Monday, February 2, 2015

So Cold in the G

How we s'pose to win the SEC?

Dawgs seemed to be playing well.  14 and 5 with a game coming up against South Carolina.

Well, we're Georgia, and the good basketball vibes can only last so long.  After Georgia successfully worked through one strange injury after another, Marcus Thornton went down with concussion symptoms after the Vanderbilt game.

As most expected, we didn't show up against South Carolina.  We tried, but our shots were just not falling.  Now, tomorrow night we play against Kentucky at their place.  Same place when we didn't have any shooting guards (Kenny Gaines and Juwan Parker were out last year).

Marcus Thornton has been ruled out.  We have no center.  Kentucky has like 10.

Things could get ugly tomorrow.

We need another miracle game from J.J. Frazier or for Kenny Gaines to just go off.  Rooting for the Dawgs, but not optimistic.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Thomas Davis Wins NFL Man of the Year Award

Fantastic Award for a truly great UGA alumnus, competitor and philanthropist.

May all men take to heart Thomas's words and step up in 2015.  Dare to give.  Dare to be great.  Help someone else.  We all may not get an award, but the rewards are many.

Walter Payton Award

May God bless Thomas and Kelly for all they do.