Sunday, January 17, 2016

Texas A&M Game

Didn't get to see that game, and glad I missed it.  I won't post the statistics here.  Too depressing.

Bottom line:  It's very disappointing to see Georgia lose by a huge margin at home.  I remember when Felton had scholarship limitations and a depleted roster in his second year, and I expected that team to lose big.

Why Fox's team should play so poorly is a mystery to me.  On the other hand, sometimes the shots don't fall for you.  Besides, A&M is undefeated for a reason.  They're a good squad.

I haven't been a huge Fox supporter because I disagree with some of his recruiting, roster and game strategy moves.  However, I'm not on the fire Fox now bandwagon, either.

I am concerned that Auburn seems to be turning things around with their huge win over Kentucky.  I would like to see Georgia be more competitive.  I just don't know.

Let's regroup.  Beat Missouri.  Get some good recruiting news.  Maybe I'm a glass half-full guy, but we can still turn the ship around.

Kobi Simmons to Arizona

He could have helped at UGA.  I wouldn't trade Jordan Harris for him, but a big point guard would have been a nice addition to the 2016 class.

Next year UGA will have four quality guards on the roster in J.J. Frazier, Turtle Jackson, Tyree Crump and Jordan Harris. That's good, but since J.J. Frazier is more like a short two-guard, and we have been going with a three-guard line-up, Kobi Simmons would have plugged right in and competed for a starting position.

We'll see if Simmons can develop his potential.  Not an elite shooter at this point, but he has all the physical tools to contribute at a high level.

Can Georgia bring in a talented spring signee or two?