Saturday, November 2, 2013

Posting from St. Mary's

I'm in the cardiac ward if any y'alls wanna come visit.


Great win for the Dawgs!  Three straight.

Now, can anybody beat Mizzou?  We need a little help.


Crap!  Can't blame Grantham on this one.

Offense hasn't done anything but turn the ball over and give them short fields.

Time for Murray, Gurley, and yes, Lynch, to step up.

Go Dawgs!  Let's close this one out.

Color me, Worried

Never is easy, is it?

Is it aspirin that's good for warding off heart trouble?  Where is that Bayer?

Color me, Impressed

Georgia looks great.  Defense looks strong.  Even without Todd Gurley, we drove the football down the field and scored.  No stupid penalties.  No fumbles.  Even special teams is working.  Wish Wooten had caught that fade route, but other than that, Dawgs putting on a whuppin'.

Having Todd Gurley Helps

a little bit.

Dawgs up 14.

Can't do it

My head tells me that Florida will win, that our defense will be poor and our offense anemic.  Jarvis Jones was so huge in the last two victories.  This year we don't seem to have a playmaker on defense.  Malcolm Mitchell made the huge catch and run.  Who will do that for us this year?

However, since I hate Florida so, so much, I have to predict a Dawgs win.  UGA 21, Florida 17.

Thursday, October 31, 2013


I know they're Kentucky and we're Georgia, but it would be nice to get excited about hoops recruiting.  C'mon.  Six McDonald's All-Americans?  And we can't get one signee for 2014?

Embarrassment of Riches

Here's hoping William Lee announces for us tomorrow.