Saturday, January 23, 2010

Feeling a Dawgs Win

Dustin Ware will have to play the game of his life. He'll have to keep Bobby Maze out of the paint. And on offense, he has to make good decisions with the ball and help us keep it a half-court game.

The other guys have to step up, too. Does Ebuka have a jumpshot or two in him? Can Drazen spell Travis Leslie?

If we can out-physical their bigs, get Wayne Chism in foul trouble, then I think we win. Hopefully, their guards will come out cold. We're well-rested and fresh, and we need the victory more than they do.

Besides, we already whipped UT once this week. If we can can beat Pat Summitt, Bruce Pearl ought to be easy. We're on a roll, here. Let's keep it going.

Dawgs by a whopping 8 points. 68 to 60. I'm calling it.

Ten Questions on Bucklin and Nolte

Okay, I'm impressed. Very much so.

This is not the "Kobe Bryant jumps over the fast car, but it's all fake" kind of trick. Matt Bucklin and Connor Nolte have come up with some incredible shots, and they are hitting them. No splicing. No fancy editing. Just real basketball-- kinda, I guess.

After I got over my severe case of envy (my kids would think I was real cool if I could hit those shots, but I'd probably throw my shoulder out on the first attempt), several questions surged to mind... Ten questions, to be exact:

1. How do these guys come up with these ideas?

2. How do they have time to practice?

3. How do they make the shots, once conceived and practiced?

4. Who is doing the filming?

5. If Bucklin really is "the second coming of Steve Nash," as claimed back before the season by Corey Butler in a radio interview, can he help the team advance the ball against pressure defense?

6. With all due respect, but you know UGA fans wanna know: Can either one of them shoot the ball, like regular shots, like with a defender within ten feet, like when the clock is on, like in normal games (see question #7)?

7. What's up with the lay-up drill?

Just a tip: If you convince your buddies, Dai-Jon and Julian, to sign with Georgia, I bet you could exact a measure of pick-up basketball revenge against the student managers in 2011.

8. Can they use some of their "Mojo," or "English," or "spin" to help Georgia beat Tennessee this afternoon?

9. Does the SEC League Office know about this?

10. Why don't we make HORSE an official NCAA team sport?

I mean, we have run out of other stuff to beat Tech in ("Just like football, basketball, baseball, women's basketball, Academics, HORSE, Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap"-- On second thought, let's leave it like it is. I have to have time to catch my breath).

Friday, January 22, 2010

Damien Wilkins Has Ups

Shows it on this dunk over Nenad Krstic.

Think Wilkins registered a double-double in this game, too.

Pretty impressive.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Walter Hill Concentrating on Hoops

Guy had 28 points in his most recent game for Southwestern Illinois.

I was really disappointed a couple of years back that Hill changed his mind and decided to play football at Georgia instead of basketball. Although it was his choice, I thought that he would be a for sure starter on the hardwood, whereas in football, he would struggle to break into the rotation.

Of course, I was much more disappointed that not only did Hill never see the football field, he ended up getting dismissed from the team by Coach Richt.

Hill has a second chance now, is concentrating on hoops, and seems to be coming into his own for the 14 and 3 Southwestern Illinois squad. Assuming that he stays focused and transfers to Minnesota, as expected, Tubby will be getting a good one.

Maybe by the time he is through with his college career, Hill will replace Mohamed Abukar on my "All Almost" team. What do you think?

A Little More on Sundiata Gaines

David Locke, the play-by-play guy for the Utah Jazz, gets at least an assist for the game-winning three-pointer by Sundiata Gaines against Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Locke predicted the whole thing.

I wonder if he'll send me some numbers for the lotto. :-)

Monday, January 18, 2010

NBA Blog on Sundiata Gaines

Great article with lots of quotes.

More on Mississippi State Game

As annoyed as I was with the loss at Mississippi State, I realize that there were a few glimmers of hope in the game.

Drazen Zlovaric. He looked more comfortable out there. Nice move to the basket off of the in-bounds play. Good job in getting the bucket and finishing off the three-point play. I still think he'll have a big game (15 points or more) while in a Dawgs uniform.

Albert Jackson. Best I've seen him play in a while. Used his body. Shot 5 of 6 from the floor, if memory serves me. Had a crucial turnover late in the game, but I fault that to the guards putting him in a bad position.

Travis Leslie. Hit only 7 of 21 from the floor, and that includes the dunks. That means that he missed a lot of jumpers, floaters and stick-backs. However, of those misses, there were a few plays on which he should've gotten to the line, and in a home game, he probably would have. He'll have an off game or two. He just needs to stay agressive. As he improves, his field goal percentage will be close to 50 percent.

Trey Thompkins. Shot 8 of 19. Not too bad. He'll do better. He's money from the free throw line, which is good. He had some turnovers at the end of the game. I chalk that up to fatigue. Most games, Thompkins has really good hands.

Can we beat Tennessee? Can we get our first SEC win under Mark Fox? There are some glimmers of hope.