Thursday, December 3, 2015

Very Happy for Coach Mark Richt

Goes to the U.

I'm sure his psyche took a hit.  He handled it all with class, of course.  Wouldn't have expected anything different.  At the same time, no one wants to get summarily fired.

Seen another way, however, things could scarcely have gotten better than they are now for Coach Richt and his family.  The Richts are now $4 million richer.  Overnight.

Coach Richt gets to move home, to sunny Miami, live in a great neighborhood, somewhere not too far from the beach, no doubt, and he still will be coaching at a top-level university making $4 million a year.  He will have the full support of the University of Miami administration and the appreciation of the fan base.

From a personnel perspective, Richt gets to pretty much cherry-pick the assistants he wants to take with him.  He didn't have to fire anyone when UGA's results weren't up to par.  Further, he gets to recruit southern Florida where he has already mined guys like Sony Michel, and although he wouldn't go out and attempt to do so, he may end up attracting some of UGA's current recruits, or transfers from the program.  He even gets to call more of the plays if he wants.

Sometimes God brings a man down a peg to move him up.

I'm still sticking with my prediction that Richt wins a championship.  Hoped it would be with Georgia.

Things are working out great for Coach Richt.  We'll see how UGA fares in about a year.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Charleston Beat LSU


Ben Simmons went 4 for 15.  So did Tim Quarterman.  Antonio Blakeney was 0 for 9.

I thought LSU was going to be great this year.  Guess not.

They'll get better at some point during the year, then Simmons will turn pro, and this program will really be in trouble.

Watching the Kentucky Game

UK is undefeated and ranked number one, but last year's team would crush this one.  UK will struggle big-time.

They have a five-point lead over Illinois State in the second half.  UK is as usual getting all the calls up there at Rupp.  Makes the game hard to watch.  Kentucky has shot 25 free throws to just 2 by Illinois State, but Illinois State is still hanging around.

On a side note, I'm sorry for being so old-fashioned, but it's going to take a lot of time to get used to female men's basketball commentators.

Mark Richt Owes UGA No Favors

Would love to have Coach Richt around for the sake of the University.  I definitely have mixed feelings about all this.  I remain grateful to UGA for all it meant and continues to mean to me.

Further, I imagine that the University would take the position that since it is honoring the unsigned contract, Mark Richt should return the favor by agreeing to take an administrative position.

However, if I get fired and am asked to hang around and help raise funds, I consider it a slap in the face.  Although Mark Richt is not likely to let an insult or a perceived offense dictate his final decision, I think the way UGA communicated with him, combined by the experience of being coveted by other major universities will mean a great deal as Coach Richt gets a sense of how God is leading.

Ultimately, he will get plenty of great offers, and I believe that he will end up accepting one of them. Miami has had such issues from an integrity standpoint that getting alum Mark Richt to return would be a home run hire.  I expect them to offer him a huge contract.  If Jason Eason follows him there, the U could be back in short order.

I wouldn't be surprised if Coach Richt has somewhat of a Tony Dungy experience and within five years wins a championship at his new school.

If I'm Mark Fox, the Mark Richt Firing

had to be unwelcome news.

If you win 75 percent in SEC football and lose your job, then having a record of barely eclipsing 50 percent in basketball and never winning an NCAA Tournament game has to have a coach feeling unsettled.  

Fox seems to have McGarity's support for the immediate future, but should things not turn out well with Georgia basketball this year, then all bets could be off.  The SEC will be tougher next year.  I'm only so worried about guys who make 7 figures during sports, but it has to be disconcerting to fight like crazy, try to build a great team, and get told at the end of the season that your services are no longer needed.

Could absolutely happen to Fox.  McGarity isn't a home-run hitter.  He is, however, a guy who swings for the fences when he comes to bat.

Sunday, November 29, 2015


I normally don't post about football here on the Blog.  But on this one, I just have to vent.

If we win the national championship before 10 years pass, I will be greatly surprised.

Sure, we will get a new coach.  If he is qualified, he will ask for a loaded contract.  UGA and its boosters will be on the hook big-time.

But having a new coach doesn't mean that we will have a better one.  It doesn't mean that Georgia will do any better than 10 wins, or that UGA will be able to win big any time soon.  Mark Richt set the standard so high that nothing but a national championship can now suffice.

Will we get it?  Would be happy if we do, but I seriously, seriously doubt it.

UT, Part Deux, folks.

Meanwhile, we will likely lose key pieces of what was shaping up to be a fantastic recruiting class.  All Richt needed to to take UGA to the next level was a great quarterback, and we had one coming in.  If I'm Eason's Dad, do I send my son clean across the country to play for an unknown quantity?  Not a chance.

Some schools are no doubt tickled pink to have a great, great coach like Mark Richt available as a candidate.  He immediately goes to the top of the list for schools like Miami.  I bet Richt's agent's phone has been blowing up all day.

I don't know what the Lord has in store for the Richt family.  Maybe they stay in Athens in some capacity.  To me, though, Coach Richt is young enough, and has fire in the belly enough, to still coach football somewhere else.  And school's will open up their checkbook wide enough to give the Richts plenty to consider.

Can't believe UGA messed this one up.  I guess that bringing Mike Bobo back would offer some consolation, but Aaron Murray is in the pro's now.  If Bobo comes back to the roster we will likely field next year, some boosters will end up hugely disappointed.  Perhaps this will be one of those, "Be careful what you ask for" examples.

If we don't make it to the college football playoffs next year or the year after, Greg McGarity needs to go.