Saturday, September 12, 2009

Woo-Hoo! Dawgs win!

Huge game for us. I predicted a loss. So glad I was wrong.

Weird game. Almost exactly 4 hours long.

Long kick-off returns. Bone-headed plays. Redemption for Joe Cox, Ty Frix and Branden Smith.

Huge plays for Georgia. Crawling, scrambling fumble recovery by Carlton Thomas. PAT block by Deangelo Tyson. Game-saving deflection by Rennie Curran.

I like our team a whole lot. Plenty to still worry about, but I'll leave that for another day.

Congrats, Dawgs!

Lots of Questions, Few Answers

How healthy is Joe Cox? Is he really up for starting the game and setting the tone for the team? Can he connect on a deep route? If Joe can't throw well, can a back-up do the job? Which one? How quickly can and will the coaches assess the situation and make a change, if needed? Are we sandbagging?

How will we run the ball on South Carolina? Who is our go-to guy? Is Caleb King available? What about Ealey? Is our offensive line "man enough?" Will we show creativity on offense? Do we have receivers other than Green and Moore, who can reasonably be expected to make plays?

How can we record a sack? What is our defensive end rotation? Will we get a turnover? Can we disguise coverages? Will our corners and safeties play big?

Will our defense see too much of the field and get tired? Will the Ol' Ball Coach dial up one of those red zone high passes to the back of the end zone and have one of their guys jump up and get it?

Will we use directional kicking? Can we cover kicks and punts? Do we know when to run it out and when to down it?

Will our coaches communicate well? Is the team mentally and physically prepared for its first home game of the year? How well will we play at night?

Since I don't have answers to a lot of the questions above, I can't see Georgia winning, either.

I hate losing to Spurrier, too. However, for the remainer of the season, I will force myself to be honest. Overcome my optimist tendencies and to the best of my ability accurately assess strengths and weaknesses. Carolina by 10.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Maybe this is just being smart...

John Calipari has hired a friend of Lebron James to be a graduate assistant. I wonder if the guy had not been a friend of James, whether he would have had a shot at the position.

I don't see an NCAA infraction here, and I'm sure that UK's compliance people signed off on it. However, as a general rule, if you use these guys who are "part of ________'s inner circle," you generally get into trouble.

It happened at the University of Memphis. From all I remember, Derrick Rose's brother got free trips and flew on the team plane.

And what about Lebron James himself? Is he a booster? How does he get around the rules that apply to all of the rest of us?

Can't figure out whether the recent move by Calipari is smart or dumb.

Hyleas Fountain Helps U.S. Win

UGA grad Hyleas Fountain bounced back from a recent neck injury to win the long jump in the DecaNation international track meet.

Fountain jumped almost 20 feet. Quite impressive. USA Track and Field has the story.


Tech wins

I thought Tech would have a greater margin of victory, but they got the job done and won the game.

I'm no Tech fan. I rooted for Clemson the whole way. As I said, however, the option is a tricky offense. If you're not accustomed to defensing it, the cut blocks at the line of scrimmage are just effective enough to give the dive-back room to operate, and the crack-back blocks on the outside give the pitch-man access to the corner.

Clemson made some incredible adjustments as the game wore on, for the most part shutting down Tech's option in the second half. The defensive stands gave the offense a spark and after trailing 24 to zip, Clemson came storming back to take the lead, 27 to 24.

Georgia should carefully watch the tape of this game. The key to stopping Tech is to make them a passing team. And the way to make them a passing team is to attack the offense. Don't wait to have to react to where the football is. Take away the quarterback keeper by hitting him every time.

If they run the pitch man behind the quarterback, you can almost time the snap count for exactly the point at which the pitch man crosses the quarterback's back. I'd blitz a linebacker from the side to which Roddy Jones is running.

Clemson did it. Got to Nesbitt. Made him throw the football, and he was very inaccurate. Was 1 for 10 at one point. He did, however, make a key throw on Tech's last drive, which led to the Tech victory. I must say that Clemson lost the momentum after it was penalized for a questionable holding call, which negated a long-gainer.

The question for me, after having watched Clemson, Georgia Tech, and a little of Miami and FSU, is when will Georgia show an offensive spark? These other teams seem to have more creativity in blocking schemes and play-calling.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Charles Grant to Play in First Game

The NFL has announced that the 4-game ban against Charles Grant will not be enforced during the first game.

Grant, who is currently playing for the New Orleans Saints, reportedly took a banned substance. If memory serves me, the substance, which can mask the presence of steroids, was not listed on the ingredients of the weight-loss product which Grant took.

The whole situation has become part of a legal case against the NFL, and the NFL may be reviewing the impact of any of its decision on the court proceedings.

Jalen Kendrick Keeping UGA in Mind

Wish Kendrick could have said something more positive.

It's kind of like junior high. You feel like someone is your best friend, but they consider you one of the many people that they hang out with. I guess that's the way of the world for a top-flight recruit with schools around the country seeking him out.

It'll take some doing for UGA to get a commitment. Nonetheless, Fox and staff have time to close the deal.


More on Herrmann and Young Harris

ABH article.

Happy for Herrmann.

Young Harris Hires Old Hand.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Predicting that Tech will Win Big

Clemson has some weapons, but the option is a tough offense to prepare for this early in the season.

My best guess is that Tech will score at least 34 points and win by 2 touchdowns.

Richard Seymour Spotted

I don't think he's going to be playing for the Raiders this year.


Trae Bien!

Looks like the Dawgs are in very good shape for the recruitment of Trae Golden.

Golden Opportunity

The Dawgs will have some options at the guard position if Trae comes to town in 2010.

Vincent Williams will be a sophomore and Dustin Ware, a junior. They should be slotted to hold down the the point guard position. Trae would play some point, as would Gerald Robinson, the transfer who will be initially eligible that season.

Robinson and Golden could slide over to the shooting guard position. Ebuka Anyaorah, assuming he fully recovers from last season's surgery, will be available at the 2-guard, as will Demario Mayfield.

Sounds like we should have some guys who can distribute and some who can score. The question remains: are they good enough to play well against SEC competition?

Pete Herrmann Lands

Gets the head coaching job at Young Harris.

Sounds like a win-win for both the college and Coach Herrmann.

New Gig

Good luck, Coach!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Jonas Hayes is Making His Mark

Turning out to be an effective recruiter.

On a related note, it sounds like the Goode kid is a high-scoring point guard. Don't know how much of a distributor he is, but it's hard to argue with 30 ppg. Glad we got Vincent Williams, but I wonder if Goode ever made it onto Georgia's radar screen.

Wouldn't be surprised to see Hayes at the end of the bench for an SEC school one of these days.

Hayes Recruits for Belmont

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bad Day for Dawgs in the NFL

D.J. Shockley and Thomas Brown were cut by the Falcons.

Kregg Lumpkin was not kept by the Packers, if memory serves me.

Leonard Pope was cut by the Cardinals.

I thought that the Patriots were going to let Ben Watson go, but he made the 53-man roster.

Richard Seymour got traded from the Patriots to the Oakland Raiders. Isn't that about like getting cut? Don't know what happened to that franchise, but everytime I see something in the press about the team, it's bad.

I saw on one of the message boards that Fernando Velasco and Marcus Howard were cut. Maybe some of the guys will get picked up, some will make a practice roster. But it's hard to put your heart and soul into making a team and then at the last possible time, be let go.

Man, here's hoping for a better weekend for the Dawgs next weekend.