Saturday, October 3, 2015

Will UGA Ever Recruit a Dual-Threat Quarterback?

Watson is doing pretty well at Clemson.  Did we ever make a real run at him?

Hope Eason is the man, but I would love for us to get another D.J. Shockley.  Wasn't he the guy that won the last SEC championship we had?

Did we not have any drives against Alabama?

I can't remember any, and I think I heard one of the announcers say that.  We got the long touchdown run, but I guess that was it.  We had four turnovers, so those kill drives.  Take away the Chubb run and the two or three qb scrambles, and UGA was pretty much literally stuck in the mud.

Special teams, passing, running, defense.  We got shellacked.

Looks like Florida is for real

Shutting out #4 Ole Miss at the half.  If UF holds on, they have to be the front runner for winning the East.

How about making the defense

account for more than one runningback?

Pretty sure that if we had an option system at least part of the time, we'd do better against teams like Alabama.

Glad I didn't spend any money on this one

Bad, bad performance.

It's better to have a loss early

than late.  Maybe we can run the table and still win the SEC.  I can't see it, based on how we played today, but there's always hope, right?

Too bad today was such a big recruiting day.  Miserable afternoon, blow-out loss, fans checking out early, we didn't compete.  To make matters worse, we had basketball recruits in today, too.

Hard to lose out more convincingly and more completely than we did today.  I could see if we were competitive and they pulled it out, but this was an old-fashioned whipping.  I didn't think we would win, but I truly was not expecting worse than 2008.

I know that it's still third quarter, and it hurts to speak of this loss in the past tense, but all I am hoping for is that we get out of this one with nobody hurt.  Can't fathom a scenario in which we come back.

Ramsey Looks Horrible

Can't be the rain.  Their guy is torching us.

Put Faton in in the fourth quarter.

38 to 3?

At home?

Early in the third quarter?

We look like a junior high team.  Guys running wide open catching passes.  No one within ten yards of them.  Quarterback keeper, guy goes in untouched.

My cable went dead at the beginning of the third quarter.  Comcast did me a favor.

How many 3 and outs is that?  Let Chubb tie the record, and let everybody get dry.

Is there a mercy rule in college football?


Their line is whipping ours.  We have no pressure on their quarterback.  Meanwhile, Lambert is constantly on the run.  If he's spooked, then put in Ramsey in the second half and see what happens.

We got the early turnover and did nothing with it.  I knew we were in trouble then.

Why not game plan by doing some misdirection?  If we didn't run-block well against Southern, what makes us think we can do that against Alabama?  Maybe the days are over of just out-muscling guys up front.