Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's Going to be Hard to Get

this guy on the court next year. Hard enough to keep this cornerback signee out of the qb rotation.

If basketball started first during the year, then obviously he would suit up for Mark Fox. But since football practice takes place during the summer, then all the games in the fall, and probably a bowl game at the beginning of winter, there's little time left for basketball season.

Besides the time barrier, there are other hurdles looming. Would he emerge from the rigors of football injury-free? Can he adjust to college life and find time for two-a-days, washing clothes, study hall, social life, etc., and still have the fire in the belly to play hoops? Even if he does want to put on sneaks after he takes off his cleats, how long would it take him to get his basketball feet underneath him-- get accustomed to playing hoops again, learn the Mark Fox way and gel with his teammates?

If any football player had decided to play hoops during the Mark Fox era I would have thought it would have been Marlon Brown. He signed on as a freshman with the understanding that he considered himself a two-sport athlete. As the football season continued last year, it turned out that he wasn't getting a whole lot of playing time on the gridiron, and it stood to reason that he might like to get up and down the court. Yet, basketball speaking, there has been no play for Mr. Brown.

As much as I'd like to see Nick Marshall play hoops, and as good a basketball player as he is, I would say that the chances of seeing him in Stegeman in anything other than street clothes are slim to none.

Give yourself a challenge. When's the last time Georgia or any other college basketball team had a legitimate contributor (say, 5 points or more per game) from their football squad?

Friday, November 19, 2010

The folks that have consigned South Carolina

to the cellar of the SEC East might want to think again. Darrin Horn has these guys trapping all over the floor and running and gunnin'. He has done a fantastic job as a recruiter, too, snagging former UGA recruit Damontre Harris and others.

After putting a real scare in Michigan State, South Carolina will surprise some teams this year.

The SEC East is really tough, folks.

Coo Coo Ca Chu, Mr. Robinson

Gerald Robinson went for 21 points in 23 minutes against Colorado. Here's hoping he stays on the floor a bit longer against St. Louis.

I believe he will and that he will again lead the Dawgs in scoring.

On paper, you would figure that Georgia would win the game big-- 17 points or more. But it is a road game, UGA willl still not have Trey Thompkins, and Rick Majerus will have his St. Louis team ready to play.

Prediction: Dawgs win, 72 to 64.

Tubby Beats UNC

Got to give the guy his props. He takes a bunch of 3-stars, best I recall, and puts them in a gym at UNC and comes out with a victory.

I guess UNC's freshman Harrison Barnes isn't that spectacular a player after all. He's plenty good, but you have to figure that the scouts would have him down a rung after his 0 for 15 shooting performance.

Impressive victory by Minnesota.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sundiata Gaines Warming Up to Task

in chilly Minnesota.

In his last outing, Gaines played 17 minutes and had 10 points on 4 of 5 shooting. He also had 2 assists and a rebound against zero turnovers.

Fantastic game for your back-up point guard.

He'll have to learn all the plays, of course, but since Minnesota's other point guards are injured, Coach Kurt Rambis and other officials from the T-Wolves have to like what Gaines brings to the table.

Dawgs Win!

Great game for the Dawgs. Final score, 83 to 74.

No, we didn't do everything well. Missed entirely too many free throws. But you can see what Georgia has to work with.

Gerald Robinson, Jr., is exactly as described. A legitimate scorer. Not a pure shooter. But he can handle the ball and take it to the hoop and he has a little show-time in him. Would like to see him do better than 6 of 11 from the line, but he made so many other contributions, you have to tip your hat to him for the game he had.

I liked Connor Nolte's game. Unfair to compare him to Trey Thompkins, the guy he replaces in the starting line-up, so I won't do it here. What I like is that Nolte is very solid with the ball. Doesn't turn it over. Won't score a ton of points, but he gives us way more than I was expecting. Takes charges, passes well. A true "glue guy." Reminds me a little bit of Corey Butler.

Chris Barnes is almost there. I want him to post up aggressively. He can do so much more than he is giving us. I like the fact that he really has worked on his free throws. He didn't shoot them well tonight, going 5 of 13 from the stripe, but he'll do better. As I have said before, if he can keep his elbow locked in tight, just as he did on his first two free throws, he will make more than he misses. Might even raise his percentage into the 70's, like Jeremy Price.

JP is doing great. Had 17 key points tonight on 7 of 9 shooting. We need him to bring the thunder every night. He can do it. Great hands and has now become a pretty reliable free throw shooter.

Travis Leslie looked great, except for the missed dunk. I would like for him to study film of guys who consistently go to the line. Like Paul Pierce. Add a few ball fakes to Leslie's arsenal and he can pick up another 6 or 8 points a night.

Dustin Ware was steady. Didn't shoot all that well, going just 1 of 3 from the floor. But we was clutch at the end of the game, shooting 4 of 4 from the line. Even got into the lane tonight. More of that, please, sir.

Didn't get too much from Vincent Williams, Donte Williams, or Marcus Thornton, although Thornton did snare a couple of key rebounds late. Glad to see Sherard Brantley get a few minutes.

When Trey Thompkins gets back, we should really have something. We'll still need to watch foul trouble, since we're not deep, but adding his contributions to the group we have will make for an exciting brand of basketball.

Go Dawgs!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

30-30 Men

Albert Jackson scored 30 points last week with 15 rebounds in Anastasia's game against Sayago. The final score was 110 to 85.

In the same game, Jackson's teammate Marcus Sikes almost hit 30 points. He fell just short, registering 29 in the contest.

Anastasia will need a whole lot more of the same from Jackson and Sikes to move up the standings in the Uruguayan basketball league. They've been playing .500 basketball so far this season, and that has the team 2 spots from the bottom of the 15-team league.

Tech Crushed By Kennesaw State

Wow! Just stunning. And funny, too.

I read that the Kennesaw players were sitting on the bench laughing with 4 minutes left in the game. The Kennesaw State fans didn't even rush the court.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Troy Brewer Starts Season at American

American University started its 2010/2011 basketball year with a victory over St. Francis of Pennsylvania.

Troy Brewer went 5 of 11 in his debut, scoring 12 points with 5 boards. He also had an assist and a steal.

Swansey plays well in Tennessee Tech Opener

Tennessee Tech played at North Carolina State for its first game of the year. Swansey performed well going against Ryan Harrow, Lorenzo Brown and others.

Zac scored 13 points, had 5 assists and 3 rebounds. He shot 6 of 13 from the floor.

He'll help Tech this year. Wish him the best.

Dawgs Win Against Colorado

As badly as we played against Mississippi Valley State, I am expecting Georgia to perform better against Colorado.

Colorado can shoot the three and they like to put it up, so Georgia will have to do a good job in closing out against their shooters. I would expect UGA to have an advantage in the post. They have some big guys, but if we feed the ball to Price, he should be able to be effective.

I am hopeful that Travis Leslie will shoot the ball well. He was 6 of 14 from the floor last game, but since most of his made shots were dunks, teams will start playing off of him to take away the drive. He's got to start shooting well from the perimeter to keep teams honest.

If we get a total of 1 point and 2 rebounds in 38 minutes from the combined efforts of Chris Barnes, Marcus Thornton Vincent Williams, and Donte Williams, we will lose. These guys need to show up tomorrow night.

It could be a close game. Anyone remember that contest in which UGA was down 4 points with under 12 seconds to go? Jarvis Hayes hit a three, their guy made 1 of 2 free throws, and Jonas hit the desperation shot at the buzzer.

It may take similar heroics to pull this one out. Their guards are at least even with ours, but hopefully our post play and home court advantage will make the difference.

Who are we?

Who-who, who-who? I really wanna know!

Are we the team that has been hopelessly over-hyped? Any decent squad will take advantage of our lack of height on the perimeter and scarcity of ball-handlers?

Or are we a team of destiny? A team that seems to luckily win the close ones until we can get our star back and go on a run through the SEC and win the whole thing?

What do you think? Any conclusions that can be drawn from the game against Mississippi Valley State?