a good development for Georgia, it's that the team discovered its "go-to" tailback. Washaun Ealey looked great. Much better than Caleb King or Richard Samuel. If I'm Coach Richt, I practice Ealey with the first team all week.

Strange feeling. Strange game. Hate that Georgia lost. Hate that we lost the way we did. As long as there is no taunting, there is no way that the referee should call excessive celebration on a guy who catches a critical touchdown pass with less than 2 minutes to go.

The SEC needs to step in.

Wilkins Living in the Present

He's happy to be with the Wolves, even though Garnett is gone, and Wilkins' own stay with the team may be brief.

We'll see how it all works out. Minnesota's young team could use a "glue guy," someone who will play hard, defend, and show the youngsters the way.


Friday, October 2, 2009

Shawn Kemp, Jr.

Surprised that Alabama has apparently taken a step back from Shawn Kemp, Jr. From the articles I have read, it sounds like Alabama coach Anthony Grant is not sold on bringing Kemp in.

Kemp isn't a "knock your socks" off player in the low post. But he has an incredible ceiling. If Georgia can get him, I'd say that he would be a great pick-up. We need a big man, as Albert Jackson is set to graduate after next season.

Our Defensive Ends Need to Step Up

Looks like they're rounding into shape.

Houston and Washington

Dobbs has been close to another interception this year, too.

We've been short a couple of bodies at the position, and now the defensive ends are ready to make a statement.

Got a Bad Feeling about Tomorrow's Game

Hope it's just heartburn from lunch.

It would be such a big win for our program if we could put it all together at home tomorrow against LSU. The Braves came up just short recently, so I hope that won't be the case for the Dawgs.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Herschel Walker and MMA

With all due respect to Walker, I don't see any way for this to end well.

If he wins, he might decide to fight more. Dangerous for his health.

If he loses, it could be dangerous for his health. He could really get hurt out there. Would his pride allow him to tap out?

How many of us have seen a boxer fight when he was past his prime? It's not even sport at that point. It's a pitiful, eyes-averting, shameful mess. I want to remember Herschel for his exploits in the gridiron, not for his mistake in entering the octagon.

Ex-football players need to realize that there's a reason why they're still not in the league.

Those advisors, sought out or not, who encourage you to be wise, hang up the cleats, sneakers, or bat and glove, are not disrespecting you, but rather doing you a favor. They are in fact giving you the ultimate compliment by urging you to see your own value, apart from what you can do athletically.

There's a way to gracefully leave the world of athletic competition. It's painful, but you find a way to do it. You give back to kids, do charity work, coach, become a commentator, choose a new line of work-- or even better, really focus in on life. Herschel Walker is uniquely positioned to show other athletes this path, this exit strategy, partly because he is still in shape and because he does have a measure of success outside of sports.

We each have our own lives to live. It's his decision to make. But if he asked me my opinion, I'd say,

"You're 47, you've got nothing to prove, and, No, I'm not going to fight you."

Q&A with Rennie Curran

Speaking of Rennie Curran, the Gainesville Sun interviewed him recently.

Gives insight into who Curran is, which I think is important since he will likely be in the news over his comments about the hit on Tim Tebow.


Houston Wins Defensive Lineman of the Week

Congrats to Houston for sticking with it, getting back on the field, and doing a great job.

He can be our "Rennie Curran" of the defensive line if he produces to his potential.

He'll need to play very well for Georgia to beat LSU this Saturday.


Tim Bassett Remembers Playing at UGA

Thanks to David Hale for directing fans to this piece.


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pope Lands

Leonard Pope, former tight end at Georgia, was cut just before the NFL season got underway. He had been with the Arizona Cardinals for the past three years.

He has just been signed by the Kansas City Chiefs.

Good luck!

It's not easy Seeing Green

Guy is being sought out by good schools, but maybe there's a chance we can snag him and pair him up with A.J.

Green and Green in the Red and Black?

Dime Magazine on Jarvis and the Nets

Hard to argue with Dime's analysis. Jarvis has always been an injury or two away from playing his best. The Nets are too young and too weak in the post to avoid the lower parts of the NBA Eastern Division.


Braves Lose

Oh well. They needed to go 6 and 0 to have a real shot at the playoffs, in my way of thinking. Both Colorado and Philly won.

I know the Braves want us to "Believe," but standard orthodoxy today has to be the notion that the Braves will fall just short of making the playoffs.

They have the nucleus, however, for a pretty good team. The stars of the current franchise are the pitchers, and that recipe worked pretty well in the 90's. Should lead to success in the 10's.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Okay, this Braves Business is Starting to Get Interesting

I gave up. You did, too.

I had stopped watching them altogether. So, I'm a fair weather fan. I admit it. I don't like baseball enough to watch 9 innings of futility. It's not fun anymore when the Braves are losing and they have no shot of making the playoffs.

But someone forgot to tell the Braves. They refused to give up. Didn't accept the notion that they couldn't make the playoffs. The Braves weren't mathematically eliminated yet, so the team started to do what it had to. And that was to win the games before them.

Now, the Braves have won 15 of their last 17. In the meantime, the Rockies have started to lose, making it possible that the Braves could get the wild card. And lo and behold, the Phillies have started to lose, too.

Could it happen? Could the Braves actually win their division? Will the Phillies choke?

Control their own destination