Thursday, December 3, 2015

Very Happy for Coach Mark Richt

Goes to the U.

I'm sure his psyche took a hit.  He handled it all with class, of course.  Wouldn't have expected anything different.  At the same time, no one wants to get summarily fired.

Seen another way, however, things could scarcely have gotten better than they are now for Coach Richt and his family.  The Richts are now $4 million richer.  Overnight.

Coach Richt gets to move home, to sunny Miami, live in a great neighborhood, somewhere not too far from the beach, no doubt, and he still will be coaching at a top-level university making $4 million a year.  He will have the full support of the University of Miami administration and the appreciation of the fan base.

From a personnel perspective, Richt gets to pretty much cherry-pick the assistants he wants to take with him.  He didn't have to fire anyone when UGA's results weren't up to par.  Further, he gets to recruit southern Florida where he has already mined guys like Sony Michel, and although he wouldn't go out and attempt to do so, he may end up attracting some of UGA's current recruits, or transfers from the program.  He even gets to call more of the plays if he wants.

Sometimes God brings a man down a peg to move him up.

I'm still sticking with my prediction that Richt wins a championship.  Hoped it would be with Georgia.

Things are working out great for Coach Richt.  We'll see how UGA fares in about a year.

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