Friday, August 28, 2009

High School Football Slugfest

Game has ramifications for UGA and Florida as Kendrun Malcome and Mack Brown square off.

Hope everyone remains healthy. It'll be a mess out there.


Chester Adams Helps Out

Exactly the kind of guy I would want to play under, if I were a high school kid trying to learn about football.

Big Cheese

Thomas Davis Itching to Get Back on the Field

Thomas Davis twisted his knee during the very first part of training camp. He's been rehabbing, working his way back into playing condition ever since.

He probably won't play in the next preseason game, but he hopes to be back by the opener against Philadelphia.


Samuel, a Student of the Game

Richard Samuel will have his chance to show what he can do.

He's a big runningback, at 225, and word is that he has great speed. Combine that with the way he has been studying film and the different nuances of Georgia's offense, and he might have the tools to be a good one.

Hopefully, the freshman jitters are gone. The only thing that might hold Samuel back, in my opinion, is a case of the nerves once he gets hit a few times. As a sophomore, having battled through injuries and playing against Georgia's defense, I'm crossing my fingers that he will show out next Saturday.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dannell Ellerbe, Undrafted, Could Make Squad

The phone call never came during the NFL draft. However, right after the draft closed, the Baltimore Ravens invited Ellerbe to camp.

Ellerbe, on a mission to prove he belonged, has been bringing his physical style to the Ravens. Unfortunately for him, Ellerbe sprained his knee recently. The future is uncertain, but the Ravens know he has the talent.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sundiata Gaines wins MVP

Gaines led his team, Prime Time, to victory in the finals of the Entertainer's Basketball Classic.

Bounce Magazine has the story with pictures.

Thomas Brown Battles Through Injuries

Under-sized, but he's always had an incredible work ethic.

Brown was injured last year and missed the season. This year, he had another injury, but he's back, trying to make the Falcons team and contribute to its success.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jon Richt to Start for Mars Hill?

Jon, son of UGA coach, Mark Richt, transferred to Mars Hill after originally signing with Clemson.

Jon is in the mix for the starting job at his new school. He sounds very happy at Mars Hill. Hope he has a great year, whether he gets the start or comes off the bench to help his team.


OSU and the Long Ball

I'm no prophet, but I wouldn't be surprised to see OSU use its first play from scrimmage to run an option look, faking the run before stepping back to fire a deep passing play to Dez Bryant.

OSU could thereby take advantage of Georgia being sluggish after traveling across the country. And since we have had some safeties injured, the players charged with covering the deep ball could be rusty. Maybe our players might be too aggressive and be tricked by a "hitch and go" or similar play.

Bryant is a big receiver (6' 2" and 215 lbs) who can go up and get the ball. He averages 17 yards a catch, and you know that the OSU coaching staff would love to put up a big play, demoralize the Dawgs, and quickly put UGA in a deficit position.

Martinez will have to coach a very good game for UGA to escape Stillwater with the "W".

Shaun Chapas Leads the Way

Georgia has had some unsung heroes at fullback. They don't get a ton of carries, but they are absolutely indispensable to the offensive game plan of the Dawgs.

Chapas gets good press in the ABH.