Saturday, February 1, 2014

Fun While It Lasted

I thought Fox was going to be able to do something in the SEC.  We were 4 and 1 and within shouting distance of first place if someone could beat Florida a couple of times.

Now after losing three straight, we're 4 and 4 in the SEC, and we look totally out of sorts.

The disturbing stat is that Fox is in danger of having a losing record for the season.  We're not only 4 and 4 in the league, we're also 10 and 10 overall on the season.  We can't have another losing season.  Three out of four was bad, but if Fox goes four out of five losing seasons, the boosters will be in an uproar.  Fox has a 50 percent win record.  We fired Felton for taking a team on NCAA probation and managing just 48 percent.

We should have beaten a short-handed Vanderbilt team.  We played a little better, but no excuse for not winning at Auburn.  They have a couple of good guards, but they're not a good team.

I thought we were good.  We're not.  Fun while it lasted.