Friday, May 8, 2009

Ready to Throw in the Towel?

Scroll down about halfway on the attached link and view the video.

Gerald Robinson

Georgia needs scorers, and Gerald Robinson, Jr., is looking to transfer.

He's a little short, for my druthers, since I would like for Georgia to pick up a high-scoring small forward/big shooting guard. But from all indications, Robinson can play.

If Robinson does come in, he would give UGA depth at the point guard position. Could be a good move.

And, as always, in the case of a player with a common first and last name, let's make sure we get the right one (there is another Gerald Robinson who plays, and we don't want to end up like Purdue).

Fox Brings in New Assistant

Stacey Palmore, assistant at Virginia Tech, has been lured to UGA to join the staff of Georgia basketball coach, Mark Fox.

Palmore was sought out by Fox, primarily because of Palmore's reputation as a recruiter. Here is the background on Palmore from the HokieSports site, and a little more from the Richmond Times Dispatch.

Could be a good pick-up for Coach Fox, but it does not seem to be a slam dunk. Palmore was almost certainly involved in recruiting Manny Atkins to Virginia Tech, and I assume that Palmore also recruited Terrell Bell. I've already posted on Terrell Bell (2 points and 2 rebounds per game). Manny Atkins hasn't played a game yet, but he was only given 3 stars by and Georgia didn't offer him. The only other player from Georgia on Tech's roster is Terrance Vinson, a guy who barely plays.

I'm not sure how Palmore helps UGA lock down the state. He doesn't sound like a world-beater recruiter. Being an optimist, however, I hope the guy comes in and helps deliver the top players for Georgia basketball.

Terrell Bell to Transfer to UGA?

Rumor has it that Terrell Bell may be considering transferring to UGA. Bell is currently going into his junior year at Virginia Tech.

Frankly, it's hard for me to get excited about the prospect. Bell would have to sit out a year, if the normal rule for Division I transfers applies. Further, the jury is still out on whether Bell can play at a high level.

Terrell Bell was considered to be a top 150 recruit when he finished high school at Stone Mountain, ranked at #144 in the nation, according to However, during his collegiate career, Bell has averaged just 2 points and 2 rebounds in his 10 minutes played per game.

Even worse, Bell's shooting percentages have been poor. He shot 33% from the field and less than 50% from the line last year. For comparison's sake, among UGA's returning players, Bell would rank dead last in shooting, next to last in free throw shooting, next to last in 3-point percentage, and right at last in rebounding (slightly ahead of Dustin Ware and Ricky McPhee).

Georgia needs a player who can create his own shot. Someone who can drive to the basket and pull up for a mid-range jumpshot, or continue and finish at the rim. If we can't find that kind of player, then we need a Terrance Woodbury-type, one who can defend well enough, shoot the three and convert at the line.

He may be a serviceable player, but with all due respect, Bell would have to show me a lot more before I would recommend that Georgia bring him in.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

APR Score may bite Razorbacks

Arkansas basketball did not make the grade in its most recent APR cycle.

Between transfers, decisions to go pro, and other issues, Arkansas ended up with a score substantially below the NCAA's cut-off of 925. As the article states, Arkansas may not lose scholarships, but after last year's disappointing results, things are not going well for Arkansas basketball.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Walter Hill Lands

I'm all for giving a guy a second chance, so I'm glad that Walter Hill will be able to continue his education.

As readers know, Hill was a one-time basketball recruit for Dennis Felton. I had hoped that Hill would be able to come in and contribute right away, backing up Billy Humphrey at the 2-guard, and giving Georgia basketball a lock-down defender on the perimeter.

It was not to be. Before Hill signed his letter of intent with Coach Felton, he was recruited away from UGA's basketball program by UGA's football program.


Even more awkward was what happened next. Not too long after beginning his collegiate football career, Hill was dismissed by Coach Richt.

I was troubled by some of the remarks about what led up to the dismissal. The reported reason was that Hill was not committed to "doing things the Georgia way."

I won't repeat the rumors here, but I think it is pretty well accepted that you really, really have to mess up for Coach Richt to dismiss you outright.

I understand that Southwestern Illinois College is impressed by Hill's all-state credentials achieved in high school basketball and football. However, looking at the totality of the circumstances, I am not convinced that the sportswriter is correct in stating that SWIC "hit the jackpot." Hill is more like a good "scratch-off card." Lots of potential, but realizing it will take liberal doses of discernment, good luck, or both.

Bottom line: If he handles his business the right way, Hill can get back on his feet. The article indicates that he was placed at SWIC by the University of Minnesota. That makes it likely that after a year or two of junior college, Hill can go play basketball under Tubby Smith.

Hill has all of the physical tools (I always thought that basketball was probably the best fit for him and he seems to have come around to that line of thinking), and now he has a second chance. He can get things right, eventually compete in Division I basketball, and get his degree.

I hope he takes full advantage of it.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Can UGA Get in the Running for Ralston?

Let's see.

6' 6"? Check.

Honor Student? Check.

21 pts, 9 rebounds and 4 blocked shots a game? Check.

Great "do anything to help the team" attitude? Check.

Although the article doesn't mention UGA, I sure hope that Coach Fox and staff can get Ralston Turner interested in us. He's just the kind of big guard, small forward that UGA is missing on its roster.

Smart and Talented

Demario Mayfield had his artistic work on display yesterday. I have posted before about his academic and athletic achievements, so it looks like UGA basketball is getting a very well-rounded player.

Here's hoping that he comes in and tears the place up on the court as well.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Damien Wilkins to Exercise Option

Damien Wilkins didn't play a lot this year. His minutes decreased as the season went on. I expect him to be traded this coming season.

In any case, Wilkins will exercise his option for next year. He's versatile enough and a good enough defender that some team will give him a shot.

Coach Felton to Nigeria?

Interesting article. I don't know what the salaries are in Nigeria, and I have no idea how Felton would manage the impact on his family, but it looks like he will have his newest coaching gig overseas.

Good catch by the ABH. Good luck, Coach Felton.

Fox Comments on Zlovaric

I posted before a recap of the recent Q&A session between Coach Fox and the media, so most of the information in the Athens Banner Herald news piece is not new. However, I thought I should add the attached article due to the information on Coach Fox and his opinion on Drazen Zlovaric.

Zlovaric is impressive. He can shoot the ball and put it on the floor. And he is a big time leaper for a 6' 9" guy. The issue is where to play him. Can he guard an athletic two-player? Keep a slashing small forward out of the paint?

If Zlovaric moves his feet well on defense, I think Fox will give him a shot at a good number of minutes this coming year. Zlovaric will have his chance, especially since the graduation of Terrance Woodbury leaves the starting small forward slot open.

A pleasant surprise that Drazen has impressed Coach Fox so early in the process.

On Your Mark...

Get set. Go.

If UGA supporters had to bet on who'd win the popularity contest between Mark Richt and Mark Fox, the smart money, and perhaps the only money, would be on Mark Richt.

Mark Fox understands that UGA is first and foremost a football school. And Mark Richt is the head man. Very well-respected in Athens and around the country.

Fox has arranged to spend some time with Coach Richt, and I am pleased that the two seemed to have hit it off.