Saturday, March 14, 2015

Ugly Game

Wish we would have put up more of a fight against Arkansas.  UGA loses 60 to 49.

We needed something from Nemi and Yante.  I think they each hit a bucket, but that was it.  As a team we shot 32 percent from the field and around 55 percent from the line.  Just won't get it done.

Maybe it's best that we lost and didn't go up against Kentucky with a depleted squad.  With our offensive woes, UK would have whupped us by 60.

I am extremely happy, however, for

1)  Taylor Echols

Great game for him.  The highlight of his college playing career, no doubt.  National t.v., hits three threes and scores in double figures.

2)  Cameron Forte

Played a good game.  Didn't give us much in the second half, but he was all we had early in the first.  Finished 5 of 9 from the field and 3 of 5 from the line.

3)  Juwan Parker

Strongly disagree with the decision to send him back out there after his ankle injury.  He is done for the year.  No matter who we play.  No matter who else is injured.  Don't jeopardize a guy's future like that.

I am happy that he didn't injure the ankle again.

4)  UGA Squad

As bad as we played, I am happy that no one else was injured.

5)  UGA Squad

We played well enough this year to make the Big Dance.  21 and 11 is a good season.  Not what could have been, but I think we represented ourselves well.  Let's win at least one in the tourney.

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