Saturday, March 14, 2015

Ugly Game

Wish we would have put up more of a fight against Arkansas.  UGA loses 60 to 49.

We needed something from Nemi and Yante.  I think they each hit a bucket, but that was it.  As a team we shot 32 percent from the field and around 55 percent from the line.  Just won't get it done.

Maybe it's best that we lost and didn't go up against Kentucky with a depleted squad.  With our offensive woes, UK would have whupped us by 60.

I am extremely happy, however, for

1)  Taylor Echols

Great game for him.  The highlight of his college playing career, no doubt.  National t.v., hits three threes and scores in double figures.

2)  Cameron Forte

Played a good game.  Didn't give us much in the second half, but he was all we had early in the first.  Finished 5 of 9 from the field and 3 of 5 from the line.

3)  Juwan Parker

Strongly disagree with the decision to send him back out there after his ankle injury.  He is done for the year.  No matter who we play.  No matter who else is injured.  Don't jeopardize a guy's future like that.

I am happy that he didn't injure the ankle again.

4)  UGA Squad

As bad as we played, I am happy that no one else was injured.

5)  UGA Squad

We played well enough this year to make the Big Dance.  21 and 11 is a good season.  Not what could have been, but I think we represented ourselves well.  Let's win at least one in the tourney.

Correction on Mike Edwards

Anon was kind enough to inform me that the "G" insignia (on the YouTube page I referenced) stands for John Glenn High School.  Not Georgia.

Appreciate the information.  I may go in and edit my original post, or leave it as is, so that when this current post is read, Blog readers will be able to follow the thread.

In any case, my mistake, and apologies to Edwards and his family.

Now, back to the original point.  Will Edwards be a UGA commit?  If he does, will he contribute?  Jury is still out, of course.

I would still rather have an in-state kid.  Unless a potential recruit is a can't miss, slam dunk recruit, or somehow otherwise clearly fits a need, it's smarter to develop the relationships with the AAU clubs and high school coaches right here in Georgia. And you certainly don't give Edwards the last scholarship while there is any chance that Jaylen Brown could commit.

With that plainly stated, following Anon's suggestion, I did take a second look.  Watched some other videos of Edwards.

Edwards reminds me of Daniel Miller.  Guy who played against smaller schools.  Good fundamentals.  Not a program changer, but a serviceable big man.

Maybe Fox and Jonas Hayes can bring out the potential in Edwards.  Maybe he grows another couple of inches.  Maybe Edwards and his potential have simply been overlooked by other D-1 programs.

If we sign him, I sure hope so.

Go Dawgs!


Friday, March 13, 2015

Mike Edwards?

I don't see it.

Nothing against Edwards, but why go up to Michigan for a guy when we can find a back-up center from somewhere in-state?  Georgia high school coaches have long memories.

From the looks of his (?) YouTube channel, it appears that Edwards considers himself a member of our 2015 signing class.  I guess we beat out Ball State and Northern Illinois for his services.  Of course if Edwards does end up at Georgia, I will support him and hope he turns into an absolute beast.

However, for now, the Edwards recruitment has me totally unconvinced.  Reminds me of other Fox recruiting efforts.  John Florveus.  John Cannon. Tim Dixon.  Good kids.  Guys who contributed, but weren't the high level athletes that UGA needs to challenge the elite teams.  Have my fingers crossed that Iduwe and Kessler will make a big leap next year.

This far along in the Mark Fox tenure I had hoped we were past getting a 2-star/project big man/role player late after the difference-maker goes elsewhere.

I liked the Yante Maten signing last year.  Derek Ogbeide will definitely help this year.  SMH on this one.

If Jaylen Brown turns us down, please get an in-state guy or save the ship until next year.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Wheeler Edges Pebblebrook in 6A Championship

Jaylen Brown sank two free throws to lead Wheeler to a one-point victory.  Final score:  59 to 58.

Brown finished with 22 points and 9 rebounds.  UGA signee Derek Ogbeide had 14 points, 22 boards, and 3 blocked shots.

I think Fox gets it done and Brown commits to the G.