Saturday, September 13, 2014

What can you say? Spurrier has our number

Bobo out-thought himself on that qb keeper.  We missed two critical field goals.  Used to happen like that against Florida.

Congrats to South Carolina.  Their line whipped ours.  We still have goals for the season, but we're not nearly as good as we thought.

Nothing from our defensive line

No mention of Jordan Jenkins or Leonard Floyd.  They ran it down our throats.

I've always liked a beefy defensive line, so our off-season effort for our d-line to lose weight might have been the wrong recipe in the SEC.  We'll need a stop to win this game, and it doesn't look like we can get it.  Will they fumble a wet ball?  We need some kind of big play.  Special teams?

Hutson has stepped up

Not the prettiest passing, but he hasn't made any huge mistakes and he's being effective.

I think the rain helps the kind of smash-mouth football we want to play.  I'm thinking we win by seven.  We haven't played that well, but we're just inside the fourth quarter at their place and we're just down by three.  But for the missed field goal, we would be tied.

We need a three and out, or at least a stout defensive stand.


Maybe the game should have been rained out.  Looks like our defense is still in the training room getting their ankles wrapped.

Spurrier is a great coach.  I dislike him, but you have to give credit where credit is due.

Spurrier has them prepared.  Their qb looks very sharp.  Hate to say it, but through one half our guy looks average.

Good thing they don't have Clowney, Lattimore, Shaw or Jeffries.

We can come back.  They played almost perfectly and even won the special teams battle.

I knew Spurrier would have something up his sleeve

but I didn't expect it to be lightning.

Tech Pulls it out Yet Again

Just scored the go-ahead touchdown.  Best I can tell, there are 23 seconds left.

Tech kicks the PAT.  42 to 38.  Southern has all its time-outs, but Tech got lucky with the turnover.


Southern up, 38 to 35, driving for another score, then they fumble the ball.

Tech has it now.  They might re-take the lead, though they haven't done anything much the entire second half.

Georgia Southern is Driving

This could be huge.

Touchdown!  Georgia Southern, 36, Georgia Tech, 35.

Georgia Southern vs. Tech

I know it's 35 to 17 and Tech has a commanding lead, but I still think Southern can come back and win.

 Call me crazy, but Southern may somehow run its ball-control offense and get going in the 4th quarter.

Ha!  Georgia Southern just scored.  It's 35 to 24 now, and it's still the third quarter.  If I'm Paul Johnson, I'm shaking in my boots right now.

Wow.  Georgia Southern got the ball back and now have it at the Tech 32.  If Southern scores, this might be the blow that takes away Tech's confidence.

Can't type fast enough.  It's now 35 to 30.  Tech is driving, though.  Wish this game were on t.v.

Southern stopped them.  Tech has them pinned down after a good punt.  Southern is 95 yards away from the go-ahead touchdown.

Southern is better than Wofford.  They might just pull this one out.  Fourth quarter.  Wouldn't surprise me to see Southern win by two touchdowns.

UGA Hit the Lotto with Chubb

Just wanted to say that Nick Chubb has the potential to be one of the best UGA running backs ever.

Sure, Chubb will be in Todd Gurley's shadow for a while.  In Nick's own words, "It's still the Todd Gurley show."  But if Gurley is the star, then as far as the UGA offense is concerned, Chubb might get his fair share of nominations for Best Supporting Actor.

Don't know how much Nick will be used in the South Carolina game, but he showed against Clemson that he is way more than a good back who played at a small high school.  He's a big-time athlete, guy with break-away speed and a physicality that is truly rare.  Helmet-less, shoe-less, Chubb keeps going.

Here's hoping he stays healthy.  If so, Dawg fans are in for a treat as Chubb's career unfolds.