Saturday, October 11, 2008

Alec Kessler Passed Away one year ago

this Monday.

All-everything at Georgia. Great kid. Fantastic student. All-American in basketball. Led Georgia to its only regular season championship, if memory serves me.

Passed away on a Saturday, October 13, 2007, while participating in a charity event, a father-son basketball game.

His widow, Rhea Kessler, began a foundation in Alec's memory. It provides scholarships, sports programs and mentoring programs for youth.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Tyler Whatley

Has apparently joined the UGA squad as a walk-on.

The walk-ons have some serious fire-power this year. Corey Butler, Tyler Whatley, and Ricky McPhee give the Dawgs some capability from the non-scholarship part of the roster. Should make practices more competitive.

Whatley is a big body. 6' 9", 220 lbs. He scored 1685 points in his high school career, to go with 976 rebounds and 351 blocked shots. He averaged 21 pts, 11 rebounds and 3.5 blocked shots. His high school, Apalachee, retired his high school number.

Whatley had some good games at Wofford, including 11 points against the Stephen Curry-led Davidson team. His production dipped last year, from averaging 7 points and 5 boards down to 5 points and 3 boards.


Walter Hill Dismissed

I have no idea what happened. Maybe Hill had serious enough injuries (broken hand and then broken bone in his foot) that he got discouraged and stopped going to class.

I will say this, I'm glad that if Hill couldn't adjust to college well, that it happened while playing for Richt, rather than Felton. Can you imagine what would have happened if Hill had honored his commitment to basketball, and then not done things "the Georgia way?" Folks who never follow the basketball team would have suddenly become energized and post on "these are Felton's recruits."

Since Hill is a Richt recruit, his dismissal doesn't matter as much to the average Dawg fan, despite the fact that Donovan Baldwin also was escorted from the football program on the same day, and in spite of the fact that there have been a lot of very serious off-field issues involving football players this year.

There's a double standard here somewhere, but I'll let it go.

I hope Hill gets it all together and plays some sport somewhere. I still believe it was a mistake for him to choose football over basketball. We all have to make our choices, whatever they are, and live with them, hopefully growing to be a better person in the end.

Back posting again

Doubt anyone is following at this point, but if you happen to drop by, welcome.

Lots to talk about. I'll get back on a regular routine, hopefully beginning today!