Saturday, October 24, 2015

Absolutely Huge Win for Tech

To beat the #6 team in the country on the last play of the game?  You kiddin' me?

I'm no Tech fan, but you have to respect the job they have done with lesser talent.

Still can't believe they stone-walled us time and time again when we had the ball within the ten yard line last year.

But sure enough, they stopped Florida State cold when FSU had the ball and was threatening to score and put the game out of reach.  Tech came up with the key interception in the end zone.

Might have been Tech's best win ever.

Tech is a lot better than their record, folks.

Alabama Beats Tennessee: A Few Thoughts

Really good game.  Came down to the final play, in essence.

I hated rooting for Alabama, but it had to be done.  UGA has two SEC losses, so we wanted UT to lose so they would have three.  A three-way tie between two-loss UT, Florida and the Dawgs would have made me lose my Sonic chicken nuggets.

Besides, we not only wanted Tennessee to lose.  We actually wanted Alabama to win.  The only thing better than UGA somehow managing to win the East would be if won the East and got a rematch with Alabama and spanked them.

With all of the above said, did anyone else notice the preparation by Tennessee?  Their offensive and defensive coordinators actually had a clue as to how to beat Alabama.

On offense, the Volunteers had guys in motion, sprinting through the backfield, making Alabama defend side to side.  They didn't make it easy on the Tide's beefy defensive lineman by running straight at them.

And on defense, Tennessee crowded the line, while simultaneously taking away the deep pass.

No wonder UT was winning in the second half.  They employed strategy.

Now, Alabama still won the game.  But Alabama just out-athleted UT on the last drive.  They came up with the 50-50 balls on the sidelines.

I would have been happy with that kind of loss to Alabama.  Instead, Georgia got whipped.  Looked like we hadn't prepared at all for how to beat them.  Totally embarrassing to players, coaching staff, Dawg fans, and potential recruits.

Well, today we got our wish.  The Tide beat the Volunteers.  Things are set up almost perfectly for next Saturday.  If we win, we'll be in first place in the East and in control of our own destiny.

Hopefully, with the bye week, we have a great game plan for defeating UF.


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Watched what I could of the live practice

Enjoyed seeing Jarvis Hayes again.  Good to have the interviews, but I would have preferred to see the team do more drills.  It was much more "Media Day" than "Live Stream of Practice."  Guess we won't know about much about how the guys look until the exhibition game.

With that said, here are a few observations:

Kenny Gaines looks thicker.  Without seeing him move around, it's hard to tell if he's put on good weight, or whether he has gained weight because he hasn't been able to participate fully in conditioning drills.

Juwan Parker has a brace on his leg.  Likely means he won't play much at the beginning of the year.

Fox has Turtle Jackson learning the point.  Great to be three-deep at the point guard position, especially in light of the two recruits scheduled to come in next year, but it makes me wonder what we will do this year if Kenny and Juwan don't heal completely.  I guess that by learning the point, Jackson should be able to know where the two-guard is supposed to go, so it stands to reason that he could play the shooting guard position if needed.

E'Torrion Wilridge does indeed have a nice stroke.  Elbow is locked in tight and good follow-through.

Derek Ogbeide is a man in the post.  Once again, I am reminded of Cordy Glenn, a guy who got better and better every year on the O-line for the football Dawgs.  It's rare to get a stocky guy who also plays above the rim.  Jeremy Price and Takais Brown were two former Dawgs hoops players who had the beef, but lacked the explosiveness.  Chris Barnes of a few years ago is probably the best comparison.

Fox seems to think that Kenny Paul Geno took a significant step forward in the off-season.  KPG is such a "tweener" that I really don't expect him to get a lot of minutes.  He can jump and has a fairly reasonable shooting motion if he gets his feet set.  However, he doesn't seem big enough for the power forward position, nor quick enough for the wing.  If he scores 5 points a night, I would be surprised.  I would love to be wrong.

They are referring to Mike Edwards as being 6' 10".  Is that right?  Whether he's 6' 9" or 10", if he runs the floor like they say he can, he will be a load for other teams to handle this year.

Looking forward to the season.