Saturday, September 19, 2009

Great, great game.

Georgia defeats Arkansas 52 to 41. If Munson had called the game, he surely woulda keeled over, and me with him.

Georgia had fumbles, near fumbles, an interception, false start penalties, and all manner of break-downs on defense. We gave them the ball deep in our territory. We started the game in a hole. I doubted UGA could rally and catch up for the second straight week.

But somehow Georgia did it. Joe Cox threw 5 touchdown passes. Amazing.

Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett, who had been fantastic in the first half and into the second, somehow lost the mojo on the last couple of possessions. We had just enough to get out in front of those guys and hang on for dear life.

Great, great game.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Falcs play Carolina-- Davis Poised for Big Game

Thomas Davis had a huge game in the Carolina Panthers' season operner against Philadelphia. He recorded a career-high 18 tackles.

It can be argued that he had so many tackles because Carolina's defense was on the field so much. Panthers QB Jake Delhomme committed 5 turnovers, if I remember correctly.

The fact of the matter is that Davis is a stud. He's stronger and faster than he has ever been, and with the addition of a defense that favors his position-- the "Tampa 2," Davis will continue to have big games.

Got to root for the Falcons this weekend, but I'm still glad to see Davis doing well.

Justin Time

Justin Houston is returning from a two-game suspension. He'll be ready to go against Arkansas tomorrow night.

Talk about Justin time. Since Roderick Battle went down this past Saturday with a season-ending knee injury, Georgia is shorter than ever on players.

Kiante Tripp, who played offensive tackle and tight end last year, was moved in the off-season back to his original position, defensive end. He's out with an injury, and won't play tomorrow night.

Marcus Washington had practiced some at the defensive end spot, but has been moved back to linebacker, since Nick Williams and Darius Dewberry suffered injuries.

Georgia compensated last week by putting a defensive tackle at defensive end. Jeff Owens logged 33 snaps at defensive end against South Carolina.

With no speed off the edge and guys not accustomed to playing end, Georgia never was able to maintain the Gamecock's qb Garcia in the pocket. He consistently broke contain and made plays throwing the ball off the run.

Cornelius Washington and Demarcus Dobbs are good players, but they need some help--a fast guy who tackles well. A powerful lineman that can go up against defensive tackles and stop the run. A guy good enough that Jeff Owens can go back to tackle, Marcus Washington can stay put at linebacker, and Georgia can match up well with 6' 7" Arkansas quarterback, Ryan Mallett, who will throw the ball a bunch this Saturday night.

Justin Houston is that guy. He's back, and not a minute too soon.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Miami Beats Tech

As I said, one of the keys to defending the option is recognizing that the snap count will always occur when the pitch man is either right behind the quarterback or just a couple steps away. If your defensive linemen know when the ball will be snapped, they can get upfield, prevent Tech's offensive linemen from diving at their knees, and keep Nesbitt from reaching the corner.

Miami had an advantage because Dwyer was hurt. But the principles remain the same. Force Nesbitt to throw the ball. On occasion, he will connect on a a big play, but he's not accurate enough to do it consistently.

Miami wins.

Billy Humphrey in Cancun

Looks like he is enjoying the start of his final year.

Glad he has found a home with the University of New Orleans. Hope he has an off-game when the Privateers visit Athens for the season-opener for both teams.

Charles Grant Avoids Suspension

The League decides that since the discipline could not be applied to other players because of state law, then in the interest of evenhanded application of the rules, Grant and his teammate would not be suspended either.

NFL Ruling

Marcus Lattimore

#1 ranked runningback likes UGA.

The win over South Carolina was huge. Big for Georgia's season. Big for beating Spurrier again. Big for recruiting, too.

Marcus Lattimore had to like seeing Georgia stick with the young players, giving Branden Smith and Carlton Thomas chances to play through their mistakes. Perhaps Lattimore even rooted for the Dawgs in the game. Who knows? In any case, Georgia is back into consideration for Lattimore.

None of the backs we have have just grabbed the starting runningback position to the exclusion of all others. Lattimore probably likes his chances of making a contribution early.

It will be hard to beat out South Carolina and Tennessee, but Coach Richt has made an impression on Lattimore's family, and that goes a long way.

Bumps on the Way to Brilliance

Good quote from David Ching. Good description of the learning curve ahead for Georgia's freshmen.

These guys are going to get better. They'll provide some highlights for UGA's fans, hopefully a couple of key plays this Saturday night.


"Practice All-American" Does it During Game

Multi-sport talent, Brandon Boykin, gets recognition for his 100-yard kick-off return.

Great hands, great hops. Great player.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Trae Golden commits to UT

Hats off to Bruce Pearl on this latest commitment. He and his staff have recruited the state of Georgia well.

UGA had a shot with Golden. In the end, we couldn't quite get it done.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ESPN ShootAround

ESPN predicts that Georgia will come in last in the SEC East.

No surprise there. Yet, Felton did leave Fox with some talent. Thompkins and Ware have skill, Jackson and Price have enough size to contribute, and Leslie and Barnes have real athleticism.

Anxious to see how the players improve as their bodies mature. Here's hoping Fox and his recruiting prowess and offensive schemes move Georgia up toward the top of the SEC East over the next year or two.

Matt Barkley Leads USC to Victory

USC drove down the field to beat Ohio State. Great game.

Here's some background on USC quarterback, Matt Barkley, including his school's efforts to benefit the Marines.


I Wonder...

Richard Samuel: Could it be that he didn't get the ball much after his touchdown because he was hurt? The South Carolina guy pretty much put a rear naked choke on Samuel as he plunged into the endzone. He had no chance of stopping Samuel, yet he tried to stop him by grabbing Samuel around the neck and pulling back.

Tavarres King: Is he the next big thing at wide receiver?

A.J. Green: What shape would UGA be in if Green had signed with the in-state Gamecocks instead of the Dawgs?

Branden Smith: Who was responsible for keeping him in the game, instead of pulling him after his fumble on the kick-off return?

Carlton Thomas: Will the crucial fumble recovery in the South Carolina game be just the spark that Thomas needs to overcome his own fumble in the Oklahoma State game?

Joe Cox: How sick has he been? He didn't look at all well. Could it be that the guy will be an absolute show-stopper after he gets healthy?

DeAngelo Tyson: Game-saving block on Carolina's attempted PAT. Is this a sign that he will turn out to be a max-effort guy in the order of David Pollack? Will he show out next year after Owens, Weston and Atkins move on?

Brandon Boykin: Any chance that he will get touches on offense? (I know it won't happen, but I'm going to say it anyway: Oh please, please, help out the basketball Dawgs!).

Blair Walsh: What will be his longest field goal before he graduates?

Reshad Jones: Will he ever get any calls?

Dawgs: How good will the Dawgs be this year?

Ben Watson Scores Two Touchdowns in Two Minutes

Great story on Watson. Guy just had a monster game on Monday Night Football. His two touchdown catches propelled the Patriots to victory over the Buffalo Bills, 25 to 24.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Danny Ware Dislocates Elbow

Sounds awful. Looks like he is in terrible pain.

Crowds Welcome Jumaine Jones

Jumaine Jones is back in Italy. After a year playing in the Russian league, Jones has returned to a familiar area.

This time, he's playing in Caserta, rather than in Naples. The Caserta fans, nonetheless, are excited about him, and Jones has promised them a championship.

The attached article has a picture of Jones, taken during a welcoming ceremony last month.


Knowshon Moreno Debuts

Had just 19 yards on 8 carries in his first game with the Denver Broncos.

The Broncos won the game in a wild finish. Hail Mary-type pass down the sidelines. Ball batted by one of the Bengals' cornerbacks, and it caroms right into the hands of another Broncos receiver, who ran the ball in for the score.

Moreno left the game with a concussion, according to published reports.

Jason Morris Visits

Unfortunately, it was Clemson that got the visit last week, instead of Georgia.

Morris was in Clemson for an unofficial visit. He went with his father and hung out with the team.

Recruiting is very much momentum driven. If you bring in someone like Noel Johnson, it makes it easier for the next potential recruit to give you serious consideration.

Looks like it will be either Clemson, Georgia Tech or Stanford for Morris.

Game Recap, Including Ceremony to Honor Thompkins and Houts

The Augusta Chronicle tried its best to recap the Georgia-South Carolina game. The contest had so many twists and turns that summaries don't do it justice.

I decided to include the recap on the Blog, since the paper described the recognition given to Trey Thompkins and Ashley Houts, and their coaches, Mark Fox and Andy Landers. As readers know, Thompkins and Houts led Team USA men's and women's teams to the gold medal in the FIBA Under 19 games.

Recap and Recognition